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Level4 2015-07-31
Mumbai Delights, a restaurant serving northern Indian’s vegetarian cuisine, with their specialty being Mumbai's street food open recently at Plaza Mont Kiara. I had the chance to dine there with fellow foodies the other day, and it really gave me a new perception on what Indian dishes have to offer. Check out what we had that day, Mumbai Street Food @ Mumbai Delights, Plaza Mont KiaraMumbai DelightsBlock E, 01-04, Jalan Kiara 2, Plaza Mon’t KiaraMont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaTel : 603-6206 2008Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MumbaiDelightsSimple, comfy decorAl fresco area for those who prefer open spacesThe location itself is pretty strategic, in Plaza Mont Kiara. Mumbai Delights is an ideal place for great healthy meals and casual get-togethers with its simple yet cozy and warm dining setting. For a more relaxing ambience, diners can dine in comfortably at the al fresco beer garden section over a wide selection of alcoholic beverages. Yes, they do serve alcohol at their bar section. Watermelon Juice to kickstart our mealMumbai Delights has a rather extensive menu, catering for everyone's needs from light dishes, to heavier complete meals. This includes Mumbai’s delight special, sizzlers, Mumbai’s chowpatty, kebabs, bread, naans, all sort of dal and gravy, as well as Chinese and western foods with a twist of Indian flavor prepared skillfully by their Head Chef Abhi.Vada Pav - RM5.50I was told the Vada Pav is a popular grab & go street food in India. Made from homemade soft unsweetened bread roll (pav), it had a deep fried spicy potato filling with a heavy taste of coriander and green chili. Sprinkled on the top is this rather flavourful chutney powder, which I like as it enhanced the taste of this dish. Served along with tamarind (made with tamarind and jaggery sugarcane) and green (made with coriander, green chili and yogurt) chutney at side, each bite promises you an explosion of taste and textures.Bhurji Pav - RM18Another new to me dish, the Bhurji Pav is simple yet full of flavour. Pan fried, with grated cottage cheese, green chilies, onion and spices thrown into the mix, it does go well with the accompanying laacha paratha on the side. Savoury, yet spicy enough to tingle your tastebuds. Himachali Kumbh - RM18Fresh button mushrooms were used in Mumbai Delights' Himachali Kumbh dish. Not your usual button mushrooms, they were stuffed with cottage cheese in tikka style cooked in a hot tandoor oven. Served with malai sauce, it is indeed a tempting dish. Thai Curry Dal and Garlic Naan - RM14A comfort Indian food with a twist of Thai flavor. Chef Abhi paired these garlic naan, a flat leavened bread of northwest India, with his unique creation of Thai curry dal that has a mixture of greens such as broccoli, red pepper, green pepper, pak choy, carrot, onion and lastly the dal to add in a nice texture of creaminess. Love the garlic naan. Parizza Layered Pizza - RM24I can't imagine myself ever enjoying a vegetarian pizza, but here at Mumbai Delights they surprised me with the Parizza Layered Pizza which quickly became my favourite for that evening. Different from the normal pizza dough, Chef Abhi uses laacha paratha, layered flat bread that made with whole wheat flour, as the pizza base. To ensure its crispiness, the chef prepared the laacha paratha in tandoor first before placing ingredients like fresh mushroom, capsicum, cottage cheese, cheddar and mozzarella cheese on top, then oven baked it till perfection together with chef’s special BBQ sauce.Chili Garlic Sizzler - RM24Now this Chili Garlic Sizzler dish this is an acquired taste, at least to me. Fill your palate to the brim with this sizzling dish that served a variety of sumptuous dishes in generous portion. Diners can choose rice, noodle or both mixed as the base, and then it will be topped with wholesome items like corns, carrots, French beans, cherry tomatoes, fries, mixed greens and cottage cheese cutlet with appetizing chili garlic sauce.Chocolate Samosa - RM18Crispy samosa filled with sweet chocolate brownies, drizzled with really rich warm chocolate sauce, this had to be a first for me. Served with ice cream on the side, this sweet dessert was just too sweet for my liking, but it is indeed a very special and unique end to a good night out with friends. Do drop by Mumbai Delights for some nice authentic Mumbai street food the next time you're at Plaza Mont Kiara. continue reading
