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Level4 2015-12-11
There's something about a bowl of porridge that is super comforting. It can be those flavoured one with meat or preserved eggs, or the teochew style where its just plain porridge with side dishes. That too is super good which I love having especially late at night. Which is why Onn Kee's is a great place to have some midnight munchies. All you do is ask fr a bowl of white porridge for each person, then order dishes to go with. The first dish that was ordered is half a steamed chicken. There really isn't anything to shout about because it just tastes like the kind you can get at any chicken rice shop, only you have this with porridge instead. I'm not the biggest fan of chicken so this wasn't my preference really. For vegetables we ordered the Stir-Fried Paku with Belacan. This was again mediocre at best but that's only cause the sauce wasn't really what we expected when we asked for belacan. It was powdery & mostly just salty without any other flavour. Though I guess if you eat this dish with the plain porridge then it's pretty alright.The star of the night for me was the black dace braised pork ribs. This dish was super flavourful and the sauce was good especially mixed into the plain porridge. Then the meat was nicely tender so each bite was soft and juicy. continue reading
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