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Unique Seafood PJ23 has a vibrant, cheerful and relaxed atmosphere with efficient service staffs carrying out their duties professionally in the background. The main attraction is the Aquarium area features a spectrum of tanks filled with live fishes, prawns, lobsters, Alaskan crabs, clams and abalones etc. imported from all over the world. Guests can choose their own live fishes/ seafood from here and get them prepared by the Master Chefs. Private rooms with KTV facilities are also available for private business and leisure gatherings. continue reading
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The menu is predominantly localized PORK-FREE Cantonese cuisine.
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Steamed with Superior Soy Sauce Talapia Fish Claypot Curry Tiger Prawns Pumpkin To-Fu Braised Chicken in Tawainese Style Fried Kangkung with Belacan Fried Fu Yong Egg
Review (18)
Level4 2015-08-03
I heard so much about Unique Seafood. Oh, and it's halal and tasty too. We ate a 8-course dinner for RM 100 per pax. Today we came here to celebrate my Head of Sales from Singapore's farewell. When the first dish arrived, I knew I made the right choice to come here. The 4 Seasons had the best garnishing and decoration I have ever seen even in 5 star hotels like Istana Hotel, Grand Hyatt and also Sunway Resort. It was a work of art with a God Figurine in the middle. The dishes are served in 4 different plates, and placed in a huge plate. the Fried Omelette with Fake Shark's Fin and also crabmeat was so tasty too. My personal favourite is the fried soft shell crab which was better than the one at Japanese restaurants. I also liked the grilled octopus with the spiciest sambal belacan I have ever eaten. I finished every morsel of octopus left. I think it is those giant octopus. The money bag was also delicious despite not being deep fried. I really love the filling inside with some mushrooms so as usual, I finished every one of it.The second dish was seaweed soup with carrots and chicken. It was refreshing but I felt that it is too cheap a dish. The steamed garoupa with soya sauce was quite tasty. The fact that they actually cut it into smaller pieces made eating really easy and better than what most restaurants do. They also put in kailan which is quite unique for steamed fish.The dry roasted chicken with sour plum powder and also sour plum sauce was just normal for me. I never like things dry. The butter prawns were quite ok and again, too dry for me. But then again, that is how people fry prawns anyway. I liked the vegetables which consists of lotus roots, carrots, sweet peas and sprinkled with fried shallots. The greens were very fresh and crunchy.The fried rice with long beans cut into really small pieces and also small prawns were quite tasty and I would have eaten more if we did not have so much to eat earlier. I think my colleague had ordered for 14 pax instead of 12 and we ended up being bloated from too much food. Dessert was longan with fried lotus pancake which were quite ok. Now I know why this place is so famous for wedding venues as the food is too delicious. The best part is there is karaoke inside the private room and there are many choices of songs inside and not many restaurants have karaoke inside the private room and this only happens for normally karaoke places.  continue reading
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Level3 2014-08-08
This is a great place for seafood lovers. They have an extensive selection which you can see for yourselves in tanks as you walk in. All fresh. Sadly the prices isn't for everyone. Rather on the high side. You can find exotic seafood like geoduck, Alaskan spider crab, Australian snow crab, abalone & lobsters.Environment wise it is a huge place with tables all over. Gets crowded but turnover is pretty fast. Don't expect fine dining but it is clean & safe.What draws people back is the freshness, quality & consistency of food. You can have the seafood in various styles like salted egg, BBQ, steamed, baked, fried & even sashimi. All tasting great.Would definitely recommend this place to everyone. Either for a date, group outing or even business meal. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-12
Like many other Chinese restaurants, desserts are served with sweet syrup fruits and ice. This one is longan and refreshing sea coconut with lots of ice. A little dulcified if you ask me, but if let it stayed a little longer in those ice, should be better. Otherwise, wine lovers would also be happy to know that there is quite an extensive of varieties here. Anyone interested to enjoy some fresh seafood with some wine, this is a good place to visit. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-12
The star of the day and the ultimate purpose of this visit- the spider crab, of which it was priced at RM 1013.20. That is RM 298 per kilogram. So you can roughly imagine the size of the crab. Or maybe I give you a photo of the crab’s body. The crab was prepared in two ways as well, one with flour coated and fried, of which the flesh obviously tasted a lot more naturally sweet and one cooked in rich flavoured consommé. I absolutely love the later as the flesh is slightly softer and smoother but yet still bouncy solid and not mushy in texture. The natural sweetness however, lack a little when compared to the first. Logically, some of the sweetness would have gone to the liquid already. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-12
One thing I noticed is that they are not very good with anything deep fried. The scallop red snapper fish and those fried sotong just couldn’t make it to my standards. And they aren’t sky high. The both was kind of over fried a little so it is somewhat a little dry. It was quite a waste given the freshness of the seafood. The fish was really sweet but really dry when over fried. Same goes with their sotong. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)