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Level2 2016-01-26
Korean BBQ is currently the most it-thing among young Malaysians now especially those who've just caught onto the whole K-culture wave. There are plenty of Korean BBq chains and invidually owned korean bbq restaurants in Malaysia at the moment. But, one that gives off the exact same vibe as the ones you see in Korean dramas where the lead character is sitting at a short round table eating their BBq meat with a bottle of soju, San nae dul will be that exact restaurant that sets off that vibe. San nae dul is situated in one of the shop lots around Solaris dutamas but most people do not notice San Nae Dul as it is situated at one of the corner lots way inside, where most people do not bother walking to and end up eating at other Korean places. Even I, myself found this place through my cousin's Instagram post. San Nae Dul offers Super quick service. The staff here serve you straight as you walk in. San Nae Dul mainly offers meats either in sets or individually but obviously the sets for 2-3 people are always the most worth it ones to order. Not only that, San Nae Dul also offers a few jiggaes (Korean stews) like sundubu jiggae (tofu stew) and other Korean stews. However, unlike other Korean restaurants, the jiggaes here aren't served with rice (that's why the stews are so cheap compared to other places) and instead you have to order rice separately. The BBqs I'd recommend from this place would be their pork belly and the baby octopus in gochujang sauce. But make sure you do not overcooked the baby octopus because it is not going to taste nice rubbery. If you aren't sure how Long to cook it for, always feel free to ask the staff to do it for you. Also, the 'service' (Koreans' way of saying free stuff, it is very common in Korea) in this restaurant is basically the free burnt rice tea that is refill-able. Here's a tip, the gochus (chilis) and garlics and lettuce are all refill-able. Another tip when eating here is to NEVER over order, it's a bbq shop, you cook most of the stuff yourself, add on only when you have not had enough, this way, your meet will alwaya be freshly Bbqed. Keep in mind that if you are the type to sweat and eat, you'd probably want to visit this place on a cool or rainy day. Also, keep in mind to be early because this place does get crowded during peak hours. Yes, that is really how good it is.  continue reading
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Level4 2015-08-01
Waze makes my life easier to explore good food all around Petaling Jaya. I heard a good review about Sae Ma Eul Korean BBQ therefore me and my sister planned to try them. Sae Ma Eul is located at Solaris Mont Kiara and it was full house when we pass by the restaurant to find a car parking and for your information finding a car park is super difficult during the dinner and people tend to double-park their cars. Sae Ma Eul Korean BBQ serves a very limited menu like BBQ Items, Soup and Drinks. The restaurant was full house when we arrived and already a bunch of people waiting outside for their turn. Once we reach there, we are given a number to wait for our turn. After about 30 minutes, we got our table outside the restaurant (Open Space). Yeah!! They do have indoor and outdoor seating area. We ordered BBQ Set, Spicy Balls and complimentary water.Kimchi was delicious. It is one of the best Kimchi I ever tried in any Korean Restaurant.You have to order minimum 2 BBQ Dishes to have BBQ foods therefore, we choose BBQ Set that are cheaper. BBQ Set includes Pork Shoulder (2 slices), Pork Belly (3-4 Slices) and octopus (6-7 pieces).BBQ SET @ RM 57Pork Belly was crispy and good.Pork Shoulder was just 2 slices. It was meaty, tender and it managed to satisfy me in every bites. Place the barbecued meat, Kimchi and Cucumber on the lettuce and wrap them together and have it.Waiting for the food to barbecue make us drooling.I love their spicy rice balls. Mix them together until the sauce are perfectly mixed and make them into a small balls before barbecue them over the fire. The texture was crunchy on the outside and soft inside. It was spicy and flavourful at the same time. Cute and yummy balls!!Spicy Rice Balls @ RM 22Ready to barbecue.Octopus is the star of the dish. The octopus was fresh, juicy and grilled perfectly. I loved them.It was a perfect dinner for us. The foods are yummy and friendly service. The handsome guy helped us to barbecue the foods without even requesting and the way he does it was so professional. Go there after 9pm to avoid the crowd, if you don’t wish to wait like us. The food was more than enough for 2 person and we take away the balance spicy rice balls and meats.Service Charge: NilGST: 6%Sae Ma Eul Korean BBQNo 1, Ground Floor 1-1, 1-2, 1-3Jalan Solaris 4,Solaris Mont Kiara,50480 Kuala Lumpur continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)