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Level2 2015-07-20
So basically yesterday we took a dinner at nu sentral before heading home. Since we attended the last day of book fair. So we decided to eat at Pasta zanmai at NU sentral.The interior of the shop is really fascinating plus the workers are indeed friendly. So it was me and my other two friends, We decided to order a jug of ice lemon tea which is RM13. And thhen i decided to order a set of Fried garlic rice with fried chicken and add on with its soup and salad. While my other friend was chicken katsudon together with salad and rice. While my another friend wanted to try the mushroom rice risotto with grilled chicken.We waited for more or less 15 minutes and our food finally arrive. I am not someone who like vegetables but after a bite of its salad, I am really in love with it. It has a secret sauce added to it whih makes it taste so heavenly nice. It has the sweet taste which i cant explain but to ask people to try and therefore i finish my bowl of salad.Well my Fried garlic rice with fried chicken was nice. The taste of the crinchy garlic pieces that they fried and add together really make it taste good and the fried chciken taste more like a KFC nugget which is indeed nice. While for my friend chicken katsudon, it taste good too just like mine but it has too much onion in it. While for the mushroom rice risotto with grilled chicken. It does not use a lot of oil plus it is serve in a pan which is quite nice because it will be hot. The taste of the food there is really good. It is a place i woild recommend everyone. continue reading
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