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ROCKU Yakiniku is a casual, upbeat and edgy Yakiniku restaurant. Delivering a fresh concept to traditional Yakiniku joints, ROCKU Yakiniku defies convention by melding a traditional style of Japanese dining with modern entertainment, perfectly characterizing Japanese pop culture. continue reading
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Level4 2017-01-23
之前在1 Utama留意到了这家日本烤肉店,每每到达晚餐时间都大排长龙,那时候心想有机会一定要来试看。就在今天,拿了年底花红的妹妹主动做东 ^^那我们就来这里来验证下为什么那么多人。 我到这里的时候大概傍晚的7点多,门口站着的人实在多,排队的队伍超长,我们总共排了将近30分钟才有得进去。这里卖是炭烤肉自助餐,食物都包括在晚餐的费用里,饮料和酒类另计,晚餐时刻1位的收费是RM49.9, 用餐时间限制于100分钟,这个价钱算实惠, 难怪那么多人。 100分钟里头可以任点的选择有牛肉,鸡肉,羊肉和海鲜。肉类都有在分部位如三层肉, 肉眼, 肉排等,这点我觉得蛮用心。海鲜的选择有青蚝,贻贝, 鱼排,虾等, 材料很新鲜。等不及炭烤的朋友也有熟食选, 这里有炒面,炒饭,饺子,凉拌水蜇,寿司等。酱料方面有味增,辣椒酱等, 选择很少,这点希望店家可以改进。 如果你问我食物可好? 我可以很诚实地答主要是看负责烤的那个人的功夫如何, 一不小心烤焦的机会很大,不过我想三两知己一边烤肉加谈天的话,这里还算是个不错的去处。 忘了说这里有驻唱歌手在那里自弹自唱,我当时是有点想叫他们别唱了,很难聊天耶! (我是不是太坏啦? 哈哈!) ♡♡KC continue reading
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This is one of the all you can eat japanese bbq buffet in Pavilion. Unlimited order of seafoods is just what the doctor order. I am having few rounds of seafoods and it taste good. It is worth of the price. continue reading
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Level4 2015-08-30
Rocku Yakiniku opened in Pavilion since last year. However, the crowd is still maintain from day one until now. You will see the queue outside the shop most of the time. I think this is the most popular restaurant at Level 6. Please bear in mind, they do not accept any reservation. Just join the queue if you really want to eat there.Rocku is very famous for their all-you-can-eat BBQ. That's why I'm here today. The price is pretty straight forward 90mins at RM49.90, you can opt for 60mins extension at RM9.90. This is only the food price excluding drink and ice cream. I have ordered a bottle of Iced Green Tea at RM3.00 just enough for 2 pax. The restaurant was fully occupied eventhough is on weekday.Upon seated, the waiter will briefly tell you the ordering process and other information. The order chit is available at the table for you to order the BBQ raw meat. You can choose from Lamb, Pork and Beef wherelse seafoods are butterfish, salmon, mussel, scallop etc.Shortly, the waitress came and place the burning charcoal on the stove. Yes,we are ready for grilling!We have ordered various types of meat- Pork beacon, Lamb and Beef. Meats are grilling is progress. We are very excited and cant wait to eat. The stove is hot please pay attention to the meat as it will get burn easily.There are various types of sauce available at the buffet counter however I would prefer eat as it is so I can taste the sweetness of the meat. After the meaty session, here comes the seafood session. The scallops were so sweet, same goes to the prawn. I have tried the salmon as well. It is yummy.Apart from the BBQ, there are a buffet counter located next to the cashier. You will find ready cooked foods available such as Japanese Fried Rice, Spaghetti, Salad, Edamame, Fried wedges, Tomato meatball, Japanese Jelly Fish etc. Whereby on the opposite side, they are some vegetables for grilling for instance Brinjal, Onion, Mushroom etc. I took some Korean Kimchi after.On top of that, Miso soup and Chawanmushi are available upon ordering.The waiter came and inform us is time-out therefore you do not need to worry about the extra charge for extension. To me, 90mins is more than enough as I already started to feel full after the BBQ session.To summarize, I'm very happy with my dining experience here as I can grill my own foods and the buffet spread. Also, the variety they cover is good enough for my dinner. What's a satifying dinner I have! continue reading
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It was such a coincidence that my birthday fell on 24 June 2015 which was the day for our dinner here. I came still dressed in this afternoon's birthday dress, in a strapless orange dress, a new one that I bought previously. I have just watched Minions in GSC Pavilion earlier which ended at 6 pm on the dot. We waited for everyone to come and by that time it was already 7 pm.I was surprised that there were so many people at this time even on a weekday. Many people came to celebrate birthdays hence you would see that the entire long table would be filled. This place seems to be THE TREND nowadays. The word "Yakiniku" means barbecue.The moment I entered the restaurant, I was amazed by the decoration of anime on the walls. The bottles of sake hanging on top of the buffet for the warm and cold food is also quite creative. There are 3 special features of this restaurant. Firstly, it is the first restaurant entertainment concept in Malaysia. The first branch was established in Singapore. It has live band on Sunday to Tuesday from 7-10.30 pm and on Wednesday to Saturday