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if you are pork lover,and also barbecue lover,you must see this!!!For me,i not actually pork lover moreover barbecue lover,but after i trying this,i superb recommended you all go had a try!!!Must try on this!!!the restaurant is YAKINIKU RESTAURANT 烧烤馆,which located in Pandan indah.20G, Jalan Pandan Indah 4/8, Pandan Indah, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.Tel: 03 4295 4833Open from Mon to Sun (12pm to 11pm)Here is about the environment,is still ok,consider clean enough....=)Every table there's a huge kitchen hood to stuck out all the smoke,is really intimate design for all customer because as we know while barbecue sure got those smoke will stick to us and ending up you will smelling like barbecue sauce when you get homeThe special thing of Yakiniku is they provide a charcoal pot to grill the meat instead of the gas stove that you can see everwhere,special isn't?^.^Chicken drumstick fillet,guess guess how much is it?Is just RM6.90,can't you see their are a lot of pieces chicken?!!!Really worth!!!!Btw,those chicken is pickled by special sauce,and is very delicous,those chicken very fresh too!!!Left:Enoki Mushroom,Rightyster Mushroom (RM4.90)I think you guys will think like,quite weird BBQ with mushroom,yes,at first i also feel like weird,but then the waiter recommend us to had a try on it,because is quite special taste!!!After we try it,OMG,is really delicous leh,they use butter to pickled it and smelly good!!!And,it is also one of recommendation of the restaurant=))Pork bacon!Pork bacon.....!!!Is actually got two different taste:spicy and original...Ok,guess again,how much is them???HAHAHA...Well,is just RM6.90 for original bacon and spicy is RM7.90,really really worth right?!!!And all of those meat is really really fresh!!!Original Pork bacon(RM6.90) continue reading
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Level4 2012-12-27
Yakiniku is a real bbq restaurant where they gave us a pot of charcoal.The price is pretty cheap for a plate of meat we order spicy bacon (RM7.90) Mussel (RM 12.90) Squid (RM 6.90)Kimchi soup (RM9.90) taste super spicy but it was good they have lots of kimchi and tofu. Also order lamb meat (RM12.90) and Lean Meat (RM6.90)Spicy Bacon really spicy and the bacon taste special they have their unique sauce of taste and the texture is easy to bite. The mussel taste fresh and big but they put a small cube of butter on it which spoilt the taste you can take it out before start grilling it.Grilling the squid; the squid is tasteless you need to dip with their sweet soy sauce. We add another bacon (without spicy) but the taste is same with their lean meat.We also add the chicken fillet (RM6.90) this is nice as they are dip in the drunken sauce. It had a slightly white wine taste.Overall is a nice experience coz you will get all smoked up in this shop! And the is worth the price to try. continue reading
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Level4 2012-12-13
this is a japanese & korean restaurant. its popular barbecue meat and also korean kimchi. the meat has mix with some own recipe ingredients so the taste is special. since i had the 1st try in this restaurant, i started like to eat the enoki mushroom, especially put some butter with it. usually weekday they will do set for 2 people dine in and also for 4 people except weekend. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)