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Review (9)
Pickle & Fig was not a stranger but is well known Western Cafe in TTDI for few years , It was not a new place to hangout but it was place were everyone love to hangout . Beside of Food reviewing myself also been here for few time for their foods and coffee , The shop is located at Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2 in TTDI District . Easily spotted with their fancy white background black wording signboard . When comes to interior Decoration , It was a simple but tidy outlook . the most important part is they have a comfortably environment atmosphere that makes diners like me love to chill my time here . Alright , I think I need to stop describe too much about this place since most of you know this is awesome place to hangout and chill with friends or families . Today I'm here again to Introduce their all new invented foods and drinks Menu . on this Beautiful evening , The Pickle & Fig owner KEN itself host us along while we trying out all the foods , he explained with patient all the ingredient been use and New invented foods name . And also thank to KIPLE the well known Southeast Asia leading cashless mobile apps to arrange us for the dining . Click on the link to know more about KIPLE : http://kiplepay.com/ least but not last , Without talking Too Much Let's me just proceed to the all new menu Pickle & Fig food Introduce .... Pickle & Fig TTDI , Taman Tun Dr IsmailAddress : 26, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2,Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Taman Tun Dr. Ismail,Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaContact : +60 3-2858 9960Hours : Daily 9AM - 11PM continue reading
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Level2 2015-09-20
Having missed by breakfast earlier in the day, I was starving to death by the late afternoon. So I immediately jumped at the chance when my friend suggested that we eat at Pickle & Fig, especially after hearing so many good reviews about them from friends and also food blogs.So imagine my surprise when I arrived and saw the menu written on the wall. Already everything I saw made me salivate but I wanted sandwiches because those also had been getting quite good reviews.Once I made up my mind, I went up to the counter to place my order and was greeted by a very friendly cashier. She obliged nicely when I asked which was the best sandwich to order, telling me which is the most popular. The service here is amazing which is a great thing because it makes me want to come back here more often for the good drink and food. Like always my choice of caffeine to order is Caramel Macchiato. Not many place can get this right because it is always too sweet or too milky without the nice scent from the coffee. But here at Pickle & Fig, it was near perfect. I loved it so much, was tempted to order another cup.As for the sandwich, I was looking forward to trying the smoked salmon with avocado and cream cheese one. Unfortunately there might have been some confusion when it came to keying in the order because what I was served was the Coronation chicken instead. Plus it says chicken on my receipt to even though my friends heard me order the other one. Since I was looking forward to the other sandwich that I thought I had order, so imagine my surprise when my food arrived and there was no smoked salmon to be had anywhere. Though, rather than cause a fuss and be a difficult customer since its paid for already, I ate this.To my pleasure, this too taste good! The chicken breast was not dry at all and the sauce that came with had a very nice flavour, plus the caramelized onions was amazing. I also exceptionally like the potato wedges that came with which I believe were made in-house. Perfectly crisp and salted, also freshly fried. The meal also came with a simple side salad which I devoured along with the sandwich.There's still so many other things I want to try on their menu, so I will definitely be back when I have the time. :3 continue reading
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Level3 2014-05-03
pickle & fig means two things for me.o1. one of the listed top 2o must-try coffee places in kl visited by says.com.o2. mission o3: brunch edition.pickle & fig's idea is simple - summarized in three words:cafe. panini. smoothie.and it was exactly that, plus some.but where were the pickles and figs?minimalist is their approach to its industrial chic decor but was lacking accent pieces to bring completeness to its theme: in fact, slightly TOO minimalist/simplistic: a concrete space (both walls & floor) + wooden pieces/furniture + cushioned benches with comfy pillows + industrial lighting pieces.our late morning brunch visit left us spoiled for seating options since it was a quiet morning for them. there were even a couple of patio seating if you fancy the warm ambiance outside. i quickly picked the one with the cushioned benches, which also gave me a great view of their huge artfully written chalkboard menu, that gave the space a punctuation of green and some character to the petite establishment - a contrast to the otherwise monotonous grey, black and wooden space.a selection of fruit smoothies dominated the chalkboard on top of choices of hot pressed panini, cold sandwiches and fresh salads. there were a couple of other snack bites and 2 "others" for those who are not in the mood for bread: traditional fish & chips as well as carbonara pasta. its hearty and healthy selection of sandwiches was a lovely departure from the typical brunch cafes.once you've selected food and beverages desired, head over to the counter to place your order. oh, it's cash terms only!it was only that after i've paid for my food that i realized there was a monthly specials menu next to the cash register, with po' boy occupying the top half - i wished i could have tried their rendition of the famous southern favorite from {rmc}'s home state, lousiana, to see if they could do the sub justice.coffee :: latte (rm 8) & cappuccino (rm 8)cappuccino for me, please!sometimes, i