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Level4 2015-10-23
Greats news to all dessert lovers! You can get to enjoy the origin Thailand pan fried ice cream here located at LG Floor Berjaya Time Square that was just opened for 2 months. Monsters Ice Cream is the newest dessert trend that offers fresh made fried ice cream and you will be curious to watch how they make it on the spot. I enjoy watching it myself on each steps of how to make the fried ice cream by the staff there. Make to order and freshly made upon ordering.Cute Monsters ice cream cup.The menu might look complicated, but you can always seek advise from the staff there to order the signature combination that suites your preference. Basically,There are few types of mixer that you can choose from - Chocolate, Coconut, Yam, Green Tea, Mango, and Vanilla.Then you pick the combination of toppings that you want such as cornflakes, oreo, almond, coconut cookies, raisin, oreo, and etc.Kids will definitely love the sweet and crunchy stuff like oreo,coco crunch, Ferrero Rocher and Cornflakes.If you can't decide you ice cream flavour, you can just pick from the Signature list. The price is from RM 8.50 onwards and you will be getting the good quality of ingredientsThere also the latest fruitmix series for healthier choices where you can choose you own flavour, and fruits mixer along with your favourite topping sauceLet's begin with the green tea + red bean flavour. We will try from the light flavour to the most rich flavour which is my favourite chocolate flavour. Red bean and cornflakes on the cold metal surface.Adding in the green tea mixerAll the combination will be mashed and will be flattened evenly. The unique process of "Frying"ICE CREAM that requires skills, patience and creativity.The process have to be fast and accurate timing to maintain the ice cream texture in a chilled temperature. The ice cream is rolled into 6 fined standard pieces and fit in a cup. Green tea red bean and cornflakes toppings. Classical Japanese dessert and both green tea and red bean are always the best combination. Own homemade red bean that are smooth and mildly sweet flavour.Enjoy the crunchy texture of the ice cream that wont melt easily along with the crispy cornflakeNext, we try the coconut mixer+ coconut cookies.This was good with strong aroma of the coconut cookies that blends well with the coconut mixer. Refreshing ice cream that have a pleasant taste.We are going to try the fruits series- Combination of passion fruits, strawberries with yogurt flavour.All are spread evenly and the mixture turn to be a very colourful piece The pulp of the passionfruit is rich in Vitamins A and C and its edible seeds are an excellent source of dietary fiber.Quality premium ice cream with exotic taste.It was indeed a sweet and sourish combination, makes every spoonful so enjoyable. Sweet and milky yogurt fruity ice cream.Here is the making of Dragonfruit flavour ice creamBeautiful masterpiece of the dragonfruits. You will be impress by just looking at the ice cream presentation. For taste wise, it is lighter and suitable for those who not wish for something too sweet and healthy range of ice cream. This desserts is Rich in antioxidants and contains vitamin C that beneficial for our body.Signature - (Banana+Cornflakes+Ferrero Rocher+ Vanilla Stick). The texture of the ice cream was wonderfully dense, slightly sticky and chewy. The dark chocolate taste good and will not melt easily. Since I am a chocolate lover, I love this so much and It has the thick and rich chocolate taste.Cool ice cream to try on and perfect treat in a sunny weather. Yummy!Monsters Fried Ice Cream @ Berjaya Time SquareLG FloorBusiness Hour : Monday to Sunday (11am to 10.30pm)Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/MonstersIceCream?fref=ts continue reading
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