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Level4 2013-09-24
Many would reckon Renoma as branding for clothing but when the Renoma café gallery opened not too long ago, the menu was mind blowing and breath taking when offering very extensive choices. Also a pull factor for them is the décor and the ambiance inside the café. What appears enclosed and ordinary from the outside is sophisticatedly stylish on the inside. During night, the place is beautifully lit with lights to create a comforting ambiance but the day’s natural sunlight was obviously warmer.There are displays of racks filled with books and mannequins with fashionable outfit as well as accessories at every corner of the café. The outdoor is displayed with chic design of lounges suitable for a chilling meal or romantic dates with the lover. There are high glass panels with tall ceilings which allow natural sunlight coming through and beautifully light up the place which would otherwise be dull and dim.When the sun sets, the lights and chandeliers light up the café while the alabasters create beautiful lighting to dinners. The clever use of black colour as theme colour to match the décor and the table cloths are simply giving a mystical scene to the interior of the café.Recently, they promoted their high tea set which I happily tasted and enjoyed the savoury bites if not the sweet ones. The coffee or tea is refillable but at the same time the sweet items were short to please the high expectations. The choices of tea are within the range of St. Dalfour Tea which includes the English breakfast, Peppermint, Darjeeling, Earl Grey, Lemon and Ceylon.The Freshly Brewed Premium Coffee includes Macchiato, Espresso, Double Espresso, Long Black Café Latte, Café Mocha, Cappuccino, Vanilla Coffee, Macadamia Coffee, Caramel Coffee, Double Mocha, Choca Coffee, and Nutty Hazel Coffee. Tea was fine while the Latte was really fresh so coffee lover should not miss it. The set is good for two and was a good way to spend the afternoon. The savoury choice includes a 4 piece set of assorted sandwichs, while the sweet choices came with assorted French pastries and Tartlets. On top of that, there are scones served with fresh cream and strawberry jam. Tea time is best when served something sweet and accompanied with hot tea. The sugar in the delicate bite sizes seemed even more amazing during late afternoon especially when sugar level is low in the body. That was also the time when these little beauties assured a greater satisfaction to the palate. Most tea sets for two would come with pairs of everything but this one makes it difficult for the dinners to pick when every different pieces came solo. On top of that, the colourful mix did appeared so pretty, girls would normally be very pleased with it. Therefore, that was the prefect time to embrace ''sharing is caring'' with your high tea partner. Instead of the usual sandwich or croissant, the savoury bites here were beautifully served with flavourful ingredients like salmon, mushroom, rocket leaves, duck meat slices and pretty garnishes like ebiko and melted cheese. These bite sizes were perfectly done but was definitely not the best I have had.The scones came from a good recipe but ultimately still falling far from expectations. Good food comes from good recipe via fresh ingredients and most importantly, is to be served fresh. These scones might appear attractive, but it doesn’t score the palate satisfactory when it comes to freshness. While I retrace the familiar flavour of sweet desserts, the presentation once again took my breath away and the creativity in it was beyond the imagination. Each piece was delicate and really pleasurable to viewing so I really appreciate the effort in this. The taste and flavour was palatably decent and not disappointing and I especially love their Chocolate mousse with that perfect bitter sweet ratio.The Panna Cotta did left quite some impression that I would remember to ask for this the next time I dine in. The creamy gelatin had the perfect texture and the mildly creamy flavour accessorized with some tangy sweet and served nicely in matching utensils. While the lovely flavour roamed and linger after it melted in your mouth, the tart pastries was contrarily flat in texture and essence of flavours. Of course we can expect quite a bit of sophistication but it certainly didn’t vouch a guarantee return just for this given its hot spot in Bukit Bintang.Availability of parking bay sure is promising but the traffic would be real tedious for anyone to visit, especially on weekdays. So I suggest weekend unless if you happened to be around that area. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-24
renoma cafe gallery such a beautiful place to be. here is located at the jalan bukit bintang long near to the big chinese restaurant mainly is the noble house and also the chuai hang area. here parking is difficult and yet the place is really impressive. the desserts is so delicious,. i like the Portuguese tart, mini tart which is very soft and taste good and not to forget the soft buns too continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-02
Smoked King Salmon SaladLooking for some good catalyst to trigger your taste bud? Then a plate of salad would do the job pretty well. Here you go, a dish of the Smoked King Salmon Salad to kick start the day. This type salad would appeal more to those who love an extra oomph on the piquancy side, for it really taste tad sour to me. This seemingly grassy bowl of combination actually includes the mix and match of salad Nicoise, tranche smoked Alaska King Salmon, grilled artichoke, anchovy, quail egg and aged wine vinegar. Now that explains why the salad is on a slightly higher in acidity No doubt it is quite refreshing and the smoked Salmon is very tangy too. Having said that, this dish actually also helps to open up your appetite before the main course entrée. continue reading
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Red Valvet的味道很特别呢!因为没有试过这种类型的蛋糕,所以这次是第一次try哦!上面的cheese还蛮浓的呢!蛋糕还蛮结实的呢!所以味道比较香浓呢!这个蛋糕分为三层呢,第一层就是黑巧克力,第二层就是麦芽,第三层就是饼干了!这个蛋糕最好混合三层的材料一起吃才是最好吃的!因为黑巧克力是苦的,麦芽是甜的,这样就不会吃到太苦,也不会迟到太甜,再配上饼皮这样就不会迟到很腻了!先先第一口我也不大爱的呢!因为一下就吃到黑巧克力的苦味了!怎知第二口就可以试到麦芽的甜了!不是因为要型才戴黑眼镜,因为这黑眼镜有度数的!所以带着才看到东西呢!咖啡也很好喝!因为本人不大爱哭的咖啡!除非是用公豆冲的咖啡呢!很浓hazel的味道!喝起来很顺口呢! continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-30
平常我喝到的蘑菇汤cream味都会比较浓甚至盖过了蘑菇的味道,我个人蛮喜欢renoma 这里的蘑菇汤,这里的蘑菇汤的cream味没那么重反而把蘑菇的味道更带出来了,让人有一种很清爽的感觉而且喝完后完全不会让人觉得腻,很合我的口味。 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)