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Xinjiang’s Big Pot Chicken pecial Steamed Beef Dumpling Sze Chuan Spicy Chicken La Mian
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Level2 2013-11-04
The food here was pretty good if compare to many other halal muslim food but definitely can have more improvement! I specifically love the chicken dumpling and mushroom ramen. The dumpling filling is flavorful and texture is good. Mushroom ramen is something new to me! The smooth gravy is really delicious!!!!!The sweet and sour fish are not bad too. One thing is the portion is rather small and for a family of four i think they need at least two servings.Love the setting on the restaurant with jade chair and table, a very comfortable seating! continue reading
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So far in my entire life, I've only eaten China Muslim food once and that was back then during the road trip when the Almera was launched. (http://www.ktheblogger.com/2013/01/eat-play-drive-with-nissan-almera.html)Knowing of such dish's existence, I intend to find one that would be phenomenal according to my taste. So I decided to try out Dong Yi Shunong Yi Shun is a simple and plain restaurant where it's interior has both Chinese and Muslim style influence in it's ambiance.It's fruit juices are made from real fruits and the mango juice that I tasted is not too sweet but the sweetness tends to come from the mango itself.This is the Golden Empress Fragrant Fish:Fish is okay and I find it relies heavily on the sauce for taste which is sweet.Spicy Chicken with Dried Chili:The chicken is indeed spicy and the dried chili, hard and probably best to avoid eating as the spiciness screwed up my taste buds on tasting some dishes that was later produced.Anyway, moving on is the Xiao Long Paoisappointed on this one because it seems to have sit for too long. The skin of the Xiao Long Pao is rubbery and thick and overpowers the taste of the meat inside which is not much. A good Xiao Long Pao has it's juicy soup flowing out from the inside but this one had none at all.Pan Fried Chicken Dumplings:This is not bad. The minced chicken inside is flavorful and in whole nice to eat.Golden Salted Pepper Prawns: continue reading
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There are not many restaurants that serve Halal Chinese Food in the Klang Valley. One such restaurant that we have discovered is Dong Yi Shun located at C-G-06, Ground Floor, Dataran Glomac, Jalan SS6/5B, Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya, 47301 Selangor. This is indeed good news for Muslim who would like to taste Chinese food cooked by Chinese Muslim chef. We had the opportunity to try out some of the specialities in this restaurant.The first dish we had was the Golden Empress Fragrant Fish. The Garoupa fish is coated with flour seasoning, is deep fried and topped up with a sweet and sour sauce. The sauce serves here is a little different as it has a tinge of spiciness added into it. Perfect combination with white rice.Next, was the spicy chicken, here again the chicken is fried and cooked with the spices. It is a little spicier for me and the chicken is a little over fried. Another one of those dishes you can eat as a snack food taken with some really cold drinks.Another snack food that we sample that night was the Spicy Sliced Potato, as the name suggest, it was really, really spicy. It quite difficult to eat as a snack and only white rice saved the day.The next dish, we sample was supposed to be Zi Ran Lamb, but unfortunately the Lamb was sold out and we had the settle for Zi Ran Beef instead. This dish is really spicy and you have to really love hot stuff to enjoy this dish. The condiments used are very strong and the beef mixed well with it. Best served with rice or eat as a snack.Next we sample the dumpling dishes. First on the table is the Xiao Long Bao, since this is a Muslim restaurant, the key ingredient used is the beef filling. For me after taking and sampling so many Xiao Long Bao, the one serves here lack the oomph in that the skin were a little too hard, and they were not enough soup base in the filling. Normally when you sample this Xiao Long Bao, one is expecting the soup filling to be oozing out on your first bite. It never happened here.On the filling the beef was a little too hard too, not that smooth probably due to the usage of too much of lean meat.The next dumpling was the Pan Fried Dumpling Chicken, this is slightly better than the earlier Xiao Long Bao, as taste wise it was a little more tasty compared to the earlier dumpling. The bottom part which was pan fried was crisp and nice to bite at. Finally we sampled the Ramen. Ramen in this restaurant is made fresh by the Chef when a customer makes an order. We had the opportunity to have a first hand demo on how he made the Ramen. The first ramen dish was the Beef Ramen, this ramen is served with thinly sliced radish and beef. The dish was very peppery and not as what I have enjoyed from other restaurant. The next ramen was the mushroom ramen, this provided a slightly better soup based and tasted better compared to the beef ramen.The last dish for the night was the Hot and Sour Soup. There are 8 spices used to make this soup. It is somewhat similar to the popular Szechuan Soup which shares the same spiciness and sourish taste. FC HongEditor of Best Restaurant To Eat – http://BestRestaurantToEat.blogspot.com continue reading
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Level3 2013-10-26
我住在八打零,我时常到Kelana Jaya 的Giant Supermarket 去购物,可是並没发现到东伊顺餐馆。有兴能参与这次Openrice Makan Venture 让我有机会品尝这餐馆的料理。东伊顺餐馆位于Kelana Jaya 与KK Mark 和Giant 同一排,不难找。餐馆多以中国四川,西安,新疆的特色菜肴和点心:如四川辣子鸡,酸辣汤,牛肉拉面,,香辣鱼,孜然羊肉,小笼包和锅贴等等多选择。店里食材以新鲜原汁原味呈现,用的各种香料源自于中国。而且厨师也是来自中国,用最道地的烹饪技巧为各族食客呈现美味佳肴。 continue reading
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Since my China backpacking trip few months ago my crave for authentic chinese cuisine never stops, so when I got an invitation from OpenRice MakanVenture to try out the Chinese Muslim restaurant Dong Yi Shun (东伊顺) @ Dataran Glomac Kelana Jaya, I was pretty excited hoping that this could be my crave-stop remedy.. So how was it you ask? Well let's just say the quest searching for authentic chinese cuisine continue.. -_____-Don’t get me wrong though, the food here at Dong Yi Shun is quite nice for a chinese muslim restaurant in malaysia & they come with a presentable plating plus a very reasonable price. Also their warm welcoming services by those lovely and sincere waiters is something that I would give credit to. ^^ However the drawn back here is that the taste of most dishes we tried just wasn’t satisfying enough as I was expecting a little bit more from this well develop franchise originated from China since they are a well develop group with more than 10 restaurants around Ningbo, Hangzhou, Yiwu & over 10 years of experience in serving Chinese Muslim food. Personally most of the dishes aren’t really close to what I had back in China, probably because of the changes in taste they made to suit the appetite of locals, some might find it a thoughtful gesture however I still favors the authentic recipe.So here's what we had during our MakanVenture.Overall what standout among all the food that we tried would be their beef & other meat based dishes. The nicely marinated tender meat which coated with assorted herbs and spices are simply aromatic & irresistible. The minced beef filling for Xiao Long Bao & Pan Fried Dumpling are pretty impressive too & they would've been perfect if not for the lack of juicy broth. As for the rest of the food, average & decent would be my word of description. -___-For noodles lovers, don't forget to try out their handmade La Mian, a huge bowl of delightful springy thin noodles made by constant pulling, twisting & tossing of a lump of dough via the muslim chef originated from china.^^So if you're looking for a decent chinese muslim restaurant with reasonable price somewhere around kelana jaya, Dong Yi Shun (东伊顺) would be a nice option to be taken into consideration. *Check out more story @ http://jzduncan.blogspot.com/2013/10/food-review-openrice-makanventure-dong.html continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)