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Alla Vongole Pasta Con Salmon Pasta Golden Cheese Ball Grilled Tenderloin Pollo Parmigiana Uno’s Special Pizza
Review (2)
Level4 2015-08-24
My friend was so excited to bring me here. He said this place serve fantastic Italian food and I never really believed him till I came here today. It was my first time coming to Taipan. Can you believe it? The ambience is very elegant and sophisticated. The ceiling is very high and I like the pictures on the wall that creates the classic Italian feel. From the entrance, I was already taken by the warmth of this restaurant. It has a cosy feel inside out. The Cream of Mushroom Soup (RM 12) was very thick and rich and not too salty. The soup was not as watery as the other mushroom soups. The soup is so delicious but it was not hot enough. We ordered the signature dish which was the Slow Cooked Lamb (RM 38) which was amazing. It was so tender and soft. The thick tomato sauce is also delicious and rich. The lamb is simply superb. The sauce is great to go with any bread especially thick bread or even foccaccia. This is definitely one dish that you should order if you love slow cooked lamb like crazy. The great thing is that we need not wait too long for the  lamb to be cooked compared to other places. The Vongole Antipasti (RM 18) which were clams cooked with white wine must never be missed. The clams were awesome and I loved the yellowish sauce which was cooked with white wine. The great thing about this place is that most of the food comes with a lot of sauce which is how I like to eat. All the shells were not empty and every single shell was filled with clam. It was cooked together with onions. The Uno Tiramisu (RM 16) is the best I have ever eaten. I have never eaten any tiramisu as good as this one. The tiramisu is even better than the one at Marini's 57 whereby there is too much cream. It has even made me think that tiramisu only has cream and nothing else except for the beautiful decorations on top. This is the first time I ever finish one tiramisu. The chocolate powder is just heavenly on top. The tiramisu is very light and sinful. Every bite was splendid and made me float in heaven. The Sangria (RM 18) did not have enough red wine or alcohol which I felt that did not make it really taste like sangria. To me, it tasted more like ribena with cocktail mix like chopped orange and apple. It would have been better with more red wine inside. I am definitely coming here again to try the giant calzone and also the pizza which were quite tasty, according to my friend. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2012-09-18
As an appetizer, we ordered deep fried button mushroom for sharing. When this dish was served, I was quite shocked by the size of the mushrooms, they were huge! We squeeze some lemon onto it to add some tangy sour flavour. The breaded coating was deep fried till crispiness, not too salty nor oily. The button mushrooms were bouncy as well as juicy. Together with the tartar sauce, it was a delightful appetizer. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)