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For Ice cream, the composition of water to air is around 70% and it makes ice cream taste great and smooth but the cream for each dessert is much more served on the top of dessert. To those who love to eat dessert with less cream , it definitely not a place you go. However , for those ice cream lover , you can taste a real ice cream compared with other ice cream we eat in Malaysia continue reading
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Level4 2015-03-27
Brought upon to pamper the discerning taste buds of yours, Morelli’s Gelato with history dated back to Italy has been amusing folks of Bangsar especially, over a year ago with its moreish array of homemade gelato and sorbet.Morelli’s Gelato is essentially milk-based and traditionally made fresh daily on-site (as attested by Kiosk Manager, Mr. Edgar) which results in a soft and velvety texture with a richer consistency(trust me, they’re really superb that you gonna ask for second helping!).So without further ado, let’s have a quick run-down of what you could expect here, from winsome assorted sundaes to caffeine fix for the coffee lovers out there. While the ice cream recipes hails from Italy, the coffee beans are sourced from South Africa coffee estate, owned by and house-roasted by the Morelli family.MORELLI’S BACIO Chocolate, hazelnut and soft vanilla gelato served with a chocolate truffle, Piemonte hazelnuts, swirls of Magnum chocolate and hazelnut sauce in a chocolate cup, wafer biscuits and fresh whipped cream.BAILEY’S Hazelnut and soft vanilla gelato topped with chocolate sauce, fresh whipped cream abd a single shot of Bailey’s liqueur in a chocolate cup.BANANA ROYALE Banana, caramel ‘dulce de leche’ and soft vanilla gelato served with caramel ‘dulce de leche’ sauce in a chocolate cup, banana and fresh whipped cream.Berry Pavlova Sundae Wildberry sorbet, strawberry, fruit yogurt of the day and soft vanilla gelato served with raspberry coulis, meringues, drizzled with Magnum chocolate, a selection of seasonal berries, and fresh whipped cream.SALTED CARAMEL AFFOGATO (MYR 13)Espresso served with inhouse gelato. Vanilla gelato is by default, but of course you could seek for other flavours, in this case, I heed the recommendation by Mr Edgar. True enough, the marriage of bitter-sweetness somehow able to strike a balance; resulting is a creamier texture with some hint of saltiness after taste.The violet-hued kiosk certainly serves up a range of ambrosial gelato, soft gelato, sorbets, frozen yoghurt, tiny treats and delicious delicacies to take away. You'll locate it easily on the ground floor, centre of the mall by the drop off point.Forr more info and pictures of the other reviewed dishes, feel free to drop by:http://lwinlee.blogspot.com/2015/03/lwin-lee-morellis-gelato-bangsar.htmlCheers for now! continue reading
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Special thanks to OpenRice for the invitation. It was the second time being invited to join the food tasting event, tasting on dessert for the first time. Before this, I would like to declare that I personally dislike ice cream in strawberry and banana flavor thus I am feeling sorry that I will not comment on the fruit-flavoured gelato to ensure non-biased review. The signature gelato which is the Morelli's Bacio as well as Bailey's are stongly recommended. The chocolate and the hazelnut flavoured gelato are soft, velvety and the taste is very natural and original. For Bailey, it was my first time to taste on gelato with alcohol, the taste was not bad, it made me feel surprised because they were perfectly matched! Besides, there are also some choices provided for kids such as the Butterfly, which has banana and choco-flavoured gelato with attrative dressing. In overall, the gelato were very nice, however the high-calorie cream should be reduced as it was like 'overwhelming' the gelato.. haha... continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
ButterflyGelato yo! Gelato yo! "Gelato" is the Italian word for ice-cream. Gelato is milk-based, it contains less fat, tastes lighter and will not dull the taste buds. I love Gelato because I love the decoration of the ice-cream as it brings apetite and happiness. The fruits on the ice-cream is fresh. Ice-cream comes with fruits, waffles and cream. I'm here to give you a suggestion that don't share a glass of gelato with quite a number of people as you might not taste it perfectly. What I had experienced before is that I only managed to taste the cream instead of the ice-cream. Anyway, Caramel Sundae with banana is my favorite among all. I would recommend you to try on this if you visit Gelato. Strawberry SundaeStrawberry SundaeMorelli's BacioCaremel Sundae with BananaHot ChocolateAffogato Ice-cream continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2015-03-20
I and a lot of other Open Ricers were invited to attend a food review session at Morelli's Gelato. I am the number one fan of gelato so naturally I was so super excited about the review! Every food review is very exhilarating for me as my most loyal boyfriend is food. Me and another food blogger and review have the same mindset. Come one, food is the only thing we can never break up with! Morelli import every single item there from  the machines and even the sundae cups made from hand-blown glass which Italy is most famous for. Morelli's Gelato is milk-based and traditionally made fresh daily on-site which results in a soft  and velvety texture. Compared to the other mass-produced ice cream which contains 80% air, Morelli's Gelato only has 20%. It was also enlighthening to learn that the Morelli Family started making ice-cream in 1907 and its exclusive stores are located in the top metropolitan cities in the world such as London, Monaco, Bahrain, Dubai and Dallas, USA. The store in Bangsar Shopping Centre is its first Malaysian kiosk. They serve us mostly only the Sundaes and some hot beverage like cappuccino, Caffe Latte and also Hot chocolate. The store has been opened since January 2014. The sundaes are priced at RM 35-39 and comes in a lot of whipped cream. My personal