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Level2 2016-01-28
If Walnut Café Bar is full and packed; don’t be upset. There is another recommended café just beside it which is Miss Coffee & Toast. I simply like the atmosphere; it is quite classy and simple nice with their own diy table decoration. Yellow light bulbs make the eating environment feel cozy and relax. While waiting the food serving, you can have some photos taking with their diy deco or the symbolic wall. My friend and I just ordered a strawberry cream waffle and a soya drink as we have a sudden date to here. These two foods and drink are just below RM30 if I did not mistaken. Strawberry cream waffle – rm18 and I don’t remember how much was the soya drink. I suggested soya drink as it is quite refreshing for the entire hot day. The waffle is made on the spot after you ordered so when the huge ice cream scope pours on it……. The ice cream will immediately start melting. Therefore, you have to quickly capture the best condition of the waffles before the ice cream melt around the waffles. For a reminder, if you want to have your brunch around 11am, there will be some special food deals with a free tea or coffee on weekdays. continue reading
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This place is another gem of Puchong whereby it serves really good honey thick toast with Kapiti Ice Cream at reasonable price! The portion of the toast is pretty generous I would say, besides the buttered thick toast, two huge scoops of ice creams were served, accompanied by whipped cream as well. Such sinful the honey toast is, but sometimes, good things make you forget about the 'fat' word. I love the desserts over here, guess what, there's a time where I'm really stressed bout my assignment, this is the place that feeds me good desserts and chase my doomed days away! There's another jasmine mille crepe cake, which is another favourite of mine, and my mom's too. The cake wasn't overly sweet yet, the fragrance of the jasmine flower lingers in your mouth, with a mild green tea end note, soothes your mood and your taste buds. I was so happy to know that it's from Vanilla Mille Crepe! Then I could buy the whole cake and stuff it in all by myself. I've tried the Salmon Benedict as well, and I love how generous they are by giving perfectly poached eggs, not one but two! Thick toast is used instead of english muffins but it works fine too! There goes the waffle! Although it is not the best I've tasted, but for me, it is still quite good. The place provides good wi-fi connections (I'm serious!😁), no doubt it is one of my favorite spot for assignments! Moreover, there are plenty of plugs all over the place, even for the tables on the centre, the plugs can be found on the floor, it is really convenient for those who needs power supply for their gadgets to work on. The environment is really comfortable and peaceful. I guess the interior is quite spacious, it doesn't sound noisy even when everyone is talking. I'll keep visiting this place, no worries!  continue reading
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Level4 2015-11-27
蒲种公主城的 PFCC 是新的商业大楼,干净利落和现代化的设计让我每次开车经过时,总是忍不住多看几眼。除了办公大楼,这里还有酒店、餐馆和咖啡馆等等。看到咖啡馆我就眼前一亮了,尤其是有大大一面落地玻璃窗的这种。名气比较大的 Walnut Cafe 要上午11点才开始营业,可是我们是来吃早餐的啊!所以我们选择了旁边另一家 Miss Paris Coffee & Toast。Miss Paris Coffee & Toast 的装潢简单,难得一大早就已经有五成的客人了,看来还蛮受欢迎的嘛!刚刚在泰国吃过 After You 的 Shibuya honey toast 之后,回来才发现原来这里也开始有不少商家在做这一类甜点了。得知 Miss Paris Coffee & Toast 的招牌甜点正是这一个,所以我又怎么可以错过呢?Mini banana chocolate toast - RM14Mini banana chocolate toast,所谓的 mini 是正常份量的一半,厚吐司只有一半的厚度,一个人吃刚刚好。厚吐司烤得外脆内软,上面的巧克力酱完全渗透在面包里,放进嘴里一咬,巧克力酱又被挤压出来了,是一个很妙的感觉。而且巧克力酱不会太甜,吃完一整个也不会觉得腻。最赞的吃法就是一片香蕉加一小片巧克力酱吐司,一起放进嘴里,让各种不同的味道融合在一起,又香又浓又好吃。可是我不明白为什么 Shibuya honey toast 一定要配两球雪糕呢?弄得我每次要赶在雪糕融化前把它啃完!这里的香草雪糕球挺香滑的,还可以看到黑色一点一点的香草籽,用料很足哦!Traditional English breakfast - RM21某人的例牌大早餐 Traditional English breakfast,里头有鸡肉香肠、炒鸡蛋、炒香菇、烤番茄、茄汁豆和沙拉,典型的早餐拼盘。各种配料的味道都不错,香菇炒得不会太油腻,炒鸡蛋也很香滑。我只是觉得价格有点偏贵,而且如果拼盘里可以多加一片烤吐司那就更好了。Caffe latte - RM10Caffe latte 的咖啡味够浓,可是我比较喜欢奶味再重一点的,而且 latte 略带一点苦味,不是我爱喝的那一型。Green tea latte - RM10Green tea latte 的牛奶和绿茶的比例拿捏得刚刚好,甜度也适中。喝在嘴里会先尝到牛奶的香滑,然后再有绿茶的味道,很不错噢!Miss Paris Coffee & Toast 整体上中规中矩,也许我会因为他们的 Shibuya honey toast 而再来。不过附近有这么多我还没试过的咖啡馆,看来这一家的回头率不高啊~ continue reading
