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Asam Fish Fried Crab Kangkung Belacan Mango Salad Pandan Chicken Tomyam Seafood
Review (2)
Level1 2015-12-14
Firstly, trillion million thank you to Openrice&Opensnap for inviting me to Q Thai Village for the awesome food tasting event. Q Thai served 2 types of meal style, by Steamboat style and by Ala-carte style. Once me n my family reached Q Thai, we were greeted by all the staff there and even the boss of Q Thai Village. Within second, menus were given to us and their various signature drinks were served. Boss of Q Thai nicely explained and introduced us their signature dishes one by one. Once dishes had ordered, staff of Q Thai bring us to walk around their restaurant to have a look of their steamboat ingredients. Had been so many steamboat restaurant, usually frozen food will be served, but surprisingly Q Thai served fish & crab !!! Did u see that? From the picture? Super big fat fish n crab!!! Where to find such steamboat restaurant that provide such generous amount of seafood, unlimited seafood for you to grab, Eat All U Can!!! its all about seafood seafood n seafood!!! For ala-carte food, Q Thai’s signature dish will be Kam Heong Crab, Butter Squid, Thai style fish ,Tom Yam soup, and Mango Salad Kerabu.For more detailed food description of each dish, please click in the photo or hv a look on my opensnap profile. Oh yah forgotten to mention, Q Thai Village’s is super hygiene. And the most important is, the price of either steamboat style or ala-carte is super cheap and food were all super fresh. It's useless to just hear or see others’ review or photos, you must visit by yourself, bring along your family, your friends and your loved one to there. One thing that i can be assured is definitely will gives them satisfaction on each bites and tickle your taste bud !!! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level1 2015-12-12
       Thank you to openrice , I got a chance to have food tasting at Q Thai Restaurant. I m a thai food lover and this is the first time seeing a combination of thai food , steamboat , charcoal bbq . It is pretty creative. Yhe steamboat is separate into 2 soup one is tomyam soup another is chicken soup so if you are planning to bring your friends that cant take spicy at all you dont have to worry that they will be hungry that day. In this 4 in 1 buffet they also have dim sum , sizzling bbq and charocal bbq. I was quite surprise that they have dim sum and charocal bbq , in thai cuisine because is very rare.            This is the offer Rm45 ++ per adult, you get to eat various of food. It is totally worth it because they serve you 16 types of marinated seafood and meat for BBQ ,30 types of frozen seafood balls and frozen food ,15 types of seafood and meat for steamboat,12 types of fresh and dry noodles,15 types of vegetables,8 types of mushrooms,8 types of ready-to-eat authentic Thai dishes,12 types of grilled, sizzling, and fried chicken, beef, and lamb,15 types of fresh and homemade steamed dim sum,9 types of fresh fruits and rojak buah, 6 types of ice cream and 6-8 types of chilli sos. I hope i didnt miss out any things.    Next , lets talk about services over there. I'm pretty sure you can enjoy your dinner or lunch over there. Everytime I went to steamboat restaurant the soup will dry quite fast so we need to ask the worker to add for us but Q thai restuarant's worker will add for you even you didn't ask them to do so. They also will check out the food that you cook is ready to eat. Something special about Q Thai Village , you can steamboat buffet party over there with free flow drinks. I saw a kid having her birthday party at Q Thai Village. Q Thai Village also did some decoration for the kid and is free of charge.    The decoration of the restaurant was quite normal but as we always we shouldnt judge the book by its cover although its looks normal but the food was fantastic. The marinated seafood and meat is something you must EAT in Q Thai restaurant especially the marianted lamb. Beside the marinated food , you must try the grill fish. They put a lot of salt on the fish and grilled it after that they will take away the fish's ichthyosis then you can taste the freshness of the fish.    I didnt see any flies flying around the food , this is the most important of the steamboat. Many times i went to a steamboat bbq restaurant , it always have a lots of flies around but this is totally different.    Once again thanks to openrice and Q Thai Village Restaurant give me such a opportunity to enjoy my dinner with my friend and families. I will definitely go back and try the ala carte next time. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)