like to ummm.. mix things up... hehe.i know, latte and cappuccino are essentially the same with the exception of the thick layer of foam.lo and behold!it was a pretty good rendition of the espresso + hot milk combination that resulted to a creamy cuppa with light bitterness of the espresso, which i enjoyed but towards the end of the sip, i pursed my lips from the deep bitterness of the foam that lingered unpleasantly for a short moment."sigh..so close."even so, it was one of the better brews i've had.the intricate coffee art alongside the distinct layers of the coffee and foam held so much promise but {hr}'s comment: average.cold gourmet sandwiches :: smoked salmon and cream cheese | smoked salmon, capers, chives cream cheese, lemon tarragon mayo and mixed greens on focaccia (rm19)to match its decor, pickle & fig serve the sandwich on a metal sheet tray lined with wax paper, with sides of fried potato wedges and a tiny side salad. the side salad was leafs of lettuce tossed in a honey balsamic vinaigrette. to call it a full sandwich would be unrepresentative. a decent amount of fresh salmon slices, lightly cured when tasted on its own, smeared liberally with the tarragon mayo and sprinkled with briny capers.alas, 'twas was the day where the herb called tarragon that conquered and overpowered sandwich-ville with the spicy, sweet anise aroma that were much too stronger than the rest of the ingredients. the cream cheese was cowering behind the mayo that i couldn't taste much of the tangy cheese-like fullness. while the focaccia bread, well, i wish it took on a more chewy texture.i have to commend the presence of the wedges, who came to the rescue and stole the show. {hr} seconded my views of this starch greatness. still warm in its crispy jacket, the potato wedges were cooked to perfection with the insides soft and seasoned aptly with salt, pepper and spices.hot pressed panini :: rotkraut pastrami | beef pastrami, rotkraut, mozzarella, russian dressing, infused oil on wholemeal or white bread (rm 19)an interpretation of the classic reuben where its main ingredients are corned beef, swiss cheese, russian dressing and sauerkraut stacked between two slices of rye bread, the rotkraut pastrami mimicked with minor differences.the cheese was melted beautifully with toasted, crispy bread. i understood {hr}'s sentiments of the panini which was good but not close to being his favorite when he was sharing his reminiscence of the fantastic delicatessens in NYC and the abundance of the thinly shaved, smoked corned beef surpassed this local interpretation, at least twofold. {hr} would have loved a bit more zing, which was lacking in the rotkraut and smokiness of the meat in the sandwich too.one of the drawbacks was the size of the sandwiches was barely enough to satiate our hungry bellies, something we were hoping for its price tag. perhaps the lunch crowd had a different view as they poured in and filled the cafe despite the slow start in the morning.pickle & fig gathers and offers sandwich favorites with classic flavor pairings, both hot and cold. and the smoothies. and the coffee. just as they've promised.and oh, yes. i am still searching for the pickles and the figs.for more photos and other reviews: http://sians.blogspot.com/2014/05/pickle-fig-ttdi.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-30
这杯banana horlicks喝起来的味道想不到是如此搭配的。不过真的是太甜了。horlicks的味道本来就很甜,然后香蕉也很甜,两者配合起来简直就是甜上加甜。不过是蛮搭配的,但是就是太甜了。 continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-13
There is quite an extensive range of sandwiches which is served with salad and wedges as sides. Starting with their only choice of soup on the menu, which is the Onion and cheddar, this is selling at RM 8. They use spanish onion so expect a lot of sweetness in the soup. Served with baguette slices, it makes a comforting starter.Follow by the Avocado Mixed Greens with Raspberry Vinaigrette. Salad lover would adore this Mesclun salad, sliced avocado, and toasted almonds with raspberry vinaigrette. Despite the name, there is very little avocado in it. For RM 13, this can be a great add on dish when sharing.The portion for all the sandwiches is pretty awesome with decent amount of wedges, and salad. My favourite of the day is this Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Sandwich. Selling at RM 19, there is a generous amount of my favourite Smoked salmon, capers, the flavourful chives cream cheese and lemon taragon mayo, on my favourite focaccia bread.I am obviously in love with this and I thought it was brilliant to have tossed little capers in it but I am quite disappointed with the focaccia bread. It was obviously thin and would be great if it can be more solid in texture. Moving to the Smoked Turkey Roll &Cheddar hot pressed Panini, this would blow your mind with the rich flavours from the turkey roll, as well as the thick cheddar. This one sells at RM15, and this is not only the attractive generous amount of smoked turkey toll that is exciting but the sauteed mushroom and cheddar plus infused oil on either wholemeal or white bread.I didn’t quite like the texture of the pressed wholemeal slices for a slow eater like me take a longer time to eat and by then, it gets hard when it cools.The Hoisin Chicken &Grilled zucchini did well with white bread and I do find this pleasant because the fillings in this are moist and juicy. Making the texture enjoyable at the price of RM16.Another choice is the Rotkraut Pastrami which sells at RM19. This one has beef salami, basil pesto, mozzarella and butter spread in either wholemeal or white bread.When dining in a big group, try their Nachos . With RM 12, there is round tortilla chips and melted cheddar with sliced black olives and japapeno slices with salsa roja.I like the Panini at this place as well as the choices of beverages available. On top of that, the space and the ambience are great to hang around with a bunch of great people. Cards and simple games are available for those interested in something more than just some good food. continue reading
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