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A new cafe emerged in Puchong Bandar Puteri.Of Honey Toast, Coffee and Love lock. Read this post to find out more! It is located at a very calming, quiet, peaceful area which is the Puchong Financial Corporate Centre. MISS. The name itself sounds so elegant. Caffe Latte RM10Cute bear design with normal latte taste. Raspberry Orange Smoothie RM12This is a very refreshing drink.The combination of raspberry and orange is extremely matching as they complement each other. Darjeeling Earl Grey RM10Enjoy your food with a pot of hot tea will definitely brings the joy in you. Smoked Salmon Salad RM18.80The smoked salmon has to be eaten along with the lettuce leaves and feta cheese cubes, or else it would be a bit too salty to my liking. Classic Waffle RM16Crispy aroma waffle with maple syrup, Vanilla flavoured ice cream, whipped cream and strawberries.MissClassic Honey Toast RM16****SIGNATURE****Honey Toast is very popular in Bangkok.Thick Toast with Vanilla flavoured ice cream.Imagine the melting sensation in your mouth.I prefer it to be softer at the outer layer OR more chewy on the inside. Pour the syrup all over the toast to enjoy this gourmet toast. Banana Chocolate Toast RM19****ANOTHER SIGNATURE****I prefer this over the classic honey toast because the toast absorbed the chocolate sauce and made it full of the chocolate taste and aroma. As a symbol of everlasting Love & Friendship, you just have to purchase a love lock for RM30 and lock your love/friendship at MISS cafe for a year.You will receive a couple/BFF certificate on the spot & this certificate will be used to claim a "SPECIAL Honey Toast" ONE YEAR LATER with the same person, same date & same venue.It is available all the time but not only Valentine's Day, 14th of February. Please don't mistaken it as Valentine's event ya. =)Are you and BFF/Lover up for love lock?Visit MISS Coffee & Toast now! Have a cuppa of coffee now. =)MISS Coffee & ToastG-06, Ground Floor, Tower 4 & 5,PFCC, Jalan Puteri 1/2,Bandar Puteri,47100 Puchong, Selangor.019-389 3909 / 03-8066 3747Facebook Page: MISS Coffee & ToastOperating Hours: Monday - Sunday 8a.m. till 12a.m. continue reading
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Level1 2015-03-03
I can't believe it's already February.....where did January went to? oopsIf you've been following me on FB, you've definitely saw this pic of me strangling holding a plant in this nice place lolmadly in love with this place la, the environment and food and company all is LOVEIf you're wondering where this place is, it's the new MISS Coffee and Toast cafe at PuchongThe concept of it is a very laid back atmosphere to chill and have good foodThe drink i ordered- Organic Soy Milk Latte (RM11)At first I was like, this soy milk very nice hor? ignoring the grass jelly at the sideThen Jia Yeen say "I think you're suppose to pour it in" total genius lolthe grass jelly is coffee flavored so the coffee taste comes from there though it is just very mild, perfect for people who doesn't drink coffee like meSmoked Salmon Salad (RM18.80)Fresh salmon topped on fresh vegetables and feta cheese cubes with a pinch of house dressings, yums!Classic Waffle (RM16)A waffle lover myself, I think that this waffle is just nice for my liking!fluffy waffles with a lil' crispy on the outside, topped with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream with chocolate syrup and fresh sweet strawberriesI almost went up and ask them where they get their strawberries as it is super sweet! unlike the ones bought at supermarketsMISS Classic Honey Toast (RM16)Their signature toast! Honey toast accompany with ice cream and chocolate syrup, whipped cream and extra helpings of vanilla ice creamThe others did mention that the toast is a bit too hard on the outside but I thought that it was just nice and the honey helped soften it up, you don't want no soft and limp toast right?Chocolate Strawberry Toast (RM19)Out of the both, I prefer this better as I am a self proclaimed chocolate lover too! hahaha I realize that I am a lover of most food lolMini Toast1 for RM53 for RM125 for RM20you choose from a variety ofbaked cheesy chicken ham on toast with mozzarella shredded crab meat mixed with mayonnaise on toastsmoked salmon, capers, olive oil and lemon on toastsmoked duck, hard-boiled egg, mesclun salad on toastOn a much filling side, the smoked salmon carbonara (RM18.80)Another favorite dish there as the carbonara is not too creamyOther than good food, you can also purchase a love lock that you normally see on tv and lock them here! You will get a BFF/love certificate when you lock it up, and you will gwt a FREE honey toast when you come to get them back after ONE YEAR, just to prove that your friendship/love truly lasts. hahaha what a great way to prove your relationship, don't you think so? Come over to MISS Coffee and Toast now!Address:G-06, Ground Floor, Tower 4 & 5,PFCC, Jalan Puteri 1/2,Bandar Puteri,47100 Puchong, Selangor.019-389 3909 / 03-8066 3747Facebook Page: MISS Coffee & ToastOperating Hours: Monday - Sunday 8a.m. till 12a.m.Cheers, x. continue reading
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