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It is not easy to be able to find affordable Vietnamese food in Malaysia (at least from what I know). There are many Vietnamese restaurants in KL but not many in Puchong. Here's one of my greatest discoveries. Mimi Nguyen is a restaurant I first visited after school with my friends for lunch. A birthday lunch to be exact. For students, this place is pretty darn affordable. Mimi nguyen is visible from the main road (Jalan Puchong). The interior here is splendid. Very kampung styled theme. I remember during one visit to this restaurant, I saw ducks walking around together with their ducklings. Horrors of horrors, they do serve Balut (a Philippine cuisine), half formed duck egg cooked and when you crack it to eat, u kind of see the duckling's form and the bones. Ew. Totally NOT my thing. But that aside, I really really enjoy their phos (noodles). Mimi nguyen offers a wide range of noodles, rice vermicelli to be exact. They also serve spring rolls and other really amazing Vietnamese appetizers and snacks. The best part is that the servers are also Vietnamese. Bhan Mee is another Vietnamese type of food that you should definitely try here. Forget about subway breads, seriously, try their Bhan Mee. They bake them themselves. They also have a wide range of rice options, I personally really like their fried rice and chicken chop rice thing. All these are affordable, yes, but it isn't what that always keeps me coming back. Here's the thing that keeps me coming back to this particular restaurant, it is their drinks. Here, they make wonderful drinks. Certain drinks aren't that affordable but like I always say, you get what you pay for. Sure they have the infamous Vietnamese coffee that tastes amazing both old and hot, but what's best here is their milkshakes, I'm not speaking of the conventional American milkshakes that have chocolate or strawberry, I'm talking about healthy milkshakes that taste wonderful. Example, avocado milkshake like you see in the picture. That amazing thing costs 9.90 and it is Super creamy and just plain heaven. Eat it immediately as it has been served and you would believe you're eating ice cream. Other than that, they also have amazing Ciku ice blended and coconut ice blended. Amazing! continue reading
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