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Level4 2012-09-19
Organic food seems to be increasingly in vogue, but few places serve it as subversively as Opika, which coaxes fine flavors out of richly realized recipes. Can something be both healthy & addictive? This quinoa salad floored us from the first bite _ slow-cooked red grains served with shrimp, tempeh crisps & kaduk leaf tempura & soaked in a fragrantly tangy Malaysian dressing of kasturi lime & nipah syrup. IKEA-inspired? Swedish-style meatballs _ made of beef & lamb & tinged with dill _ accompanied by brown sauce, sour cream & lingonberry jelly. Pricier than what a furniture store cafe charges, but these offer a substantially more satisfying chew. Nasi ulam & ayam percik, a carb-&-protein combo made memorable with the arresting aroma of wild herbs ricocheting through the rice. Smoked chicken carbonara pasta. Pleasingly creamy, but at a time when top-notch Italian food isn't hard to find in KL, Opika's version won't leave a lasting impression. Braised beef & mushroom ragout in a walnut pastry shell. Meaty, earthy & nutty _ a triumphant triumvirate of tastes & textures. And all this is simply from Opika's soft launch menu; who knows what greater gustatory genius might greet us in the months ahead? Blends of fruits & veggies _ everything from carrots, spinach & beetroots to apples & oranges. For takeaway, Opika also sells organic beverages, cereals & more. Mangosteen & seaweed juice? We gotta get ourselves a bottle sometime. continue reading
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Level4 2012-06-20
Opika is a cafe and restaurant which serves quality organic products and meals. It is a good place to chill, and I think their signature item is the coffee.While waiting for a friend, I drop by at Opika to get a cup of coffee. I find that they serve everything in organic manner, so I had a cup of Organic Coffee at RM7. The coffee is not as rich as the usual one I have, but also not as bitter. I find that I don't have to put too much sugar in it to make it sweeter. It is very smooth but not so aromatic. Overall, it's good for health and I enjoy it. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level2 2012-03-05
As much as I stuffed myself with all sorts of food (and some days junk food), I try to keep a balance with healthy food. Healthy food that doesn't mean plain old fruits and vegetables. Organic food is a regular feature in my meals especially breakfast and snacks. And of course when we dine out and wanna be consciously healthy. Contrary to the general perception that organic is vegetarian, these days organic has amazing offerings just as interesting as any other makan place. Over the weekend it was brunch at Opika the latest organic restaurant to hit town in One Utama ex old wing which has undergone a brilliant transformation.The soups arrive first. Brilliant idea as I love something warm in my stomach on rainy days. Both the Pumpkin Soup and Mushroom Soup actually taste better than they look. Both are cream free except for garnishing purposes. The pumpkin soup is hearty and sweet. Opika uses only the pumpkins which are in season and this time of the year its Japanese pumpkins Kabocha which are naturally sweet and even sweeter than butternut squash. Its cream free except for the garnish part and this soup is simply satisfying and hearty. There are some bites of roasted capsicum giving this soup an additional bite and flavour.If you love earthy Mushroom Soups, then Opika's version will be your fave haunting spot. The mixed mushrooms are blended together. Not too smooth so you can still get little bits of mushroom and of course some sliced mushrooms as well.I love quinoa. On its own, quinoa is an adorable fluffy seed with a slight nutty flavour to it and is very rich in protein. Opika's Quinoa Salad. Its refreshingly tangy and sweetened with Nipah syrup (similar to maple syrup). In the middle of this delightful bed of quinoa is some lovely sweet mangoes and creamy avocado. The prawns have a good bite and complements this salad well. I must add that the cherry tomatoes is something new to me. Sweet and fragrant as it is infused with vanilla. Opika goes back to basics and uses vanilla pods.Another ingredient that I love most is scallops. Nothing beats a juicy and tender scallop. The Scallops with Mango Wasabi Sauce is absolutely seductive. Coated with a blend of sesame seeds, house spices bread crumbs and I believe some secret concoction. Check it out and let me know if you can figure out what it isThe Linguine with Pinenut Pesto and House Spiced Pan Seared Salmon has the same coating as the Scallop with Mango Wasabi. Pesto lovers will relish this dish which has such a generous serving of pesto. Do remember to inform your waitress if you prefer you pasta al dente. Craving meatballs? Then the Swedish Style Meatball with Mash Potato is the solution. Each meatball is packed with flavours. Made with lamb, chicken and beef, this Swedish meatball served with some lingonberry is about the best I have had for quite some time. Mashed potatoes are yummy and if you realise its green, that's simply because its a magic mix of mashed potato and green peas. Amazing idea that will have kids and picky eaters eat their peas. Brilliant idea!Carbonara Fettucine with Grilled Fungi and Grilled Chicken is one creamy pasta. Comforting pasta in a creamy base. My fave part of this dish is the grilled chicken that has been marinated in Opika's blend of herbs.I am not much of a rice eater but I have a weak spot for nasi ulam. The Nasi Ulam with Percik Chicken is recommended. Lots of yummy ulam with a very flavourful chicken percik. And best of all...free range salted egg! The food here is not fried and is cooked using healthy red palm oil (which I also use at home ~ and if you like it, the oil is available in Opika). So you can happily eat yummy food that is seriously healthy.Stay tuned as I check out the desserts and juices soon... continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)