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Signature Dishes
Braised Slice Pork Belly with Salted Fish in Claypot Barbeque Pork Braised Homemade Beancurd with Petola Steamed Bamboo Fish in soya sauce Braised Pork Ribs with Bean Sauce and Sea Cucumber Oversea's Special Stewed Pork
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Level1 2017-03-26
主角叉烧烧肉,肥肉适中刚刚好,分量有点小,但整体还不错。叉烧的酱汁浓稠均匀,脆皮香甜;烧肉的皮烤的很脆,吃起来嘎子嘎子的滋味,咸度刚好。吉隆坡地区最赞的叉烧烧肉! continue reading
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Level4 2016-03-24
Yes, it was my friend Birthday dinner, we wanted to organize a Birthday bash for her in the café. However, she preferred to have it in the Chinese Restaurant instead. To be exact, she likes to eat Chinese food.I have booked room and set dinner for 12 pax specially for her Birthday. The Chinese set menu is similar to Chinese New Year set or Wedding set. We were served 2 plates of peanut upon arrival. Luckily all of us are punctual therefore we can start our dinner on time.Braised Shark Fin Soup with Crab Meat, I love this soup very much. The soup was sweet with generous amount of crab meat. Indeed tasty.Roasted Crispy Suckling Pig in Hong Kong style, one of my favourite dish. The skin was very crispy, it has good aroma of five spices powder.Steamed Estuary Fish Fillet with Beancurd stick and black fungus, the fish sauce was very sweet as it has all the fish essence in it. The fish fillet is a bit thick for me anyway.Pan Fried Tiger Prawns with Butter Floss, one of my favourite too. This is because I like the way they cook. The prawn size was big, it has very good aroma of buttery flavour and the skin was very crispy too.Stir fried Seasonable Vegetable, simple and full of wok hei vegetable.Glutinous Rice with waxed meat, this is also my favourite. The taste is just on my liking.The set menu comes with 2 types of desserts- Mochi in Red bean paste filling & Steamed Lotus Bao and Chilled Pamelo Tea with Aloe Vera. I forgot to take picture as I am too busy eating.Apart from the above set menu, I have ordered from ala carte menu the Double Boiled Soup (RM28). I can’t recall what is the name of the soup, in fact I have booked this soup 3 days in advance. Just in case it was sold out. The soup was sweet and tasty too.My additional order- Signature Pork Ribs (RM64), well marinated, flavourful and crispy too. To those who like to eat pork ribs, please order this.Stir Fried baby French Bean (RM38)Verdict, I was very happy with the food and service provided. I definitely will be back again especially the soup. Some additional information, the set menu was charged only RM898++. This is consider very reasonable this is because to those set comes with Roasted pig will be easily priced RM1k & above. This is worth a visit! continue reading
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Level4 2015-09-03
This establishment has been around for a long while and I remember dining there even when I was a very small kid. It was also where I first had my taste of shark's fin soup before refusing to eat baby porridge anymore. So this place has a special place in my heart. Restaurant Oversea is a well known place for chinese cuisine and also for their rather steep prices. However you receive what you pay for which makes the meal worth it even if it will burn a hole in your wallet for that month. So for a business lunch, they decided to bring a client to Oversea Restaurant at Jalan Imbi.As always the first thing to order is their signature and very popular Char Siew.I daresay that you will never ever find char siew as good as the ones you can find here. Each slice of pork belly is layered beautifully with fat and meat, then it's perfectly caramelized on the edges which is sweet and sticky from the sauce. When you put the meat in your mouth, it melts almost instantly which is magical on it's own.Though I suggest that you savour each mouthful as a small plate can cost more than Rm50. Also I would advice that you pre-book this dish before venturing to the restaurant as they run out pretty fast despite it's steep price.Another dish that is a favourite of mine is the Steamed Siakap with Sweet Soya Sauce. Although this can be found in many other chinese restaurant and some cook this dish pretty damn good, something Overseas Restaurant just does it better. The fish was very fresh, so it's meat is nicely tender but chewy at the same time and the sauce is absolutely delicious. Worth ordering if you enjoy steam fish. To offset the overly indulgent pork dish, we ordered a large plate of green vegetable. Honestly I do not know what this is called in english but it's almost like garlic chives but bigger in size. Also I think it's more fibrous which is good for your digestive system.This dish is stir-fried simply with garlic and it was good. A little bit on the oily side as it always is when we order this dish, even in many other restaurants.I understand why everyone would pay a lot of money to dine at Overseas restaurant. I've heard people complaining about the prices but yet still enjoy the food immensely. For special occasions, this is definitely the place to dine at if it is really good quality food that you are looking for.  continue reading
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Level3 2014-04-10
Restoran Oversea is quite a well known restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, which serves Chinese cuisine. Located just behind the busy shopping stretch of Lot 10 Shopping Centre and Fahrenheit88 (formerly KL Plaza). The restaurant occupied about 4 levels of a row of old shophouses. Walk into the restaurant, one is like step back into the past. The place is decorated as in traditional chinese restaurant with red carpet and wooden dining sets, with rather old looking wallpapers. As it is almost 2.30pm, one could see most of the staffs rushing to punch out.  As per normal in chinese restaurants, most are closed for business between the lunch and dinner dining periods. For a group of 6 people, we are seated comfortably at a table for 8. As it is still the chinese new year festive season, the dishes available are not the usual which I would prefer to have. The menu is also quite limited, with one third of the menu is solely on yu sheng (raw fish salad).Stir-Fried Fresh Lily Bulb with Assorted Vegetables and Sliced Almond (RM18++)A simple stir-fried which tastes light and crunchy.Deep-Fried Spare Ribs (RM7++/ per piece)Although deep-fried, the ribs is very meaty and juicy inside. Full of flavours.Stir-Fried Assorted Vegetable with Macadamia Nuts (RM18++)More heavy in sauce, but one can still taste the crunchiness of the snow pea.Braised Mini Chicken with Chinese Herbs (RM38++)Quite surprise with this dish, as we cannot make out if it is chicken or duck being used in the dish, especially the leg parts look quite long. Seems to be a mixture. Although the dish looks rather dry, the meat is actually quite juicy and well braised. Overall service is not bad with tea filled regularly. Kid friendly cutlery is given for little JJ to use. Although it is past the closing time, we are not rushed to finish our meal. It is a place where the older generation would like it very much with its traditional food and setting. continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-28
我对蛋是情有独钟,蛋的香味真的很吸引我.那天很朋友来到这里而朋友就点了这个三黄蛋的外表虽然看起来没有什么的特别,不过味道就是不错吃起来很滑也很香.至于里面的配料也是有很多. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)