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Level4 2015-12-31
old school food is great with nice service. i like to dine in here with my family member and try on their pork menu. so many choices of food and must try the coffee here. the affogato is delicious with unique taste that i love it so much. nicely done and perfect ending for our heavy meal here. continue reading
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Level4 2015-10-23
The moment we stepped into Old School, it really brings back the bitter-sweet memories during the schooling time. Okay, where were those bitter days? Of course during exam season where we tend to burn the midnight oil for those few hours of paper sitting, hehe. Or, when bumping into your disciplinary teacher out of the blue at the wrong timing (=Fully gussied up in the most conventional classroom that you usually seen at the school, this nostalgic café is equipped with a bright and airy environment, occupying a ground floor space at The School, Jaya One, with another partition reserved for the canteen concept- serving its fundamental schoolhouse theme. Even their main culinary specialty logo are designed in such a way resembling a school badge.Ah, all my childhood tit bites and trinketsThe menu's extensive, all hand-written in the vintage exercise book, ranging from local Asian favourites to Western fusion, with most recipes and sauces are inhouse prepare as they believe that food is as fresh and tasty as it is. Bacon & Egg Croissant - Streaky bacons that are cured and grilled inhouse.Take away available too in the most convenient and hygienic wayHouse brand relishKUROBUTA BURGER (MYR 29.90)Finally the finest pork in the world and the most highly priced pork in Japan is making its appearance in town!The meat that is delightfully made into patty, projects both sweet and rich nuance, and a fine firm texture that is already good to be enjoyed on its own without any additional sauce.For those who are unaware, like me, Kurobuta actually means ‘black hog’ in Japanese. It is touted as “kobe beef” of pork, as this rare breed of Berkshire pigs were royal gifts received from Britain and with much Japanese dedication and perfection, the Japanese farmers have brought the art of pig breeding to a whole new level.This trademark pork and the thoroughbred status can only be certified by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. Unlike the run-of-the-mill pigs which are usually confined to its pigsties, this Kagoshima pigs are allowed to roam in the open, hence resulting in a more balanced inter-muscular fats, which explains the high level of marbling in kurobuta meat.OLD SCHOOL PORK SHOULDER (MYR 24.90)An enjoyable slab of thickly cut pork shoulder that comes with a fair bit of fatty layers to moist up the overall palate. Nevertheless, I enjoy the leaner meat more for they are grilled just nice and really flavourful. Pair with the chutney sauce if you want to but I prefer to enjoy it as it is BBQ PORK RIBS (MYR 34.90)Prime cut is purposely chosen for a more pleasurable enjoyment and the ribs are precisely barbequed till tender and moist. Meat is thoroughly flavoured with house special marinade that you could actually skip any sauce but still taste fantastic. Glad that the ribs here are not overly smothered in heavy sauces for that would have overwhelmed the porky original taste. ASSORTED HUNGARIAN MANGALICA PORK SAUSAGE (MYR 22.90 -3 PCS)Simplicity at its best- with three different flavours of premium Hungarian pork sausages.Heartily chewy and toothsome, and I prefer the one with spiced flavor amongst the three for the extra herb kick.Jo etvagyat!OLD SCHOOL NASI LEMAK (MYR 29.90)With deep fried ‘nam yu’ pork, pork rendang, roasted pork served alongside the usual nasi lemak condiments and some pork cracklings on top too! Indeed the perfect all-in-one plate for porcine lovers!Devilishly gratifying, the Holy Grail for pork enthusiasts; forget about diet at the moment, or you could opt for sharing purpose if that helps in lessening some guilt, hehe.After a round of scrumptious pork repast from Japanese flair to Hungarian style, finally we could wash down the throat with these uber refreshing fresh juices and healthy too! No sugar is added but only the salubrious honey (=BITTERGOURD WITH PINEAPPLE (MYR 6.80)It’s very cooling and surprisingly, goes well pineapple.CUCUMBER, CELERY AND LEMON JUICE (MYR 7.90)An equally soothing thirst-quencher to temporarily level down the meatiness. After the so-called quick detox interlude, don’t miss the restaurant's own rendition of caffeinated ice cream.OLD SCHOOL AFFOGATO (MYR 9.90)Staying true to its Asian roots, the coffee used here is those locally brewed coffee that we fondly known, and essentially partnered with a dollop of vanilla ice creams and some Oreo crumbles. Compared to Southern American beans, this local coffee kicks it up a notch with more fruity aroma for a smoother palate. Still wondering what’s more porky dishes instored here? Find out more at Old School and keep abreast at their page for more updates. Classroom is now adjourned till the next session of titillating your taste bud further. Cheers for now and Carpe Diem! ❤ℒℴѵℯ❤OLD SCHOOL | IT’S PORK | IT’S GOOD!Location: 100-G.035, The School, Block J, Jaya One, No 72A, Jalan Universiti, 46200 Petaling JayaContact: +603 8066 6966Business Hours: Mon - Sun: 10am - 10pmWebsite: https://www.facebook.com/Oldschool.pork continue reading
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Level3 2015-10-12
