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Review (9)
Level4 2015-08-03
The ambience here brings me to Africa. Despite not being there before, the decorations and ornaments and traditional sculpture settles that for you. There is also a Kudu bar inside, and the way it is done, it is very special and cosy. Since I was still feeling a little hungry despite eating granola bar earlier, I ordered Sarafina Pancake with cherries (RM 18) and I requested to change the vanilla ice-cream to chocolate flavour. The ice-cream were melted when it was served to me so I felt like eating the crepe in a flood of chocolate. I am definitely not ordering dessert here anymore. The Kudu Bar has a tasty Singapore Sling cocktail. The ambience inside is very cosy and reminds one of those community pubs in KL residential areas of in London.   continue reading
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Level3 2012-11-02
Out of Africa has been around for ages, but its menu never changes. That's certainly not a complaint, since some of its offerings are nearly as rare as rhinos in KL. Ostrich carpaccio. Fairly similar to regular beef carpaccio. A light, delicate starter, ideal for whetting the appetite. Ox Tongue Kalahari with mustard sauce, spinach & carrots. This, on the other hand, seemed nutritionally balanced, with lean protein and guilt-free veggies. The tongue was irresistibly tender and not gamy at all. Oxtail stew cooked in "potjie." Rustic comfort food; the stew was super-thick, brimming with soft chunks of potatoes that went so well with the oxtail. Braaied Boerewors (farmer sausage made of lamb, beef & spices, cooked over coals). Hearty, with a fine bite to it, though the flavor wasn't too memorable. Bobotie (ground beef curry). Kinda like a bolognese preparation, except with a pleasantly nutty & fruity taste, without the tanginess of tomatoes. Not spicy, thankfully. continue reading
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Level4 2012-06-13
It feels a little awkward for me to admit that the best tiramisu I ever had was at an African restaurant. Have I not been to enough Italian restaurants? Does nobody know how to make a good tiramisu? Do I have terrible taste? I bombard myself with these questions while I enjoy the wonder of the tiramizulu at Out of Africa.Yes, it is real tiramisu - with Amarula and brandy; I think tiramisu without alcohol is a sham!It's a tiny little portion, but delicious enough that the RM22 is worth it. Just the right balance of cake base and mascarpone cheese that makes everything light and fluffy; but it would all mean nothing if the cake base isn't soaked with Amarula (which gives a strong coffee-taste) and brandy (which gives caramelish sweetness and a woody aroma). Of course, the right amount of cocoa powder is important too, and they didn't fall short here either.The final product is the initial creaminess, quickly followed by powdery chocolate texture and flavour, then the light cheese taste, followed by an intense burst of what tastes like caramel coffee with a strangely pleasant bitter aftertaste. It's that bitter aftertaste that makes you wanna dig in to counter with more sweetness - and that's the vicious delicious cycle.*bows* continue reading
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Level4 2012-06-04
If you are looking for a place to try out African food, then this is the place for you. Apart from serving african cuisine, this place is also well known hang out for expatriates to catch up on cricket and have a beer. I ordered a lamb shank during one of my visits here. The lamb was huge compared to what you get outside. The meat was tender and came off easily when you poke your fork into it. I enjoy the gravy which goes well with the gamey taste of the lamb. The dish also comes with steamed vegetables and a bed of fries. continue reading
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It was quite awhile ago since I last dined in Out of Africa. It wasn't my first time being in PJ Palm, but it was definitely my first in Out of Africa. The name has said it all; here, you can get to have a taste of African food, which I must say, I like it very much.These were the two dishes we had. Lamb Shank: Oven roasted with a rich lamb juice on a caramelized onion basket (RM44)Rump Kebab: A steak lovers treat – 200g served with a choice of sauces (RM40)I was surprised at the superb tenderness of my lamb shank. Though I have tried better ones in Ben's GFS but here, it had further bumped up my benchmark of how good a lamb shank could be. It was very juicy, sans the gamy taste of lamb that most would find it irritating. Boyfriend selected the rump kebab, reason being, he could have blue cheese sauce for his kebab! He was that crazy about blue cheese Though I rarely have kebab, this was very good. The beef was cooked medium rare; tender and juicy, just how beef should be. Paired with the exotic blue cheese, it was a real kick to my taste bud! I wasn't a big fan of blue cheese but it did go very well with the rump kebab. The sides were pretty decent for both dishes. I liked the side vegetables that came with my mains. Compared to coleslaw, I surely go for this! For both of the dishes, we spent RM54 instead as we were utilizing the MyDeal vouchers of RM27 each. However we went on to try their tiramisu, which is made of Amarula and Brandy.This was the BEST tiramisu I have ever had. The cake base absorbed all the essence of Amarula and Brandy, giving it enough moisture and intensity of flavor. I love their rendition of tiramisu as Amarula gives it sweeter note to the dessert. It was the best RM22 spent! continue reading
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