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Talking about steamboat & bbq. When I show this to my Malay colleagues, they reply by asking "wow , where is this? I would like to go.""TOo bad, it's not a halal restaurant"But now...This restaurant, Pak John Steamboat & BBQ in e@curve serving halal meal with high quality meat that everyone can drop by! So yea, this is a place where you can playing mix and match, try and test over different food! BUT YET, it's not the main highlight. The introduction above would be enough to justify the goodness of this steamboat and BBQ restaurant.As you can see here, it's steamboat and grilling kind of buffet type eating. Their smoked duck slice is really so yummy over the grill! and so do their abalone. Try to grill the abalone too. it brings out fresh sweetness in those abalone. Teriyaki chicken is not bad either. Here in Pak John , you will be spoilt with VARIETY Of food choices. Trust me, many didn't try all the food here. Some were too good you will keep on noming on the same one. There's another table next to me. Taking dim sum for photos and they couldn't finish them too! SO do their different soup base.FIVE (5)Steamboat soup base Tom Yam Curry Clear chicken soup Miso soup Prawn soup We tried the Tom Yam soup base, it's their in-house blend and we all love it! The taste is rich enough, not so sour or sweet, a bit of briny. I would say the Tom yam has been widely localised to suit the Malaysian taste bud.We tried only the Tom yam base, which is highly recommended, and as much as there were still 4 other flavours of soup base. I actually ddidn't feel regret not trying other bases because it's really so delicious! Mingle with Erosi, Dash and Daphne! They did quite a lot of thing. Get everything all the meat slides, all I did was just to sit down and eat only. and of course steamboat is best to makan-makan together with you friends (with my blogger gang here anyway )! A table full of great fare! They serve variety kind of meat slicesAbalone slicesSmoked duck slicesNew Zealand Lamb SlicesAussie Beef SlicesYou have to collect those slices from the kitchen as they freeze those slices to make sure it serve fresh. There were other seafood available too. mussels, bamboo clam, clam, prawn, All sorts of vege. So fret not vegetarian.If you friend insist to having dinner here. You can still have delicious jagung (corn) here pumpkin, egg, and many many different types of mushroom! (mushroom my favourite!) I was taking Tilapia fillet in the photo. See, to ensure the freshness. They displays their food in display fridge. Prawn sold out fast, but replenish fast too. After having the sizzling and hot delicacies. Let's move on to other food served here.There is a straight line of buffet spread serving all the carbohydrate-load food like fried rice, mihun, pasta and other traditional ala malay food like chicken too. Among of all them, I tried their carbonara! Really really creamy, and yummy! except that it was cold. I had 3 bowls of carbonara even busy makan the steamboat and BBQ too! Eat, grill eat grill and repeat! Yeap, a place just beside the Dim SUm collection to further spice up your tongue with a lot of different condiments! Grilled abalone is delicious! OH yea, and their have cheesy tau fu too! If you want something plain. Here you go. Bubur Ayam (CHicken porridge) with sides Taking photo with Daphne while waiting for the waffle.Kaya balls weren't available while we were there. But waffle is made-to-order. LOve love it so much! Choose your favourite jam to pair with and the assistant will there to make it for you! and cut it for you! See, my fresh out waffle. Crunchy And waffle is really delicious when you mix with ice-cream!! Topped with a scoop of ice-cream and sprinkled with some chocolate rice. Taste like heaven! So that explains the wide grin on my face!A photo with Syamin before she left. Beverage selection at your will. But would recommend you to take their dessert like Cendol , ABC for thirst quencher. Healthy selection of Fruits and Jelly. Again, I didnt touch them at all. Too much delicious to savour ady. Attached here the latest price list for your reference.(The information above is true as in 30th July 2017) Summary - What's good about Pak John Steamboat & BBQ ? 1.Super vast selection of food from fresh premium meats , seafood frozen food, soup base, greens, condiments, desserts (kaya ball, waffle, cendol, ABC), carbohydrates buffet,2. With the price of RM 42.90 for the delicious food, it definitely worth your every penny, and parking fare. =p3. Suitable for any occasion of group gathering, celeration as they have their seperate VIP room too.4. You won't come here because only of the wide selection, but the meat slides is really of the premium and fresh.5. This is what we call gathering over the food lor. Eat and talk and walk (to get food when you feel guilty) and repeat and taking photos before leaving.6. Customise your waffles creatively.7. Customise your food with any condiments here!Rating: 8.5/ 10Nothing much to complain, attentive customer service. Except that the buffer spread does not remain heat. Then my carbonara is eaten cold. But above all, this is one of the halal unlimited eat-all-you-can steamboat fare.WIll definitely come again, bring my family for the waffle, for the carbonara, smoked duck and tom yaum soup base! Address:Lot LG-13A LG-15, Lower Ground Floor | Lot LG-13A & LG-15, Lower Ground Floor, Ecurve. No 2A, Jalan Pju 7/3, Petaling Jaya 47810, Malaysia FB page: Pak John Steamboat & BBQ Contact :CS Chong+60 12-705 0684 03- 7733 3913 On weekdays:Lunch: 11am - 5pmDinner: 5pm - 11pm(Dinner come with premium meat slides, dim sum and buffet line)On weekend :Serving dinner-range of food all the day continue reading
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