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Filetto Di Manzo Salsa Al Funghi Linguine Ala Brava Mozzarella in Carrozza Pizza Romeo Spaghetti Spicy Olio Zuppeta Di Mare
Review (5)
Level4 2015-04-11
We were looking for Mei at Fatspoon restaurant but waze could not seem to find it. So finally I gave up. But dad said he did not want to eat at Japanese or Korean food whereby the restaurants were everywhere in Desa Sri Hartamas. So finally, we spotted this place called Pizza Brava Italian Restaurant. The owner is quite rich as he hires 11 pax of employees to cook and be waiters. I like the ambience which is cosy and cooling and relaxing. The pizzas are all cooked using Fire Wood which made it really delicious. I did not expect much ever since I tried the over burnt New York Pizza in Bangsar. So I was pleasantly surprised when the pizza was served. It is very crispy, fragrant even! I ordered the Casanova 10'' pizza (RM 19), with a hidden sly smile. Perhaps I am going to be Casanova, who knows? Haha....I initially though the portion might be too little but the cheese on top is the best I have ever eaten. We also ordered the Linguine Alla Brava (RM 22) which contains seafood, garlic, capers, olives, chillies, fresh tomatoes and basil. I do admit that the linguine is overcooked compared to the original Italian one but then again, I cannot complain much since most Malaysians' palate is this way.The Filletto Di Manzo Funghi (RM 46) - grilled beef tenderloin is incredible. Dad orders it well done. There was not a tinge of oil on top of it or on the funghi. The Beef Tenderloin is so tasty, not too hard or harsh on the mouth, just the way I like it. The texture is so fantastic, and done just the way I like it. There was a rocket salad that came with cheese slices on top of it too. Nymph of the Nile tea (RM 7.50) served in a small thin pot is not bad, made of Egyptian and Persian ingredients with black tea. Not that fragrant but at least it still lasts for the second refill. It is good that they allowed me and mum to share the tea. Some places do not allow sharing for tea.The iced lemon tea costs RM 4.50 but I always think it is healthier to drink tea without sugar. I felt that the portions here are a little small. So I couldn't help it to order dessert - Tartufo (RM 8) which was surprisingly reasonable. It is a ball fusion of chocolate and vanilla ice-cream with almonds and chocolate around it. I really like this ice-cream ball, which exceeds my expectation. Overall, the prices and service here is fantastic. In fact, I was surprised at such a reasonable for truly Italian pizza. I am definitely coming back again though the bill came up to :Total:107Service Charge : (10%) : RM 10.70GST : 7.06Total Inclusive GST : RM 124.76  continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-12
Saya pernah mencuba pizza yang Ada di sini,,, ia ternyata sedap dan tidak menghampakan sekali.ia mempunyai keunikan dan ciri istimewanya yang tersendiri.. Saya amat sukakannya sekali.. Selain itu,harganya juga amat berpatutan sekali. Saya amat minat dan tertarik dengan strukturnya yang cukup lembut dan empuk sekali..benar benar menyelerakan sekali. continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-19
Restaurant Pizza Brava @ Sri Hartamas.Italian restaurant owned by a group of friends that specializes in pasta and wood-fire pizza.many types of pizza here and have hard time to choose but end up just try the pasta bolognese with meatballs very nice and pasta if perfectly cooked.the tomatoes pasta i like it so muchset lunch from rm 12.90 for a set of main course either pizza or paste and also with soup of the day and salad and drinks really cheap price and good service here.Currently Pizza Brava has 6 outlets at Klang Valley. Now the latest outlet is openned at Desa Sri Hartamas.i really love the deco here very comfortable and have many interior that is so impressive.Service is nice but not particularly focused or friendly and during weekend is crowded continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-02
Bravo to Pizza Brava for cultivating a loyal following among fans of Italian food in Sri Hartamas; we wish the restaurant would be more adventurous in its wide-ranging menu, but playing it safe hasn't hurt its business.Extremely few risks are evident in the wood-fire pizza selection; nearly two dozen varieties are available, laden with toppings like beef pepperoni, chicken sausage, tuna & mushrooms. Still, can't criticize this meat-free Margherita with rocket, cherry tomatoes & parmesan cheese. RM18 for a 10-inch pizza, before taxes.The 18-item pasta menu also focuses on the classics like spaghetti with beef meatballs, tomatoes & herbs (RM18). Not quite as al dente as the menu promises, but still easily edible.Starters include well-executed deep-fried breaded mozzarella cheese (RM12) in Naples' pizzaiola sauce of tomatoes, olives, garlic & herbs. Simple satisfaction.A reasonable range of wine is available, though other liquor & cocktails are not.Service is OK but not particularly focused or friendly; on a recent Sunday, we weren't sure whether Pizza Brava's owners were around, but their employees mainly looked like they were rather anxious to close for the night.Maybe a list of weekly specials could spark a little more excitement. But all things considered, it's not a bad destination, depending on what customers are looking for. continue reading
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Level2 2012-07-03
I was introduced to Pizza Brava Hartamas from the promotional coupon by Everyday Malaysia (52% off Large 12 inch Pizza)I paid RM11 for the RM25 Large 12 inch Pizza. Seriously worth it!This shop is directly opposite PELITA nasi kandar shop(from the main road, you can see Bomba station)PIZZA BRAVAJalan 25/70 A, Desa Sri Hartamas,50480 Kuala Lumpur.Pizza Brava's specialty of wood fire thin crust pizza which is extremely crispy with handmade dough.They also serve great varieties of western food.Most of the food selections in the menu are below RM20.Our drinksrange Juice and Ice Lemon Tea.Wild mushroon soup at RM7.90 only.Yummy, I like hand made souphowever it cannot beat the one served in Delicious Cafe.Pictures of the making of wood firethin crust pizzaI like the pasta, it was properly cooked, texture was just nice! It was tender to bite.Here come my al dente ("to the tooth" or tender crisp) pizza BravaMy rating: 3.5 of 5Taste nice, I would prefer more cheese and meat to be added to it.Will I visit again? Maybe yes =)Parking may be an issue during dinner hours. continue reading
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