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Level2 2016-01-13
Have a great night with my mom last time this cafe. It is a nice relaxing place for people to come over and get a sit to talk with friends and family. For those who photography lovers, this place will really catch your attention. There is a big camera mural on the wall and coffee art also about camera. Not only that, there are camera icon is also on their macaroons. So, I had ordered a set of Big Stopper meal for dinner. Yea, I eat breakfast set as my dinner. Luckily, we order a set of meal only as the set came in a huge portion but is quite value to price. There was harsh brown, bread, scramble egg, bacon, two different sausages and tomato as topping. My mom and I like the sausages very much, the taste not like those artificial sausages and not chewy. It has the real taste of sausage like real meat. For coffee, they will serve a biscuit with each cup of coffee. And I had ordered a cup of mocha for the night. The mocha taste full of chocolate milk with slightly coffee taste just like the ratio of mocha. I recommend the mocha for those who like to try to drink coffee but don’t want it to taste too bitter. Lastly, this will a great place to have a sit with friend or for assignment discussion as their wifi strength is strong.  continue reading
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Level3 2016-01-08
The rising number of hipster cafes in this area draws crowd to themselve. Often I prefer a quiet, decent and simple cafe with good internet connection and power supply for work or small hangouts with some close friends. Indeed, Photografee was pretty hidden as compared to other bakeries and cafes in this area, it might not serves the best food in town or with the best environment, but it's definitely my first choice for work, assignments or heart to heart talks. The environment is quite spacious, with a generous number of power sockets (no jokes!), and simply enlightened with beautiful photographs hung on the wall. There's also a few sofas for seating, allowing a more casual kind of occasions and meet ups. The waffles served was not the best that I have tasted, and was pretty packed and hard. Nonetheless, the ice cream and the strawberry sauce saved the date! There's one thing I think they should improve, is to use riper strawberries. 😂 The beverages was okay, nothing special and fancy. It's good enough for those who just want to have cup of one or two. In conclusion, I would suggest the cafe not by hightlighting their food or beverages, but in overall. The menu offered was simple and not so expensive ; the environment and facilities provided are big plus points for me. It is definitely my place for doing work or maybe when I need to have my peace of mind.  continue reading
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Level4 2015-09-20
When I first saw this on the way to my favourite clinic at Jalan Kenari, I told myself I must come here one day. Indeed I came here today for late lunch. The ambience is very cosy and artsy, there were photography on the wall. At the back of the cafe, there is a giant camera whereby the lense can be opened for the kitchen chef to hand over the food to the waitress. There is an artistic corner at the front whereby there are a few chairs and a coffee table too.The only disadvantage of eating at cafes like these places is the late serving time. I had to wait almost 30 minutes for my food, similar like eating at AMPM cafe in Subang. My friend ordered the Fish and Chips (RM 15.90) whereby the fish was quite delicious and fresh. He scolded me because due to my over-anxiety for cutting carbs and deep fried items in my diet, I have requested the waiter to replace the chips with more salad which ended up even more fattening as it was overloaded with mayonaise. The Spicy Aglio Olio with Grilled Chicken (RM 16.90) was quite average but I felt that the spaghetti would have been better al dente and with more ingredients as the chicken pieces were too few for me. I guess I was used to eating food with a lot of ingredients. The Hot Almond Delight Coffee (RM 10.90) had a camera in the foam. The almond flavour could be discerned from the coffee and that is enough to satisfy me. The Iced Chocolate (RM 10.90) was thick enough for me. I love the thickness of the chocolate and it was not diluted by ice.  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)