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The first thing that blows my mind was the price, I thought it would be very pricy, but I was wrong. For a high-end place with such well furbished interior, the item was surprisingly cost less than out expectations!I once celebrated birthday withmy friend here and had a romantic dinner with my boyfriend as well, all went flawless. I was so into the pizza, smoked salmon pizza. With the hand-stretched pizza dough rolled into thin crust baked till crispy with slight tenderness, topped with smoky salmon and a wobbly poach egg, the pizza is a complete bomb of the night! Besides that, we ordered squid ink risotto,which is the seasonal item of the restaurant,  praying hard that the squid ink wont dye our mouth and teeth.  The risotto was good, but i'm not really satisfied with the temperature of the food as it was served warm but cooled down too fast, ended up we were eating cold food. Besides that, the risotto could be undercook a little to retain the slight crunch of the grains. I wasn't a good drinker, but my friend ordered a Sangria for me, and yeah for me, it's good. What is more interesting is the gradient colour shades of the drinks that attracts the eyes. The surrounding was peaceful, and the dim lights were calm and soothing, complementing the overall dining experience with a laid-back feeling. All in all, the food and  the environment is perfect for a memorable romantic date or a nostalgic gathering. continue reading
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Since my birthday falls on 24 June, I had a full day of dining out. I was clueless of what to eat and browsed many blogs looking for interesting and sophisticated places for this special day. Finally I decided to go to Porto Romano if my friend does not know where to go or is unprepared. We took some time to search for the place and finally found that it was just beside Wendy's and really beside Mont Kiara International School. It was already 2 pm when we reached there so we were the only table there aside from a school kid who came with her mother after school hours. We chose a cosy table in the middle. The waiter is a Pakistani man and was not very helpful, I guess it is excusable due to the long opening hours of the restaurant from 11 am to 11 pm. This place is owned by a Malaysian couple and I saw many newspapers and press writing about them. They seemed to be very famous and used to have an Albanian-Mediterranean chef. This restaurant-bar concept is not called Ristorante Porto Romano - Melting Pot of Mediterranean Cuisine for nothing. The ambience is very cosy. There are old pictures of films and art hung on the wall, which fascinate me. In fact, these pictures are hung on the staircase wall too. There is a choice of alfresco dining upstairs if you are not a fan of air-cond. They also have very spacious dining area upstairs where it is less laidback and more pretentious. The food is served very fast, as we have not even spoken much and tadaa, the food arrived! Today I ordered their famous lamb shank (RM 45) which was quite tender. My friend was a hypocrite because he said it is not as great as his father's cooking but he ended up sucking it till the sucking sounds could be heard throughout the empty room! He even sucked the sides and corners of the bone! Is it too impolite if I compare this act to a dog sucking a bone? I liked the sauce which goes well with the mashed potatoes. Even the carrots were so soft that it melts in your mouth. Shall I mention that my friend photobombed my photo too? The second dish we had was Moussaka (RM 38) which is a dish of the Ottoman Empire. It was made of eggplant and minced lamb with very sinful cheese baked together. It is served with 2 slices of french loaf bread. For me, it is too cheesy as I am not a fan of cheesy stuff. My friend who loves cheese and meat likes it a lot and even said it would have been better if we had more bread to go with it. I ordered Cafe Freddo (RM 8.90) because I was still suffering from the hangover due to red wine last night. The coffee was not strong as I usually like it. I guess I am too much of a coffee fan. The Freddo, somehow lacked something, probably the ice has diluted the coffee taste inside. The person got it wrong because I wanted it hot instead of cold. For cold drinks, I prefer frappuccino. I wanted to order Cafe Sambuca which was made of strong espresso but my friend disallowed me as I was still having a hangover.I am definitely coming back for the pizza and spaghetti as I read many blogs mentioning these. However, they probably dared not try something as crazy as moussaka whereas I am someone who loves trying any food in the world. I mean, why try boring food when we could cook it ourselves?   continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-25
This is my first visit to Porto Romano and frankly, I have fallen in love with the place. It has a cosy and romantic ambiance to it, makes you feel like very comfortable. Started off my dinner with Cream of Mushroom soup where the soup was mushroom-y. The soup was rich, but not so much in my opinion. It was thick, yes but somehow I felt like the mushrooms were blended. It didn’t have the chunky bits of mushroom that I’ll love to chew on. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-02-28
在吃这个比萨之前,我觉得这比萨很适合当前菜。因为味道比较清淡,朋友都接受不了但是我反而觉得还好因为我可以真实的享用蘑菇天然的味道。芝士的味道虽然也比较不浓烈,但是种种食材混合在一起却有种平淡的幸福。 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)