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Review (6)
Level4 2014-10-22
We were planning to have lunch at Topshelve but finally we ended up eating here since it was closed for Deepavali. I first went into Mukha to survey it and fell in love with the fittings and interior. I returned to the place and ordered the Aussie Lamb (RM30) which I initially intented to cancel due to worry of the large portion since the greedy part of me wanted to try the cakes there. Thank god I did not cancel the lamb because it is the best I have ever tried in my entire life. The meat was so tender and for the first time in life, I sacrificed my diet and ate all the fats as it was so fragrant as it was infused with honey so much that the whole thing tasted of honey. Normally when people marinate with honey, one can hardly taste the honey. I praised the chef personally. The grilled potato cubes and carrots and sweet pumpkins were the most amazing I have ever tried. The Kofta Meatball (RM 16) was the best I have tried. Seriously, I never really liked  meatballs but these were amazing. The meatballs were soft and small compared to the normal ones. It costs just RM 1 extra to add in spaghetti. It was served with tomato and basil sauce. Totally meatball heaven like one cartoon, called "Meatball."Now it comes to the coffee review. The Gahwa (RM 9) is Mukha's very own blend of coffee, or would I say, very unique experience of drinking coffee. When it arrived, the chinese-styled teapot and teacups made me think they got my order wrongly and I even questioned the waiter twice. The strangest thing is that the coffee is blended with ginger! Shahi (RM 10) is Arabian tea boiled with mint leaves. The good thing is that bitterness of the tea is retained. The Hazelnut Torie (RM 10) is fantastic. The chocolate cake is so soft. The best part is the chocolate on top with a big hazelnut inside. It was also the last piece in the fridge! I was too late for the peanut butter pie as I was undecided on what to order. The cakes were freshly made there compared to those commercial franchises out there. I so wanted to taste Pavlova but the cream and sugar deterred me. The prices of food here is very reasonable as most items cost less than RM 20 except for the Aussie Lamb. The ambience is incredible, very quiet and suitable for hangouts, gatherings, reunions and family outings. Halal is also in the shots.  continue reading
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Level3 2014-08-07
For hanging out this place is spot on. Relaxed ambiance with a vintage chic sorta layout. Mismatched tables & chairs, stucco walls, dim lighting, artsy chalky menu board & odd mix of decorative items all around. Very inviting. Service is so so. Could be faster & more attentive.Drinks are good with an interesting twists. Try the Iced Café Latte with Gula Melaka, root beer float, mango coke, Iced Mint Chocolate & Shahi (mint tea). Food wise very homely. Menu isn't that extensive but a good variety. Pastas to sandwiches to breakfast goodies. Good choices would be the beef bamia, baked eggs, spaghetti carbonara & eggs Benedict.The top draw would be the desserts served up by Souka Bake Shop located just next door. They have a great variety of desserts ranging from cheesecakes to pies to pastries. Some notable ones being the Nutella cheesecake, peanut butter pie, bannofee pie, carrot cake & red velvet. Not to be missed!Overall a decent place & will return to try out a few more dishes especially the desserts. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-05
Ah, yes, another gastronomical sharing on coffee topic again!This time round has brought us to one modest coffee place located at TTDI, which goes by the name of Mukha. Instantly, it struck my mind that this place might has some Arabian elements in its F&B offerings, as depicted by its culturally-rich brand name.True enough, this cozy café has include some influence from Middle Eastern culinary wise, as it draws its inspiration from a humble town located in Yemen. With a quaint settting with artsy chalky menu board, one gets to unlax with good company and great food here. You can choose to have your meal at the indoor air-conditioned area, or merely enjoying natural air at the contiguous al fresco dining. Café Latte As usual, my coffee regime would start off with a Latte pick Soothingly smooth with the pleasant bodied coffee aroma, accompanied by a Red Indian latte art. Actually I couldn’t figure it out earlier when it was just being prepared by the barista at the counter, which seems to me more like a butterfly, due to its inversed projection. Only after hearing the barista whispering to me “Red Indian”, do I realize the fact, lol.Iced Mint Chocolate Or the conventional way of savouring your chilled version of chocolate beverage, with some tinge of mint scent. This comes ideally especially on a sultry afternoon.Iced Café Latte with Gula Melaka To make way for some fresh innovative ideas, the ubiquitous Iced Latte has been added a twist, by incorporating Gula Melaka in it. Taste wise, not too bad as you get to enjoy a natural sweetness blend in it.Baked Egg One particular menu from the kitchen that is seems to be ordered by most tables, the Baked Egg. It comes decently with eggs, roasted tomatoes, shredded cheese, sprinkles of parsley and served with baguette.Till then, cheers and enjoy your cuppa! continue reading
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Level2 2013-08-29
People strongly recommended this red velvet cake of Mukha to me and yesterday, i finally got a chance to pay Mukha a visit.Mukha has a nice old style interior with hand-writing blackboard menu which get my attention very much.The red velvet cake, I'm a bit disappointed with it. It's just too sweet and dry. For me, it's just a piece of colouring cake. That's all. The coffee wasn't taste good as well. It would be a cozy place to go if the waiters shut their big mouth up while working. They spoke and laughed so loud that we can't even calm our emotion down to relax. continue reading
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Level4 2012-10-04
Right from the start, this winsome cafe has nailed the formula for keeping customers content, with a thoughtfully crafted menu of well-executed fare, warm service and a spiffy setting. The highlight is Middle Eastern-influenced food & beverages. Try the fava bean stew, addictively creamy & aromatically steeped in gentle spices. This might pair perfectly with some liver & a nice Chianti, but booze is verboten at Mukha. Baked eggs with toast. Seems deceptively like a simple recipe, but takes 15 minutes to make. Scrape below the three yolks _ not runny but not too hard _ for hot, mushy layers of roasted tomatoes & shredded cheese that rescue the egg white from blandness. Beef bamia with okra _ a thick, tangy Egyptian casserole. Everything feels freshly prepared, with surprisingly rich, multidimensional flavors. continue reading
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