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Shahi TukdaShahi Tukda is one of the desserts served by Mumbai Delights. It is a deep fried bread top with syrup. Indians love sweet food. For those who love sweet food you may try out their special dessert, Shahi Tukda. American Chopsy American Chopsy is a noodle with tomato sauce. This dish is very similar to Sarawak Tomato Mee. I personally love to eat mee with tomato thus I love this dish so much.Pav Bhaji Pasta (Penne)Paneer Shashlik SizzlerPaneer Shashlik Sizzler is a sizzling plate with rice, skewer, sweet corn and french fries. Tandoori GobiYou might be wondering that this is a Tandoori meat, but it is not. It is a roasted cauliflower. The cauliflower is cooked in tandoori style and the taste is very good. Taco ChatTaco Chat is the dish which is served with crispy chip topped with the mix potatoes. It is a nice matching dish. Mumbai Delights PizzaSamosa ChatMakhani Jacket PotatoesRoasted potatoes topped with cheese. This is awesome. The potatoes are well served with cheese on top of it. The Sauce JarsYou may try out their drinks. The drinks are special and sweet. I love sweet but I think it is a little bit too sweet for me. However, the taste of the drinks are really very good! I enjoy having them! Mumbai Delights is an Indian vegetarian restaurant which is located at Plaza Mont Kiara. It is the only vegetarian restaurant at the area. The restaurant comes with indoor and outdoor areas where customers can choose to dine inside the restaurant or at the open area outside the restaurant. The staffs are very friendly and I love to be served by them.Mumbai DelightsAddress: Block E, Unit 01-04, Plaza Mont' Kiara,, 2, Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur,Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaContact Number: 03-62062008Business Hour: 11AM - 10.30PM Visit my personal blog page at http://lg.my/shirleyFollow my instagram at shirleyfishy continue reading
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Level1 2015-07-25
Thank for Open Rice and Mumbai Delights invitation for this amazing food tasting. specially for vege lover.Samosa Chat is taste like our local curry puff fill with curry and potatoes.Taco chat- Taco mix with some potatoes. American chopsy. a tomato sauce mix with noodle, it look and taste like spaghetti.Tandoori gobi - never taste vege tandoori before, but for the taste, it below average with real Tandoori.Mumbai delight pizza- West meet east. now we have the western pizza but the taste is below average compare with real pizza.Makhani jacket potatoes - cheese melts in potato, it make the dish taste so delicious.Pav bhaji pasta (Penne)- pasta sauce is taste like indian curry. this is my fav dish all the night.Paneer shashlik sizzler - the main part is india rice, i love the rice much.Shahi tukda- overload syrup make this dessert sweetness. but it worth a bite  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level2 2015-07-21
Thanks for Mumbai Delights and Open Rice.Or else i wont be have chance to know Mumbai street food is so amazing and delicious.First dish that we have is this --> Samosa ChatFor a first timer like me, I not even know what is that means, but it looks like Curry puff to me. However when taste it, it is like a fried or baked pastry with savoury filling, such as spiced potatoes, onions, peas and others. When you mix it with Mint sauce, it is totally different taste and feeling. You not only can taste the spiciness from the spice, but also the refreshing taste from mint.Next, Tandoori gobi (Roasted cauliflower)It is deeped fried like the real tandoori and they have coated it with tumeric.It is taste like roasted chicken, but abit oily.Follow by that, the chef introduced us  -->American chopsy.It is like tomato sause gravy with dried " Yee Mee", which is like chinese dried mee.You will never imagine why it is like western food but after we confirmed with the manager,it is really the food you can get from the street from Mumbai.Then , Pav bhaji pasta (Penne) , which is my second favourite.Why? as the paste sauce is made up with indian tradisional daal with the mixture taste likerendang ayam. Suprise right? it is like western + east food you can get here.Makhani jacket potatoes (Roasted potato topped with cheese)Every ladies that join the gathering screamed when the dish is served.It is so cute and topped with cheeseeeeeeeeeeeee.Although I would like to eat more than that but it only serve a plate with 4 potatos.You can finish one with one bite and satisfying yet you