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-- Next Station Noodle House Located at Seksyen 19 around SS2 , Seksyen 19 is not a stranger place and well known for durianssss . Next Station Noodle House just stand behind of the famous durian street in seksyen 19 .-- Restoren Next Station terletak di Seksyen 19 di sekitar SS2 , Seksyen 19 adalah tempat yang dikenali oleh orang ramai dan terkenal dengan durian . Restoren Next Station terletak di belakang jalan durian yang terkenal di Seksyen 19 .-- 百家村面家位置是在十九区SS2附近 , 十九区并不是一个陌生的地方因为著名了吃榴莲的地点 . 百家村面家在十九区著名的榴莲街的背后 . -- The Next Station Noodle House interior decoration was just normal like those chinese coffee shop with wood table and plastic chair . here offers a wide variety of Side dishes and noodles too . The Signature dish of soup noodle are Chicken soup , Tomato soup and Ginger Wine soup and Don't forget to order their famous Kampung chicken .-- Restoren next station mempunyai hiasan dalaman yang biasa seperti kedai kopi cina dengan meja kayu dan kerusi plastik . di sini menawarkan pelbagai hidangan sampingan dan mi . Hidangan terkenal di sini adalah mi sup , Sup ayam , sup tomato dan sup halia dan Jangan lupa untuk memesan ayam Kampung mereka yang terkenal .-- 百家村面家室内装饰相一般华人咖啡馆有木桌子和塑胶椅 . 这里提供各种各样的小菜和面 . 这里招牌汤面是鸡肉汤 , 番茄汤和姜酒汤 , 不要忘了叫碟著名的菜园鸡哦 . Sai To Fish Ball / 西刀鱼丸 Bakar Village With Pork / 百家村捞猪肉 Fried Fishcake / 百家村炸鱼饼 Bakar village Fried Lobak / 百家村炸LOBAK Fried Fu Chuk Roll / 腐竹卷 Scallion Sauce Japanese Tofu (cold) / 蔥油冷日本豆腐 Kampung Chicken / 菜园鸡 Ginger Wine Soup Noodle / 姜酒鸡汤面 Tomato Soup Noodle / 番茄上汤面 Kampung chicken Soup Noodle / 菜园鸡汤面 Ginger Soup + Rice / 姜酒鸡汤+白饭 Taro Rice / 芋头饭 Next Station Noodle House / 百家村面家Address: 58, Jalan 19/3, 46300 Petaling Jaya,Selangor, MalaysiaPhone:+60 3-7955 0200Hours : Mon - Fri 8am - 3pm , Sat - Sun 6am - 9pm continue reading
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When come to lunch, I usually can't decide where to eat. But recently I stumbled upon this hidden germ last 2 weeks ago. Next Station Noodle House located at section 19, Petaling Jaya. Next Station Noodle House offers more than just authentic, daily handmade premium quality noodles - famous for its Ginger Wine Noodle, Tomato Noodle and Chicken Noodle. You can order either cook in soup or dry noodle. While for the noodle, you may order either Mee Sua, Lou Xu Fun, Hor Fun, Mee Hoon or yellow noodle.Tomato Noodle Soup RM7.50The tomato gravy has a combination of sour and sweet taste. I love it so much.Tomato Noodle (Dry) RM 7.50Ginger Wine Soup Noodle RM 7.50Ginger Wine Noodle (Dry) RM7.50Chicken Soup Noodle RM6.50Chicken Noodle (Dry) RM 6.50Satisfy your taste buds with delicious Kampung chicken. I usually prefer Kampung ckicken as is not fleshy and fat as the normal chicken and is often touted to have better tasting, firmer flesh and less fat. The meat was real chewy and even tastes gamey.Single Portion (RM 7)Double Portion (RM 14)Lower Quarter (RM 16)Half Quarter (RM 26)Whole Chicken (RM 56)Kampung chicken will not be perfect without fresh and fat bean sprouts. Small portion is RM3 and big portion is RM6.Other side dishes that you can order at Next Station Noodle HouseBakar Village Fried Lobak RM 7 (2 rolls)Fried Fu Chuk roll S- RM 3/ B- RM 6Bakar Village with Pork S- RM 6/ B- RM 12Fried Fish Cake- RM 7 (2 rolls)Plain Fish Ball6 pcs - RM 2.50/ 12 pcs -RM 5Location: Next Station Noodle House 58, Jalan 19/3 Petaling JayaBusiness Hour : Monday - Sunday 9AM - 3PM 6PM - 10PM continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)