favourite would definitely be the Bailey's sundae as I am a huge fan of alcoholic ice-creams and cakes though I do not drink much. The Bailey's is served separately in mini bowl, which I discovered later, was made from chocolate and was edible and actually tasted quite good! Fancy liking the chocolate bowl more than the other sundaes. The Bailey's alcohol was quite fantastic and the bitterness from the alcohol correctly meets the sweetness of the ice-cream. In fact, later I tried a small spoon of Bailey's again and compared it with the Rum and Raisin and found the Rum and Raisin to have strong alcohol taste which suites me. I think I might come back later for the alcoholic version as it is difficult to find alcoholic ice-cream outside in the market, probably due to the halal market penetration. We were told that there are 4 alcoholic choices here including Pina Colada which I was yet to try. The Hot Fudge Sundae (RM 35) which consists for the Caramel 'dulce de leche', chocolate and soft vanilla gelato, is just average for me. I could not provide a fair review for this because I am not a fan of caramel ice-cream as it is too sweet for me but at least less sweet than the one in the market. I kind of like the hot judge sauce that came together with it. It is a unique concept to serve the sauce separately so that people who do not like the sauce can opt to eat just the ice-cream. The star of the gelatos here is the Morelli's Bacio (RM 39) which contains chocolate, hazelnut and soft vanilla gelato served with a chocolate truffle. I feel that it is the best due to the Piemonte hazelnuts, swirls of magnum chocolate and hazelnut sauce in a chocolate cup. I just love nuts and am crazy about hazelnuts. The Strawberry Sundae is quite tasty. I like the fact that the strawberries and fruits used are very fresh. The strawberries are also huge and juicy even if we eat it on its own. The other personal favourite is definitely the Berry Pavlova Sundae. In Malaysia, we rarely see many sundae or ice-cream gelato with really big juicy wildberries and raspberries on top, in whole pieces instead of in the form of puree which is cheaper. So I would say this is worth the price paid, if only there is less whipped cream and cream that has covers the taste of the real berries. The Banana Royale consists of fresh banana, smooth caramel and creamy gelato. For me, it is almost like banana split. Somehow the taste of the gelato was again blanketed by the mountain of cream around it so I could not talk much about the taste. However, when I tasted the Banana Gelato separately, the banana taste is quite strong so if you are a fan of bananas, you might like it, otherwise, no. There was also a kid's menu served to us, the Butterfly (RM 23). There was just too much cream to make the shape of the wings. Compared to ubiquitious banana split, at least there are my favourite flavours of chocolate and another of brownish colour but  I was not sure which flavour especially since it melted by the time I wanted to taste it. I am grateful that it did not come in the normal Banana Split flavours of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. A summary of our group review that the snow mountain of cream was too overpowering and covered the original taste of the gelato, which by itself, taste better without all these unneccessary dressing. Of course, the sauce of chocolate or bailey's in the edible chocolate bowl is most welcome as it makes their gelato unique. Instead of sundaes, I would recommend that one spends RM 9 for a scoop of gelato. My favourite gelato are those with strong taste - from best to average such as melon, pistachio, wildberry, rum and raisin, bailey's, raspberry yoghurt, strawberry and Coconut Sri Langka. All these are suitable for people who like strong rich and intense flavour in their food. The Melon gelato reminds me of Japanese melon flavours in ice-cream or chocolates. Truly amazing. On the other hand, the pistachio flavour was the choice for me and another blogger as we could feel the blend of squashed pistachio. Very natural. The Wildberry was sour enough with a natural taste of sourness and one could still feel the berry seeds inside. The strawberry obviously tastes better than Walls or Kings and has the real strawberry taste. If you like yoghurt and raspberry, I do strongly recommend the raspberry yoghurt gelato as the blend of both worlds was a match made in heaven. The raspberry has drained the heavy taste of yoghurt which is not in my liked list. And I liked it that way. The berries and blueberries were also very fresh, juicy and delicious. The Coconut Sri Langka was quite special as one could feel the coconut chunks when one eats this. ........HOT BEVERAGE: The first item served was the Caramel Milk Shake. I could not even finish the small sample cup of it even though it is cold. I feel that the caramel is insufficient. I have drank better and stronger caramel lattes outside. Most of us felt the same so I am not sure whether you should say that food bloggers seem to have the same standard in terms of tastebuds.The Hot Chocolate was not hot enough but probably it was after a long time of photo-taking so it was not their fault. Even though Arabica beans were touted to be used, the Cappucino tasted like plain coffee with coffee mate. Not on my top list. I still prefer the normal Cappuccino we can drink at any coffee place. The Nutella Latte did not have a tinge of coffee taste. I was a little disappointed because I could not taste the nutella at all. Moreover, I usually like flavoured latte and am not that cruel with my review. The milk shake, again has too much cream which makes me feel guilty drinking it. In summary, all the beverage did not suite our palate much, mainly due to the taste of the Arabica beans was not brought out.  We gave the feedback on cream overload to the chef and manager to help them improve to suit Malaysian palate. I would like thank K. Sumitra, Marketing and Communications Manager for the great hospitality and service to make us comfortable and in ensuring all our needs are fulfilled.  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)