can get simply here in Malaysia.Next, another food that suprised me, which is Taco chat.It is like Mexico taco but served with potatos and spices. It is crispy and yummy when you can taste the softness of the potatoes.After that, we are served one of food that made specially by the house -->Mumbai delight pizza. It taste normal and not oily.Here it goes my favourite food -->Paneer shashlik sizzler (Sizzling plate with rice, skewer, sweet corn & French fried).Have you ever eat the india rice with french fried?looks weird but it taste superb!With the cabbages fried with spices and skewed tomoto and cheese, it totally can fulfilled your taste bud. The rice here is usually longer and more fragrance than the normal one as it is directly import from India itself. Cool and nice.Last, which is the Mumbai dessert -->Shahi tukda (Dessert- Deep fried bread top with syrup)It is very fragrance as it is topped with rose pads and walnut flakes. However, it is sweetness overload!! hahaha, but for indian, they usually like sweet desserts.Last but not least, the boss also refreshed our memory by providing us the popular mumbai street ice cream, which is the ice stick with syrup.It is so cute right?The night end with laughter and left everyone's stomach with satisfication. Thanks Mumbai Delights and Open Rice again! continue reading
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Level4 2015-07-17
I came to know Mumbai Delight via my colleague. Is located at Block E Plaza Mont Kiara, corner shop with indoor and outdoor seating area.Surprisingly it is an Indian vegetarian restaurant. This is because my expectation is to savour a bowl of hot and spicy Curry Mutton when dine at Indian Restaurant. Yet my perception of Indian foods never run away from Curry Mutton, Tandori Chicken, Fish Curry, Naan, Tosai etc. I believe you will think the same as me. No wonder I unable to locate words like Poutlry, Fish nor Mutton. Since Im here why not just try it out. Let order something that Im familiar with- Samosa, pizza, rice, tandorri, potato etc. First came the drink for my friend, It is Lassi. I only ordered Plain water for myself as I knew that generally Indian beverages are sweet. Next, here serves the appetizer- Samosa. This samosa is bigger in size as compare to what you  can find out there, topped with chic pea dahl. Crispy outside and potato filling inside. You can dip with mint sauce or tamarind sauce of cause you can squeeze the lime juice before you eat to give a omph on the flavour.I have ordered "Chicken Tandoori", it is realy looked like real chicken if you dont notice. In fact, this is cauliflower cooked in Tandoori style where coated with Tumeric powder. It is also comes with the mint sauce.Next is Taco, everybody know that Taco is a Mexican food. Yes, you can get it here but it is cooked in Indian style with potato filling rich in spices flavour. Crispy yet flavourful!The last appetizer served was the Baked potato, you will relate this to Italian food. Yes it is cooked in Italian style baked with Mozarella Cheese on top. It is yummy!Is main course time, Pizza. It is personal size pizza, topping comprise of capsicum, onion with Mozerella Cheese on top. Penne, whereby Penne tosses with Indian dahl creamy sauce with toast at the side. I like the toast, crispy and goes well with the sauce. Sizzlet, is such as big portion. You will have the choice of rice or noodle. I opted rice. Whats a special combination, bottom is the basmati rice, top is the skewer make-up of green pepper, tofu and onion coated with special sauce. You will have french fried and sweet corn on each side as well as roasted potato. Cool!Noodle, upon serving, the first thought in my mind was 咕捞伊面, Sweet and Sour fried egg noddle(Yee Mee). Lolx. I should recommend this cooking to Chinese restaurant. I have no idea what types of noodle is this, seems like chinese style cooking-deep fried noodle with Sweet and sour sauce on top. Therefore, noodle are crispy yet appetizing because of the tomato sauce. I have order bread to the dinner tonight. Looked like French Toast, agree? It a toast deep fried and immerse into the sryup, drizzled with melted butter and toasted almond flakes and dried rose petal sprinkled on top. It is so sweeeeeet! This is the first visit to Indian Vegetarian restaurant. You will find the creativity of the foods were served from American to Italian to Mexican to Chinese style. Is a good try at least you will know what is Mumbai street foods are about! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)