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Level4 2016-01-25
I was shopping at Sunway Pyramid with my friend after a terrific movie of Big Shorts regarding the financial crisis in 2008. Then I was hungry because my lunch of Japanese Pizza was not good enough. I came here because I initially thought they still have the RM 9.90 set deal as I have asked the waiter last night but they decided to offer it today. It seems like MOF food price is becoming more reasonable nowadays.Chicken Teppan Gozen (RM 28.51 with GST)The sets listed under the Christmas and New Year promotions are very value-for-money at only RM 26.90 for the whole set containing rice, 1 main dish, sashimi, chicken karaage don with rice, miso soup, 2 pieces of watermelon, and iced matcha. I ordered this set due to the 3 thin slices of salmon. There are also teppanyaki chicken with bean sprouts and carrots. I love teppanyaki and sashimi. The salad is also quite tasty without overload of salad cream or mayonaise. I did not order the one with vegetable tempura. Me and my friend shared this item alone. Teppanyaki chicken and bean sprouts and salmon sashimiAdd-on of gelato/soft ice-cream costs RM 3.90 (RM 4.13 with GST) whereas the ice-cream with toppings cost RM 5.90. I ordered the Caramel Almond gelato which turned out to have the caramel overshadowing the taste of the almond. I did not like the gelato which has too much cream and milk inside.The service is very good because the attentive waiters brought the serviettes when my friend kept sneezing.Details:Address: (F1.67), , Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, No 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan. continue reading
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Ministry of Food (MOF) Japanese Sweets & Coffee origin from Singapore that specialized in Japanese cuisine. MOF is located at F1-67 near Snowflake. The ambiance are decorate with woods which brings out the Japanese structure feels. The place is big because they have internal and external dining place.MOF restaurants serve high quality and healthy foods to their customer. They claimed their foods are free from MSG (monosodium glutamate), chemicals, preservatives, colourings or flavouring. They used Grade A Shizuoka Japanese Match as their ingredients to make good and sweets.Since they are having set lunch promotion, so I decided to try it out with my friends~I ordered their Soba Teriyaki Bento & Salmon Hanburg Set Meal. Each set comes along with the Miso Soup and drink. You can choose Green Tea, Match Latte and etc from the set. Due to Soba Teriyaki are out of stock they switch it to Chiken Karage which is very crunchy and delicious. Their salmon also very nice! Tender and soft~One of my friend had their Teriyaki Grilled Chicken & Sashimi Bento Set Meal. Their Grilled Chicken are well marinated. It is flavourful and juicy~ Although I don’t eat sashimi but my friend said their sashimi are very fresh and delicious! She very like it~Beside, my friend ordered their Beef Set Meal. The beef is tender and juicy. It is well marinated. I like to eat beef so this is good lo~ Yum~Overall, I definitely will come again to try their dessert because I love Matcha desserts. Their foods are nice and yummy as well. I’m not sure when the promotion will end but all I can said is don’t miss this out!Ambiance: 7.5/10Price: 6.5/10Food: 7/10Verdict: Reasonable and delicious foods! continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-07
Macha Zen with Kantan Jelly. After shopping in Pyramind for 3 hours, we need to rest our tired feets before continuing our shopping. So, we went into MOF to have a dessert. We ordered the macha zen with kantan jelly. This dessert is made of hokkaido red bean paste with low fat Japanese green tea gelato, japanese dumpling and kantan jelly. It was sweet and I especially like the green tea gelato, soft and smooth. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-01
There are more Japanese restaurants fulfilling the demand of youngsters. MOF, short for ministry of food, is also one that is targeting at youngsters. Of course, they still have authentic element of Japanese cuisine with them, but judging from the choices of dish from the menu, the younger generation would really like hanging out here. Menu comes in choices of ala carte, or set menu. I feel that the impressive item here is their choices of drinks and desserts. But I’m always rather conservative with drinks. Or rather loyal…with all time favourite, green tea. And I have to say. The green tea in pot was really worth it.I wasn’t very hungry so we didn’t order much. Today, we only have a set meal Chicken Teriyaki Mayo, which comes in a rice box. Chicken Teriyaki with Ebiko mayonnaise and water melon.The chicken was very ordinary, nothing special. Just a grilled chicken with mayonnaise and the mayonnaise did bring out the flavor of teriyaki in a unique way.I thought the rice was a little mushy. On top of being too mushy, they have some teriyaki sauce poured all over the rice and sprinkled with some sesame seeds. Which, I do not understand, because the rice was already mushy.The egg was delicious tough, not entirely cooked. So it was still a little tender soft and moist on the inside.We also ordered a salad. If I ever return to this place, I would probably order this again. The tofu avocado salad was refreshing and delicious. Comes with tofu, avocado, tomato, cucumber, and sliced lettuce with home-made wasabi dressing which was heavenly.And lastly before the dessert, I ordered the California hand roll. It was rather disappointing because the vinegar in the rice was a little lack. So the rice wasn’t really tasty.I kinda like the dessert, minus the shredded coconut coating the imo and yam ball. The dessert was served with soft ice cream topped with green tea syrup as main and complimentary air-flown premium Japanese sweet potato ball. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-30
saya akan berkunjung ke sini jika saya rasakan seperti inginkan makanan jepun...... saya amat sukakan makanan jepun yang ditawarkan di sini....ia cukup lazat,enak dan sungguh rangup serta cukup menyelerakan sekali......ia ternyata cukup mampu menambat selera saya............harganya sedikit mahal,,,,,,...namun mengikut servis yang ditawarkan,ia cukup memuaskan.. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)