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Level3 2016-04-25
Its my birth-date with my dad that night. So we went to sakura kristal since my dad the nearest restaurant from our house (since my dad is feeling sleepy). So we went to Taman Melawati branch which i think is the biggest one as compared to the other branches. I have tried most of their western food here so that night i would like to try the asean delight. Their western food is actually on of their specialty here, especially their carbonara (one of my fav dish). So that nighti ordered the peranakan curry seafood which is recommended by the waitress. The price is just below RM20 including rice. My dad just ordered the char kueh teow since he already ate earlier. I was surprised that their curry taste sooo good! i thought they are not that good in asean delight. Sorry that i underestimate them. Now i know i would lke to try some other dishes in the asean delight menu. The night ended great with me telling my dad stories about my new hobby which is hiking and all. It was a good night The environment is quite cozy here, not too hot, open spaces with lots of tables available. Overall: Cozy environment, family & friends get together place continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-25
Bread & Butter Pudding, RM9 | Topped with fruits and served with Vanilla ice cream. The pudding was something pretty much normal, nothing fantastic to shout about.Chocolate Volcano, RM9 | Chocolate brownie served with Vanilla ice cream.Honestly, this looks better than what it tasted like. Taste wise, it's just another chocolate brownie. That's all there is to it.Strawberry Tower, RM9 | Chocolate sauce, strawberry ice cream, cornflakes, whipped cream, strawberry sauceThis looks really really good, and actually really easy to make. It's just ice cream at the end of the day. So yea. ;Visit http://causeitisonlyonceinalifetime.blogspot.com/. continue reading
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I’m never been a fan of “shopping mall’s food”, which basically means any food/restaurant found in shopping malls. With a few exception, of course. Somehow, I always prefer to eat out at restaurants; those located in row of shops and etc.. well, you get the idea. Why don’t I eat in the malls? For a start, the food are not the best ones around. They can sometimes be overpriced as well. For the same type of food, I could get it elsewhere and tastier too. Peranakan Seafood Curry, this is was the first dish served and I don’t know if I was too hungry but I felt that this is the best dish from all that was served. It’s really good. The gravy was thick, flavourful and filled with spices. They don’t stinge on their ingredients to make the gravy and neither do they stinge on the portion of the food. The whole claypot could very well serve two pax. I have tasted claypot curry before, but none have gotten me this smitten that I have already made a mental note to return and order this next time.You know the saying the goes something like this, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” ? Well, the Indonesian Treasure looks like the most ordinary fried rice, something you can get anywhere. It looks so simply done, almost effortless, but after my first bite, my senses were literally like fireworks exploding (If you watched Ratatouille, you would I made reference to a scene in the movie). Why so? Because it was the most delish fried rice I have eaten in the longest time. It was one that I could gobble down one plate, and another and another. Yes, it is that good. While I really enjoyed some of the food, there were others that were just okay. Even so, I would drop by again to eat the Peranakan Seafood Curry and The Indonesian Treasure. Although, I could eat the curry with the fried rice instead of white rice. Best of both worlds, ftw! continue reading
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