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Ling's Kitchen lemon meringue tart.
Review (4)
Project Space is strategically located along the ever bustling stretch of café in Subang SS15, alongside with the MorningWoodMy and Starbucks, in front of Asia Cafe. Good location though, but the parking is always a hassle. Owned by the famous blogger Jane Chuck, I did like some occasion activities that Project Space hold such as bazaar, music concert, tarots reading and more.The first impression of the café to me was its concept of black and white, monochromatic in other word. The white wall and glass wall definitely brighten up the whole cafe, as an Instagram enthusiastic I found that it’s very good for taking photos.The coffee, though, was a total turn off. The cappuccino was a little bit bitter than those we had usually, different people different taste though. The latte was started to form bubbles in just a few minutes. But I did like the hot mocha as it tasted more chocolate-like, as being told by the barista the café was using dark chocolate on it.Despite the red velvet cake being highly recommended by the cafe, I didn't quite enjoy it.To be honest, I did like the deco very much, but I found nothing that looked outstanding among its neighbours that worth a second return. But the power of famous blogger girl will certainly get it some popularity for a while. Overall, the café is certainly worth to try, at least once, for the ambience though.  continue reading
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A cafe opened by two well-known Malaysian bloggers that everyone adores, this cafe has a lot to offer. It's all white and black coloured ceiling, with huge glass windows by the side. It's a definite place to chill at Subang Jaya. Their food was spot-on and the cakes looked delicious. Stop by and maybe you get to see the bloggers herself there too! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2015-09-12
I have known the opening of Project Space , a cafe by Jane Chuck, Daphne Charice and two of their partner since their opening, seeing this in instagram months ago. And I really wanted to pay a visit to Project Space because it's opened by famous bloggers in Malaysia.So there was this Bazaar in Project Space, and i knew this is the chance! (A chance to meet them in person, and cafe hopping too).PROJECT SPACE serve only limited choice of food. It serve 1. various type of coffees (Rm 10 -15)2. The Juice, Cold Press Fruit Juice in bottle Rm 153.  cake (Hazelnut, Red Velvet, Banana Chocolate Chip)    average4. Lemon Meringue TartSo cafehopping wouldn't be miss without the food there. Hazelnut Cake Rm 12The Hazelnut taste better than Red Velvet, chocolate-y taste, moist and a tab bit of sweet.Chocolate Rm 12Latte Rm 10Red Velvet Rm 12The Red Velvet is not that sweet as I excepted. Eventhough moist, it's doesn't taste better. I like the white cream (or cheesecream I not sure) only.me pondering about life~~ LOLlastly since it's a cafe opened by Jane CHuck and Daphne, I got the chance to meet her and of course a photo with her and her younger sister, Ashley! Aside from average food, the environmnet in Project Space is quite cozy, it has a til-earth glass panel, that make it a perfect place for taking photo. Personally, I would came here for their music and maybe if there is any event to meet people, .Last but not least, if you wanna how is the music played in Project Space, here is the video. Enjoy!!  continue reading
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Level4 2015-05-25
I found Project Space in some blogs. It is very difficult to find because it is located at the second floor. It is actually right opposite Asia Cafe. This place is so cosy and the interior looks so different from the rest of the coffee places. I guess too much of rustic furniture does not work as it is too normal for coffee places. The special feature about this coffee place is the bench at the side near the windows where there are pillows for each seat together with a small wooden table. The walls are white which add more space to the place. There are only a few beverage there such as the normal cappucino, coffee, espresso and the likes. They serve mostly no-frills hot beverage and we could just add ice in. Nothing fancy like ice-blended drinks and frappuccino. My friend ordered Red Latte which was just tea with milk and ice. I ordered the cappucino, with only one shot, because I did not want to suffer from insomnia since it was already 5.30 pm. This is a great place to hang out with friends and chat in a quiet environment as opposed to places like Coffee Stain, The Red Beanbag or the likes which have too many people.  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)