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Mushroom With Fish Paste Back Bacon With Fish Paste Curry Pig Skin with Dry Shrimp Cheong Fun Sweet Sauce with Dry Shrimps Chee Cheong Fun ry Onion Soya Sauce with Chee Cheong Fun Coral Jelly
Review (4)
Level4 2016-06-10
My friend has recommended this restaurant to me which famous for their barbeque Yong Tao Fu. This restaurant is nested in the shop lot which I do not find it hard to locate it. Also, they are only operate during night time due to the weather and location.We have quick order upon arrival and start enjoying our foods. I have Chu Cheong Fun with curry sauce. Yes, this is the good. The Chu Cheong Fun was smooth and I like the texture of it.My friend has tried the Sweet Sauce, it was good according to him.On top of that, we have some BBQ Yong Tau Fu as well such as Bitter gourd, Brinjal, Beancurd and Bacon wrap. The Yong Tou Fu was in soft texture with sweet sauce glazing.Grill Stingray is one of the signature here, it was served in the aluminium foil to be cooked over the stove. The chilli paste was taste good, not too spicy and it goes well with stingray.I just enjoy having my dinner in this environment even though the weather is a bit hot, but overall foods were good and yummy.  continue reading
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Level1 2016-04-08
自己烧的酿豆腐确实有另一番风味...这味道还挺好吃的...但不可以放在正中间烧它们...因为会很快就被烧焦...所以在烧的过程中要很注意...并且要时时的让它们翻身...才能吃到最美味的酿豆腐啦... continue reading
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Level4 2015-04-12
My friend wanted to eat the Japanese BBQ but since I have never tried this, I finally got the chance to try BBQ Yong Tau Foo which was sold in the open air. Unfortunately for us lazy people, we had to cookthe food ourselves. We just pretended we did not know how to cook to get the waiter to cook for us for the first time. They used all the old utensils and also cutlery including the old type of cups which we usually use long time ago. My friend ordered the Chee Cheong Fan (plain one) with soya sauce. It was clever of him as we were so hungry by then. My personal favourite is the BBQ Pork Bacon with Asparagus inside (RM 2.90) and also Pork Bacon with Foo Chuk (sounds weird but delicious). All in all, all the pork bacon are so delicious. I also liked the capsicum with BBQ Bacon. I guess I am a top bacon lover after all.The rest of the Yong Tau Foo are just normal like bittergourd, brinjal etc. I also ordered the dumpling in soup and also taufu in the soup which were quite tasty too.If asked to come again, I would definitely do it. One thing is for sure - we should have ordered the Couple Set (RM 33) with 15 pieces which was more worth it as we have already eaten more than 15 pieces at RM 54! The ambience is also quite nostalgic of the olden days with the old music in the background, old cutlery and furniture and also a backdrop of the Yong Tau Foo hawker in the olden days.  continue reading
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I like my dinner experiences at this open-styled hawker restaurant located at a hidden place in between 2 shoplots at Taman Desa. The first impression was attracted by the wall mural which is an image of an old uncle operated his business with Tricyle at Jalan Pudu long years ago.While we were trying to catch a table to seats for 6 people of us, the owner was appeared to assist us promptly. It's success to serve us promptly was a good service beginnning. Since it's peak hours for dinner at 7pm something, we able to get 2 round table to joined together. While then, you will noticed almost every table have own charcoal stove to cook your ordered dishes. They are using mostly all Chinese old tradition/nyonya style plates, cups and spoons, even the serving tray was in bamboo made.We had ordered a medium set meal which consists about 18 pieces of yong taufu and 2 different Chee Cheong Fan and also added on few more pieces of Yong Taufu. Their main dishes Yong Taufu made with Fishpaste. Their specialty of Yong Taufu was served to cook over the charcoal stove by our own instead of commonly fried to served. Also their signature dish was not to be miss Curry Chee Cheong Fan with Pig Skin ('Ju Pei' in cantonese). Their curry was slightly spicy for me but still taste good with Pig Skin. They only have few choices of common drinks like Chinese tea, Barley drink, and specialty Pumpkin with Barley and others. We had Pumpkin with Barley and Chinese Tea was served in a old tradition cups which slightly bigger than normal serving cup. We requested for few small glasses to share the drinks as we worry that not able to finish it. Since it's an open spaces like hawker dine in place, be prepared to eat in a hot and sweaty environment. There was no fan provided but we are lucky that we were seated at the corner which the fan was used to burn off the charcoal before served to each table. The owner was kind and helpful enough to faced the fan towards us if it's not in used. Will definately go back again in some days. continue reading
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