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Review (49)
Level4 2016-05-04
I’d thought that Namoo restaurant only serves Korean food but upon looking through the menu, I noticed that they also serve western dishes.My dish of choice tonight was the chicken cordon bleu. Presentation wise, it was laid out nicely, portion was also just nice for an average eater like me.A chicken cordon bleu is basically ham and cheese stuffed in breaded then deep-fried chicken meat. Imagine gooey melted cheese in between the meat, as you take the first bite in! continue reading
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Korean Cafe & Dessert @ Namoo On The Park, PublikaThe arrival of Kpop have been years and so do Korean cuisine. Unlike others Korean restaurants, Namoo is a cafe which have authentic Korean cuisine with modern twist. Namoo On The Park is located inside the Publika, Level G3- 4A. I had brought along my friends to try out this lovely cafe. Namoo’s interior is spacious and decorated with antique style. You can found some old cameras and old stuffs such as typewriter inside the cafe. For families with children it is ver convenient because there is a small park near Namoo. Namoo provide outdoor dining where parents can enjoy their meal while the children are having fun. I really love their environment because it is a nice place for gathering.I really love spicy foods so I ordered Sweet Chili Omuto with Rice. It is a fried boneless chicken with sweet chili sauce. It taste a bit spicy but the fried chicken is soft in inside and crunchy on the outside. For drink, I ordered a Yuza tea (cold) because I don’t know what it is . At first I thought it was a cup of tea but is actually a soda drink with marinated Yuza, a fruits from Korea. Is a very well combination drink with sweet and a bit sour taste. (recommended) Tissue, my friend ordered White Cream Omuto. It is a fried rice wrapped with eggs and on top of it is a fried sliced chicken with white sauce. It also served with salad and Kimchi. The white sauce was nice and the fried rice as well. For me is a normal dish. She ordered a cup of Cafe Mocha (hot).Yee Sin ordered their famous Bibi Rice Burger. Instead of buns, Namoo make a twist by changed it into Rice Buns . Rice buns sandwich a piece of chicken patty, egg, cheese, vegetables and sauce. It also served with salad and Kimchi as well. The rice buns were sticky, dense and flavourful. She ordered a cup of Sweet Potato Latte. I took a sip from her, I can taste the sweet potato and it wasn’t that sweet but it was nice! Xiao Ching ordered Carbonara Pasta which have Korean twist. For me, it taste a bit and i really don’t like it. (don’t have much comment for this ><) . She ordered a Green Tea Latte (right). It wasn’t have that strong green tea taste but it was creamy and smooth. Meanwhile, my sister ordered Spicy Seafood Ramyum. A normal Korean ramen with egg, vegetables and seafood. For me it wasn’t that spicy and the soup is very flavouful because of the seafood . For her drink, she ordered a cup of cold Peach Tea (left). It was interesting because the ice is made from peach juice and you can taste it.  Lastly, I ordered a piece of Sweet Potato Cake. About 95% of the cake is made from sweet potato. You can taste the smooth and sticky sweet potato. Overall, we really having great time in their cafe because of their environment and foods.For me the price is on moderate side. Each of us spend minimum RM 16 and above. Namoo also provide traditional korean cuisine such as Kimchi soup. Futhermore, they also provide liquors and snacks.Ambiance: 7.5/10Price: 6.5/10Food: 7.5/10Verdict: A creative Korean cafe with the combination of Western and Korean twist. continue reading
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Level4 2015-01-19
I heard so much about this place when I browsed food blogs but most bloggers say that they sell fancy fusion Korean-western food but the food is not tasty. Hence, I never set foot here till today, out of force, since Journal by Plan B has a queue forever and we need to wait for 30 minutes for a table at Marmalade which looks like a toy cafe or Ikea cafe. Boy I was glad I came here because the menu is very creative and the food was not bad. I ordered the Cinnamon Punch (RM 12.90) which was not bad but tasted a little weird like they have dumped in a lot of cinnamon powder mixed with water and call them a punch. Please do not order this unless you need Cinnamon to survive. My Kimchi Chicken Burritos (RM 20.90) was not bad. It came with kimchi and mushrooms, two of my favourite items. Now I realize why the bloggers say Namoo does not know how to combine ingredients, because the combination is slightly weird but it happen to be ok for me because I am someone who simply combine food too. My friend ordered the Kimchi Fried Rice which came wrapped in omelette. I felt that the rice was a bit too bland to be called Kimchi Fried Rice. Anyway, I would still revisit this place to try the tacos. However, the service is quite slow on a busy weekend like today.  continue reading
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Level2 2014-05-09
After so many times of not being able to try out Namoo @ Publika, I finally had the chance to have a nice Korean lunch last Friday with the colleagues! The cute mascot of Namoo welcomed us at the entrance of the cafe bistro and we can't wait to try out their dishes!Firstly, some background on Namoo Namoo which means 'tree' in Korean was founded on a deep-rooted belief that good food should be fresh, natural and timeless. And for that reason Namoo have gone to great lengths to ensure that everything in the menu is authentically korean, but fused with a modern twist! The interior of the cafe follows their name which is using earthly colours and materials. It has a very comfy ambiance where you can choose to sit at the high table, the dining area or even the sofa area. You can even choose to dine al-fresco where they have an outdoor dining area next to the playground. This is very convenient especially for parents who want to bring their children where you can monitor them at the playground/park There are a variety of dishes at Namoo ranging from their Rice Burgers, Pastas, Bibimbap, Western and also their desserts!My colleague ordered the Bulgogi Pasta which is so AWESOME!! Although a bit too sweet for us, the portion of beef bulgogi was so much! Namoo is super generous with their ingredients and I couldn't stop picking at the beef bulgogi! Yummy!!Meanwhile, I ordered the Bibi Rice Burger. The rice patties/buns were grilled nicely with bits of seaweed to give it a nice fragrance and I love the charred bits of the rice buns! The Bibi Rice Burger comes with salad and fries.Another colleague ordered the Omurice which is rice wrapped in omelet and topped with sweet chili sauce and fried prawns. I felt that the sauce was a bit too much and would prefer they not being too generous with the sauce which caused the prawns to be slightly soggy and sweetMeanwhile, we also ordered the Spicy Seafood Pasta which again Namoo was generous with their seafood. It was not as spicy as we hoped it to be and again the sauce was sweet And the star of the show arrived! The King's Bing Soo. Always saw this in Korean dramas and had wanted to try this since I knew it was available in Namoo. So of course we would order this. Love the multigrain powder that they sprinkled on the ice-cream and the chewy rice cakes! The fruits were relatively fresh and sweet and we practically finished the whole jug! Overall the drinks were nice but forgettable continue reading
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Level3 2013-12-31
Namoo such a cute name isn't it? It also means 'tree' in korean. Very cozy place to have our meals. Love the cute Namoo Mascot.Namoo's menu.The Cute Namoo Mascot.Namoo Peach Water.Namoo Lemonade.Both drinks are very refreshing for a Sunny day!Kimchi Tang with rice! I love the flavors of the soup and it comes with a side dish. Bibimbap, Mixed rice.Sweet Potato Cake, generously amount of sweet potato in the cake. "very kao" if you know what I mean, lol! I gotta share it with my friend. Served with a vanilla ice cream. Not bad! Worth the try. continue reading
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