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Everything about pork that you would like to taste, it got to be at Naughty Nuri’s. As much as you can see how good it is, yes, serves the Balinese style of pork ribs and it tastes just like how it is from Bali. Their signature ribs a must try of course as its portion is great for sharing too. The secret? It lies within the secret sauce of course! Come here to enjoy the Balinese-style pork ribs! continue reading
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Babi Guling A'La Naughty Nuri's Indonesian Style Mee Goreng Naughty Nuri's 1995 Signature BBQ Spare Ribs
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Level3 2016-01-18
It's the porky feast! Ever since we came back from Bali, we really missed the tasty and finger licking good pork ribs in Bali. We were really thrilled when we heard about this restaurant in Desa Sri Hartamas.Now don't be be confused with the other Naughty Babe Dirty Duck restaurant as they are not the same. The place is just directly behind Brick and Barrels.To secure a table, it's best to come early or make reservations before that in order to avoid dissapointment. When we arrived their staffs are seen dancing to a song. It was their martini or any house signature cocktail drink where a 'Shake shake' dance will be performed and drinks will be served after that. Taste wise, it was normal. Guess that's one of their gimmick to attract the diner's attention. As for their pork ribs, it was quite good. Juicy and tender without the porky smell (what I fear most), leaves me craving for more. But it doesn't taste the same as the one we had in Bali, perhaps it was tailored to Malaysian's taste.The grilled hogged sausage platter was decent but there nothing too great. Will be best to paired with beer though. continue reading
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Level4 2015-10-23
Ever wanted to get a taste of how the famously spread-by-mouth lusciously grilled pork by Naughty Nuri’s actually fares? Although Tony might have eased the life of many of us by making it possible for ‘Everyone to Fly’, but you actually need not go through all the hassle flying to Bali each time your craving for the luscious grilled meat kicks in. But instead, just drop by to the widely accessible neighbourhood of Sri Hartamas, for that’s where the Malaysian branch of Nuri’s is located.Surrounding by decent lush greeneries, Naughty Nuri’s welcome guest to a Bali-infused ambiance with options to dine in al fresco or you could choose a cooler section with air-conditioning.It was initially founded by Ibu Nuri since 1995 back in Ubud, Bali, before brought over to Malaysia by Peter so that the local folks could have a share of the succulent recipes too, under the good hands of Executive Chef Andy. Assorted memorabilia and Nuri’s trademarked souveniers are also displayed and available for sale alongside cheeky wall painting of pink piggies to spark some saucy gaiety.And what’s to idealize the merriment without any zingy performance? Wow, that’s my utter surprise too when told that a short, lively dance by the amiable team would accompany with every martini ordered. LYCHEE MARTINI (MYR 25)You could have this cocktail shaken or blended to be enjoyed with the juicy lychee pulp. For that sultry day, we just go with the recommended one by Robert.ASAM BOI MOJITO (MYR 28)Indeed a refreshful blend of rum, lime wedges, brown sugar and asam boi homemade syrup topped with soda to spice if your day further.With zesty drinks, it’ll only be perfect with the presence of chunky but tender barbecued meat, which is the signature spare ribs by NAUGHTY NURI’S that is popularly known all the way back in Bali, Indonesia itself!NAUGHTY NURI’S 1995 SIGNATURE BBQ SPARE RIBS (MYR 39- 1 SLAB)Ribs are specially marinated with Balinese spice and chargrilled with a special sauce till its flavor got enhanced wonderfully. Each lace of meats are so juicy and you could easily slice through the succulent slab effortlessly. The coated thick glaze of homemade bbq sauce might be tad sweet to some, otherwise savoury to the taste bud. Squeeze some lime juice for some piquant kick to pair with the addictive spicy sambal sauce.Live grilling sectionNAUGHTY NURI’S BBQ PORK LOIN (MYR 25)For those who are consciously on diet but achingly dying to get a fair bite of the toothsome meat, then this is superbly fitting the bill. The juicy cutlets are mostly lean meats that are marinated with the similar tasteful Balinese spice before nicely chargrilled. Those who prefer fattier texture might not relish much in this barbequed pork loin but do not get disheartened as coming next one would surely make it up (=CHA-CHA-CHA GRILLED PORKY SALAD (MYR 23.80)Certainly not your average kind of boring salad!Over here, Naughty Nuri’s salad would very much thrill pork lovers over the cloud nine with the porcine bestowed surprisal.Get ready to sink in perfectly grilled marinated 5 spiced pork belly with mixed salad accompanied by crisp cucumbers, citrusy pineapple, uber sweet mango cubes, dried shrimps and almonds sealed up with homemade kaffir lime leaf dressings. Love the tangy honey-mustard vinaigrette dearly albeit am not a usual salad advocate myself, hehe.Sorry if those pictures have gotten you drooling, but hey, worry not, as you could pop by here easily at this obscure ‘warung’ at Sri Hartamas, joining the crowds with this finger-licking good spare ribs that are slathered with yenning spicy-sweet sauce.Cheers for now and Carpe Diem! ❤ℒℴѵℯ❤ Location: 2, Jalan Sri Hartamas 20/70A,Desa Sri Hartamas, Hartamas, 50480 Kuala LumpurContact: +6019 339 9611 Business Hours: Daily (12pm-3pm; 5pm-1am)Website: www.facebook.com/nnkualalumpur continue reading
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