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Level3 2015-01-21
south korean's premium organic brand famed for its soft serve ice cream - milkcow - the craze for this creamy cold dessert spread like wildfire on a summer's evening as soon as it found its first malaysian home in a kiosk on the lower ground of the gardens mall, located just across from cold storage.even months after its opening in november 2014, the long queue at the counter persisted out of the petite shop dressed the recognizable cow spots of black and white. with only a few small tables for dine-ins, it's probably a better idea to find your favorite spot at the mall to enjoy your cold cups of milky goodness.. made with all-natural organic ingredients, milkcow offers milky way, which is the starting point for the other ten options paired with some organic toppings. there is also the occasional new creations that grace the menu for a limited time, so look out for those!organic soft serve ice cream :: milky cube | natural honey comb (rm 13)introducing milkcow's signature creation, the milky cube. the sole reason behind my strong desire to try it out for the first time despite the intimidating queue.the foundation: the soft serve ice cream itself. whispers of mild sweetness and of intense milky creaminess with a silky lightness that cools as it coats the tongue in a pleasant manner. hence, making it an ideal base for the lovely, floral notes of the liquid gold of honey that trickled down from its hexagonal wax cells. it may not be everyone's favorite due to the wax lining of the honey comb. the price tag may be a tad steep but it was evident why after the first spoonful which tasted just the way it promised - made with organic high quality ingredients.organic soft serve ice cream :: black pearl | chocolate sauce, organic salt, cocoball topping (rm 11)with the same beginnings, this was a sweeter choice between the two... the chocolate sauce was rich molten cacao, balanced by a very light sprinkle of salt.as you savor your way to the bottom of the cup, a sweet surprise of chocolate maltesers greets you with its crunchy malt honeycomb center for a texture difference - a nice crunch against the backdrop of soft, smooth ice cream. it was slightly too sweet for my liking even with the salt and a little heavy on the richness but managed to get a nodding approval from my mom.milkcow offers at least eleven of their sweet and cold selections built from the same foundation of all-natural milk base soft serve ice cream, topped with organic toppings. what i love about milkcow is the all natural flavor and the quality ingredients that shines in their own right in each bite.while some call it overrated, i call it 'yum'! try it for yourself to see which camp you belong to continue reading
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