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Carbonara Pasta Sizzling Saga Combo Beef Special Honey Mustard Salmon Fillet
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Level3 2013-10-03
I believe many would conjure images of high end ristorante with elegant settings if I were to mention a perfect romantic dinner of steaks and view from high ground. Which of course, could easily come with a price tag of 3 digits and above though it might only be a dinner for 2.Big thanks to Suyvon, a friend of Daniel who'd introduced us to a more affordable aka "mamak" way of having steak with enjoyable view: Saga Highland Steak Cafe (傻瓜山中西露天扒坊). Simple setting of zinc roof, plastic chairs,striking yellow tables with hanging green plants and bamboo blinds serves as a perfect dinner venue for the families. Like other open but sheltered cafes, Saga Highland Steak Cafe has no entrance, no exit, and no door. Not a clear night view of KLCC and Petronas Twin Towers with flat/condo in front but breezing wind is also one of the advantages of being on high ground.(Left) Carrot Milk RM4, Mango Super Jumbo RM11.80Were pretty surprised by the size of that super jumbo fruit juice but when we saw other couples sharing their drink using 2 straws, we realized that this was supposed to be a romantic drink (sort of). Who would reject crispy bread with thick layer of cheese? especially when it came as complimentary. Another complimentary breads with Bridel salted butter. Special Honey Mustard Salmon Fish 蜜香芥辣酱三文鱼 RM19.80Grilled ham on top of "blanketed" salmon and raw romaine lettuce, served with sides of mayonnaise salad (cabbages and carrots) and zigzag french fries. Sizzling Saga Combo Beef 傻瓜山铁板大虾牛扒 (RM28.80 Argentina)Argentina beef steak and 2 cheese-slice-covered big prawns on top of zigzag french fries and raw romaine lettuce. Drizzled with Suyvon's recommended Mongolia sauce out of 4 others: Garlic, BBQ, Black Pepper and Mushroom. They may want to consider the heat of sizzling plate for steak doneness as Daniel's choice of medium had turned into well done, though not to the extent of shoes leather texture.Carbonara Pasta 芝士奶油意粉 RM15.80Spaghetti topped with processed crabsticks, canned button mushrooms, prawns, squids, mussel and romaine lettuce.I would say that this was a plate of catastrophe for carbonara lover. Instead of the typical creamy carbonara sauce, they offered chinese style sweet creamy butter sauce, sort of like 奶油鸡. It wasn't inviting at all with the cheapskate canned mushrooms and processed crabstick. (Don't get me wrong, they can be very tasty in mushroom soup and Subway seafood&crab but not here and not in this way.) It became my worst nightmare with the taste of Carnation condensed milk down my throat. I beg you, avoid this at all cost! continue reading
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