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Level4 2013-04-27
Belacan Kangkung. There were a lot of varieties of vegetables offered by this restaurant and we couldn’t miss the belacan kangkung. The belacan was dry and fragrant with some dried shrimp. It was slightly spicy. The paste coated every single kangkung nicely. The kangkung was crunchy as it was fresh, not too soft. It was quite good after all, I wouldn’t mind order it again. continue reading
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Level3 2012-01-30
The original restaurant in Sri Gombak has 2 levels. It is opposite the McDonalds in Sri Gombak. There a few sitting downstairs for small groups and for a bigger group, upstairs or their private room will be a better choice. There are quite a large variety of food, but most of the time we will have the Nasi Kandar. Go to the front counter and order the variety of dishes. There are fried sotong, the pandan chicken, curry squid, mutton rendang, otak-otak, chilli tauhu, asam fish, salad prawns, mango kerabu, pucuk paku and a lot more. For the curry fish head you have place order first, they will bring to you later. Take a seat and the rice and dishes will come to you. The food here is flavorful and has strong taste. You must have certain level of tolerance for spicy food else you may not enjoy your meal. The Curry Fish Head although it’s the famous dish for this shop, but I didn’t think it was worth it because it’s quite pricey starting at RM35 onwards. Although it tasted good, as you know there isn’t much fish meat you can dig from a fish head, however may get some vegetables from the dish. I would recommend you to forgo the Fish head curry and order all the other food to fill your stomach. The pandan chicken is really good here with the fragrant of the pandan leaves wrap around the chicken, many will like this therefore 1 serving may not be enough. Secondly, try the otak-otak, which is a spicy fish paste wrap with banana leave before it is cooked. The texture is smooth and savory. For those who likes mutton, the mutton curry is a good choice with thick curry sauce and the chilli tauhu is also nice, few pieces of fried tauhu that makes it a little crispy with a some dash of sweet thai chilli sauce on the top. After the hearty meal, go for the mango kerabu, which is has a slices of raw mango with some bunga kantan and coconut. This dish is abit sour so it makes a good appetizer. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)