from 7-11 pm. On every Friday, there would be live band and magician. The best part about this place is more to the entertainment. For today, it is considered Jazz Night. I love every single song sang by the band, to the extent that in the middle of every song sang by Bossa Princess Z Yan tonight, I was saying, "I love this song!" My friend thinks that I love every song then! Z Yan sang with two other boys who were the guitarist and also keyboardist. She sang all the jazz songs and oldies so this fact makes me like them. I usually do not like to watch bands that much. I was so shocked that suddenly Z Yan made a special announcement and then sang a birthday song for me. It was the first time in so many years that someone actually sang a birthday song for me. And she specifically mentioned my name and addressed me as the girl in orange dress and even looked at me while singing. It has made my birthday the most memorable ever. Thanks to the manager as well! The second specialty of this resyaurant is the homemade sauces which are spicy miso (for pork and seafood), tare sauce (only for beef) and also the ponzu (soya sauce). For Rae and Ponzu, they have already placed it on top of the meat when they serve it. All the beef are from Australia and New Zealand whereas the pork is sourced locally. Thirdly, is the smoke-free feature of the BBQ plate and equipment. The manager challenged us to test whether our hair smells after the meal and indeed it didn't! I guess this is definitely the feature that would pull the female crowd as I have a lot of female friends who do not like BBQ due to this hair issue and they feel they have to go home and wash their hair all over again after that. It costs RM 39.90 per pax for buffet lunch on weekdays and RM 49.90 for buffet dinner on weekdays and also weekends. Children get to dine at 50% discount. The price excludes beverages or ice-cream. There was a Buy 1 Free 1 Kirin promotion. There are 100 minutes limit for every table whereas addition of 20 minutes will cost RM 9.90 per pax so diners have to really watch their time here. The manager taught us that the proper method to barbecue would be to cook the pork bacon first to ensure the oil is out on the hot plate. Then, we can cook the other meat. A tip to cook salmon would be to cook it with the skin on top otherwise salmon skin always stick to the hot plate. Each table is given a checklist to mark down what they want. Basically, the price would cover seafood and meats for each table. If we find we like whichever better, we can always mark it down and the waiters will bring for us. We ordered an iced green tea for only RM 3 which is quite a big portion. The meats include beef chuck tender, beef ribeye, beef striploin, pork belly, pork bacon, pork collar, lamb shoulder and chicken. On the other hand, the seafood includes butterfish, salmon, mussels, prawns, scallop, squid and shimsamo (pregnant fish). 'The seafood and meats are quite fresh. I like the fact that the meats are thinly sliced. Our favourite is definitely the shimsamo, scallops and butterfish. The butterfish is so soft and when barbecued, it tasted so good. I think I have eaten at least  3-4 scallops. One can even see the scallop fats there too. The only thing is that I wonder how the other patrons'  dinner can last for 100 minutes when the stove takes a long time to get heated up. So finally, we asked the waitress to add more charcoal and then it was better. As for the meat, I liked the pork collar and belly the most. There were amazing especially when served in thin slices. We can also opt to barbecue the vegetables such as mushrooms, 2 types of zucchini (yellow and green), onions, 2 types of capsicum (red and green). I love the BBQ vegetables the most though eating this might not make your buffet price well worth it. I actually liked the fact that the corn was sliced into two to ease eating without the corb which is the most important. The enoki mushrooms in a small aluminium bowl is overly oily and not to my liking. During our second order for salmon, butterfish and scallops, they served it all together on 1 big plate and according to another blogger, she told me the presentation is not good during the second helpings. As for the warm and cold dishes, I felt that there should even be a warm category because all the warm items were already cold. For example, the radish soup was so cold it should not even be categorised as soup. The chawanmushi was so plain and cold. The tempura was so soggy and totally not for eating. The only item I liked is the cold soba, chuka jellyfish, and preserved scallops and also preserved wet seaweed and of course edaname. But then again, all these would be delicious everywhere as they are cold stuff imported from Japan. The fried chicken is crispy but normal for me and I do not have a liking towards deep fried  item which would add