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Review (1)
Level4 2015-04-26
I wonder what is so great about Pulp that makes my friend go GaGa about it. He kept saying Pulp all the time ever since I met him. For me, I thought there are so many coffee places in Bangsar so there musn't be anything so special about this place. Since we were rushing for time today as I just slotted this appointment in between because he woke up late and my friends have already bought my Avengers Ticket at Jaya Mall, I thought of chilling near his housing area and drop him back at his house later. The ambience is very hippy and retro here. Even the cashier has blue hair! I have never seen any girl with blue hair except in Anime cartoons. The other barristas have red and blonde hair. Another special thing is that you will notice that all the barristas are women! I guess these people also make the place look very hippy. The layout is also very special because instead of placing the coffee making job behind a counter like how people usually do, they make it such a way that the all the coffee counters and also cashiers are located in the middle and the other tables surround it. This place used to be a printing factory so there is a huge printer on the right of the shop. I initially thought it is a coffee machine but the barrista corrected me. Actually people could sit around the printer but some people was not aware. There was also a big area where they sell merchandise such as cups for a whopping RM 89, and coffee machinese can be seen to, probably one can have a coffee tasting session there. The moment I laid my eyes on the Chocolate truffle cake (RM 15) at the counter, I could not take my eyes off it even though my body was feeling heaty and I may be on the verge of a sorethroat. The cake was not too sweet. There were chocolate flakes coating the cake beautifully. I have never eaten any Chocolate Cake that is so delicious. I would rate this cake a 10/10. It is not creamy at all which is the no.1 reason that makes me want to eat it. The 3 pieces of chocolate on top, melts in my mouth instantly. Every bite of this cake transported me to chocolate heaven. It was purely sinfully blissful. My friend likes the Latte (Espresso+Milk) costing RM 15 with a beautiful heart on top. I felt it was just normal but him, as the king of latte, is the best reviewer for this. He had a Mighty Croissant (RM 20) which has lamb inside. The slices of lamb reminds me of kebab as they really have spices inside. The garnishing is so tasty and fresh. The croissant is slighty crispy but not burnt. When the Balanced Hand Brewed Nekisse N2 (RM 21) came, I had mixed feelings. It was like seeing a guy with character you knew you would not like, yet you needed to tell yourself to have an open mind. With this mindset, I drank the coffee. I used to be intrigued by filtered coffee but due to previous experience drinking this in another cafe which was not that great and the taste was diluted, I had lost hopes. It was like a lady losing hopes on love after having many failures. Anyway, I gave this one a try. It turned out to be empowering me with the coffee taste inside which has a slighty fruity flavour of blueberry, peaches, syrupy and jammy feel. Of course I did not taste the blueberry as I am someone who likes intense flavours, and never settle for anything less. This is definitely THE PLACE to hang out with friends especially if all of you love coffee to the bits. As for both of us, we seem to live on coffee and coffee places are our top priority in choosing hang out places. Of course, it might be a challenge to find parking sometimes but then again, it is much better than Bangsar Village which is the worst place to find a parking. Don't forget the truffle that is to die for, if you ever decide to follow my review and drop by here. Of course to get these items at the highest quality, be prepared to have the price rip you off your pocket at RM 68 for a coffee break.  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)