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Level4 2015-11-20
Although I've never been to Hunan nor do I have a strong desire to, I can safely decude that I do like their good. It is all usually spicy and strongly flavoured which is my personal preference when it comes to food. Though my first-hand experience with Hunan food is only through dining at Hoseki. Deep fried Lotus Root was the first dish that arrived at the table. Here's the thing, I really really love lotus root so there was no way this dish would have been bad in any possible way. The fact that it was nicely deep fried just made it all the more better because it's batter was nicely salted. I would have ordered another dish if that didn't seem to greedy.Although I cannot pronounce the name of this dish, all I know it is deep fried chicken with lots of dried chilies and also some nuts. It's kind of a crazy mix but actually pretty good - though be prepared for this to be super insanely spicy especially when you eat the meat with the dried chilli. Then we must always have some vegetables with the meal so we ordered the four heavenly kings with belacan. Or at least I think it is belacan because this too was spicy but then the paste might be something special from Hunan only. I like this a lot too.Then we also got Steamed Fish with Ginger. This was also very good although more spicy than I would have hoped cause I usually ladle the sauce over my rice and eat it like that. But this packed more of a punch than the one you would usually get at a normal chinese restaurant.Despite how spicy the food at Hoseki is, I assume that traditional Hunan food is how this is supposed to be. This makes me somewhat excited to try actual Hunan food at Hunan some time soon. But until then, I'll definitely be back here again for more.  continue reading
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