to my fats. The Last Polka ice-cream costs RM 3.90 per scoop. There are three flavours which are dark chocolate, coconut and mango and all of them are incredible as they have strong flavours. I personally liked the dark chocolate ice-cream. They were totally my type of ice-cream and I am very fussy when it comes to ice-cream as I am putting fat into my body. What I really love about this place is none other than the music and live band. I wish there is a lounge outside with such a great band! Meat lovers would definitely like coming here for the well worth the price meat and seafood buffet. You really need at least 4 pax to finish the entire seafood and meat set and try everything. This is because every item comes in threes when you order.  continue reading
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Want to go for an all-you-can-eat meal but on a tight budget? Rocku Yakiniku might have an answer for this.Rocku Yakiniku is an all-new casual, upbeat yet edgy all-you-can-eat Yakiniku restaurant located at the new Pavilion Kuala Lumpur Level 7 Dining Loft, where new restaurants such as Village Duck, Pig & Wolfs resides.ROCKU Yakiniku defies convention by melding a traditional style of Japanese dining with modern entertainment, perfectly characterizing Japanese pop culture, which is quite evident from it's interior which emits a really lively & upbeat vibe.Unlike other BBQ restaurants, Rocku Yakiniku does not reek of smoky BBQ smell. Rocku Yakiniku has a modern smoke-free BBQ system where the ventilation is installed below the BBQ pit, thus the absence of ventilation fans dangling from the ceiling! I left the restaurant with my hair smelling fresh and smoke-free! A really great plus point There is a mini podium at the center of Rocku Yakiniku, where live bands perform every day from 7.30pm onwards. The bands rotate on a daily basis so do keep a tab on Rocku Yakiniku's Facebook Page to see who's performing! Magic shows are available every Friday night too!Rocku Yakiniku takes pride in their really affordable all-you-can-eat lunch & dinner. RM39.90++ for weekdays lunch and RM49.90++ for weekdays & weekend dinner and weekdays dinner! Patrons are given 100 minutes to dine in & grill as much food as you can. You can top up an additional RM9.90++ for an extra 20 minutes dining time if you wish to eat more.The price are inclusive of a free flow of meat during the dining period. What is not included in the price: Drinks, Alcohol & Ice-Cream.Fret not, as The Last Polka ice-cream is available for only RM3.90 per scoop! Flavors available are Coconut, Deep Dark Chocolate & Mango.Rocku Yakiniku constantly have promotions for their beer and sake too, so you get to enjoy your hot grilled meat with cold beer at an affordable price tag!The free-flow meats are done ala-carte style but you can head on to their buffet bar while waiting for the charcoal to be heated up! The Cold Bar: Salad leaves, Kimchi, Chuka Idakko, Edamame, Sweet Corn...Hot Food Bar: Fried Mushroom, Chawanmushi, Pasta, Karage, Daikon Soup, Fried Rice...There are also various sliced vegetables for the grill too!As it was our first time here and we wanted to get a taste of everything, we ordered the Seafood Platter, Meat Platter & Pork Platter which consist a little of everything for our first round.Seafood Platter: Clockwise from Top Left: Butter fish, Salmon, Scallops, Squid, Mussel, Shishamo & PrawnsI loved how fresh the seafood were! The sauce that goes with the seafood complements it perfectly, not too salty , just nice to my liking.Pork Platter: Pork Collar & Pork BellyPork BaconLove how the ratio of lean meat & fats are proportion- we were advised to start cooking the bacon first as the lard oil will prevent the sticking of the meat on the grill.Meat Platter: Beef Ribeye & Beef Striploin Lamb SlicesChicken ThighThe beef & lamb served here at Rocku are all imported from Australia. Hence, you can expect quality tender meat here at Rocku The meat were lovely- perfectly seasoned & tender! Be vary though, as the meat are thinly sliced, the meat only takes a while to be cooked so do watch your meat!It is really fun being in a yakiniku restaurant cause you get to cook your meat all to your liking- rare, medium , or well done!The seasoning sauce used at Rocku: Ponzu, Chili & Miso sauceVerdict: Really affordable & quality all-you-can-eat Yakiniku buffet, with a wonderful ambiance & live band. Would love to drop by here again one day!Rocku YakinikuLot 07.01.03 Level 7Pavilion Kuala Lumpur168 Jalan Bukit Bintang55100 Kuala LumpurBuiness Hours:Monday - Thursday: 11.00am to 11.00pmFriday - Saturday: 11.00am to 12.00amSunday: 11.00am to 11.00pmContact Number: 03 2148 8884Fax: 03 2110 5441Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ROCKU.MalaysiaWebsite: http://www.rocku.com.my/ continue reading
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