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Level4 2012-12-12
As we are walking through the shopping malls, we come across this restaurant that is been long forgotten and tried, Nando's chicken. From first glance, the restaurant have new decorations bringing in more antique values and feel to its customer. it comes as a surprise to me though, so to try out first hand beside new decoration, what else they have to offer. We walk into this restaurant without a second though. Nando's has been quite a familiar brand with Malaysian, for its Peri Peri chicken and the spices that comes along with it. Several years back, Nando's decoration has been on a modern restaurant concept, with no much attention given to its decoration and then slowly it change to a rather more older days restaurant concept, with its wooden chairs, lamps and its decorations like a small plant. Today, Nando's restaurant change once more, this time to even older days concept, with its rocky walls and floors. Barrels are placed in front of the stall too, quite a fresh look but beside olden day design i cannot spewed a word more. So we look into their menu, and yes, another fresh surprise. We have more dishes now, and is all in chicken ! main menu wise, to be honest, not really a big "wow" but sideline, yes they do offer much wider varieties now. Since there is a new set meal, where they give you 1 whole chicken plus 4 small sideline so we decided, the few of us can swallow a whole chicken, we go for that set. And ya, a small note here...Prices had gone up considerably compared with last time before the rebranding. Like from RM15 to RM25 ? It didn't took them long to serve us our drinks and the set meal too, serving pattern wise, it does change. From the old days, where Nando's used to serve chicken and sideline under one whole plate, this time the sideline is serve with a small bowl and chicken on the separate plate. So we can distribute on our own, kind of new concept for Nando's Taste wise, the Peri Peri Chicken doesn't really change much. Still the old one, but still is my favorite taste but the chicken meat is hard to chew and i suspect it is a result of overcook or poor chicken meat quality. The new sideline, Spinach does earn its place worth mentioning. Spinach is heavy flavored with peri peri sauce that makes it spicy to eat with, kind of unexpected from a vegetable. The rest of the sideline ordered is Coleslaw, Spicy fried rice and Potato. Each of them is served with fresh ingredient, as it can be tell from the taste of the food, it is fresh and heavy flavored. However one thing is, the service crew is not efficient in a way that it took them a long while to refill our drinks. Each time we called to them, it took them quite a while, approximately 15 minutes to respond / come to us, which is quite well below industrial standard in my opinion. continue reading
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