Old School serving Pork Varieties here. Not only that the setting of the ambience is Old School, that evoked the nostalgia of Malaysian. Here, I like to describe this restaurant in childhood Nostalgic tone......School bell rang , and Class started. Omg I better sneak in quitely, before teacher saw me, else I would be punished for the late coming. My school is Old School, located in The School, Jaya One. I like to come here, because it has air cond. So far it's the only school in Malaysia that serving delicious Pork dishes.(no offence to my muslim friends, but I appreciate the diversity of culture here in Malaysia) Not one dish, or 2 dishes, but basically everything here has pork. When I was young, this was I got to school every day #truestory. Usually, I am not the girl who is ready in the queue, but the one running behind, except that I was in pony tail. These are my classmate, we came here together and eating together. There are Jessie (from left), Pooi Yee and Jack. Oh yea, because I scored 10/10 in spelling, so I was rewarded these 90's snacks by teacher. Thank you teacher. I will study harder (but not guarantee will came punctually,oops)This is the exercise book of my senior. It look like this. It is really hand written by students. After the senior graduate, his book was used as the menu in Old School. OUr Old School established in 2012, with the philosophy Pork, We are the Best I am glad that I no need to clad in uniform, although those uniform were quite pretty to put on. For those who study here everyday. There were clad in this Scotland grid style of uniform, so adorable!(There are waiters here =D )Also, Old School is not only the classromm that has air-cond, but it served e porky foods! Yum yum. Let's see what you can found here.Old School Nasi Lemak RM 29.90I tell you, this pork rendang is so tender & flavourful, you will never expect the pork rendang could be so succulent. This is because they use only specific part of the pork to make rendang. If you feel like the assortment of every type of pork is to fulfilling. You can opt for with only one type of pork dishes. For me, I would definitely go for Nasi Lemak with Pork Rendang that is Rm 14.90. You may click to enlarge the pic below to see clearly about the other type of nasi lemak that served here. click to enlarge the pic below to see clearly about the other type of nasi lemak that served here. Next, we have Assorted Hungarian Mangalica Pork Sausages (3pcs)Mangalica Pork is a species of pork origin in Hungarian, and it's hairy. The 3 pieces of the sausages here are in garlic, original and spicy flavours. Assorted Hungarian Mangalica Pork Sausages (3pcs) RM 29here in Old School, they encourge patrons to eat it without any sauce, to taste the freshness or the meat, the taste the distinct flavour in each of the sausage, same goes to some other dishes. Oh yea, and they served Char Siew Curry Laksa here in Old School like every school canteen has curry mee too. Serving with yardlong bean, toufu and bbq pork , tongue . The curry mee might not be spicy enough, hence sambal was there. Char Siew Curry Laksa RM 12.90 On left: Cucumber , Celery, Lemon Juice RM 7.80On right: Bitterground with Pineapple RM 6.80Because it's haze outside, and so you can choose some detox drink here. Not only the combination here is so super pack with vitamins. It taste nice too. Come come, quench your thrist here after some porky dishes. Old School Pork Burger RM 18.90 Because we the students like to have burger! and the fried wedges. So here is the burger palate! Having ham, patty and bacon together is wholesome. It's not that it's to thick you can feed all into your mouth, you can! Pork Bolognaise Spaghetti RM 13.90Spagetti in Malaysian way, taste like nasi lemak.Old School Pork Cutlet RM 24.90Despite it look so ordinary, it is a bit salty that suit my liking. BBQ Pork Rib RM 34.90Judging from the appearance,(& my last experience), I expect it to be hard to bitten., but it's succulent and moist. The BBQ sauce seem like do not only remain on the surface. but it goes into the meat. And well, flavoursome! Before any of of the pork steak, cutlet here. the palate has been balanced by the simple salad that has cherry tomato. And if you wandering , why there is no any seasoning for the sauce, it has been seasoning with pineapple dressing.Old School Pork Salad with House Pineapple Dressing RM 15.90With Pork Lard on top, and pineapple fruit. I feel that my dad would love this salad more. for he is someone who do not like to eat western. But this seem so chinese-western fusion. Banana Split RM 11.90Old School Affogato RM 9.90The coffee used here is the local coffee that is super thick. The Vanilla ice-cream toppped with Orea crumble. By mixing everything together, this seem like a heaven for coffee lover. It's flavoursome coffee ice-cream! Old School is designed as it is so spacious, and 90's school theme decorated. Guess you would find this familar to you. A 90's school canteen. With my familar snacks and toys in small boxed that I used to addicted during my childhood. Hehe. Old School also provide a service for party and events . As a school theme restaurant, I find everything decoration here is so impressive. Beyond colourful, coz I like all paintings here.**Back to the childhood nostalgic tone This is how my classroom look like. See, my friends painting were selected by teacher, and put to display. Chocolate Milkshake Noming my favourite chocolate milkshake while waiting for the school bus to go home. Since it's too big for one. We shared with our classmates. This is my portion, it's so petite hence adorable! Must finish this, because I don't get to drink something cold when I'm home. (sucking...the straw enjoyably)...School bus arrived, I gotta go home. Bye~~~Old School Facebook PageOld School Food Menu03-7499 3966Address: 100-G.035, The School, Block J Jaya One, No 72A, Jalan Universirt, 46200 Petaling JayaBusiness HourMon- Sun : 10am - 10pm I would be happy if I get to eat good food with cheaper price. By downloading offpeak, you will entitled 20% discount (daily, including public holiday) from 3pm - 6pm. Make sure you book it while making order/payment , and notified the cashier. I do not colloborate with offpeak in any form, but this is the tips I get to eat cheaper in Klang Valley area, and hereby sharing it with you =D #dunsayiduntello continue reading
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