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Level3 2015-10-31
I can't count how many times have I visited this shop. But I was always there to take away the onigiri as I think this is seriously a more healthy meal as compared to fast food: fried food and so:/Alright, today I decided to dine in as I have no classes to rush off to later.I ordered the healthy breakfast set which is only valid till 11am daily.There are a few breakfast values and value sets, I personally love value meals, and everytime when I have a look at the time, if the time is enough for me to rush there before 11, Onigiri will always be my choice to come and grab this value meal.Usually I would order the RM 4.50 breakfast set which consists of an onigiri from Category 1(RM3) or Category 2(RM3.50-RM 3.80) onigiris, with Miso soup and potato salad.Come on, at the price of RM4.50, you can get hot soup, potato salad and rice ball!How to resist the temptation!If you feel one onigiri is too little for you, you could follow me to order the Set 2 which consists of 2 onigiris, one potato salad and one miso soup.Being a smart consumer ..*Cheapskate I would say:/*, I always order the onigiris from the second category with the highest price* WHY NOT ORDER THE MOST EXPENSIVE WHEN THEY'RE NOT CHARGING EXTRA*Alright, it's just my personal budget a.k.a cheapskate method on eating something that seems to be more luxurious. In the picture above, I ordered the Fried Salmon and Furikake onigiri which is the one of Rm3.80 each. But I only paid RM7.50 for the onigiris including the soup and salad. *Calculating..*The two onigiris that cost RM7.60 on usual rate, And now i'm getting it at 10 cents cheaper with free soup and salad! That's such a good deal.If onigiris are not your things, there are noodles available too.My friend ordered this, and she gave a 3 stars rate for this. When my friend and I walked in to the shop, we were so happy that we were the only customer there. Happily feeling as if like we monopolize the place. little that we know, the moment we sat down. a big crowd came in that the place is crowded in a while.There are wifi available in this shop, but don't expect so much for the speed when you're at the students' area. But a break from the haze, this is a good shelter for you to have air-conditioned room! continue reading
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