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Cappucino Petite Meringue with Vanilla Viennese Biscuits with Chantilly Cream
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Level3 2016-01-13
My boyfriend and I went to have desserts after dinner in Meteora as my he commented that the churros here were quite good within klang valley. I am a big fan of churros, and I made some for myself by frying some normal choux pastry.Instead of going through hassles, I am still hoping to find a place that serve decent churros, knowing that the fact that a good churros can hardly be found in Malaysia. I dont know why, but every time churros are introduce to the market by some shops or cafe, it didn't last long. 😞 The churros turned out fine, and I love the generous sprinkles of cinnamon sugar. Well, since cinnamon is a very 'subjective' ingredient, some may not like it.As for the sauces, I liked the caramel sauce over the chocolate sauce. The chocolate sauce looks thick but the flavour is not as strong as its appearance. Not sure what type of chocolate they used but oh well, coverture chocolate is still the best, but price would be much higher anyway. Nevertheless, the Meteora's churros is one of the best I can find within this area, and by far one of the best I've tasted in Klang Valley.Oh ya, and yes, I love their hot chocolate with a scoop of ice cream at the top served in a cute little mug, (they have special name for it, but I kinda forget already. )But there one concern about the drink,  it is  better to drink fast, because the ice cream melts pretty fast, and it may turns out the drink being too "gao" or thick.I love the serenity over here, yes, as usual,  power plugs are always my best friends, since I often need it for work. It's pretty chill and cozy over here, with the beautiful lightings and slow paced environment.  continue reading
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Level3 2014-03-24
Hipster-styled cafe is recently becoming the "thing", and it is now slowly manifesting the market. My neighborhood Subang Jaya has joined in the bandwagon, finally- Introducing a new hipster cafe in Taipan Business Centre- Meteora CafeLocated at the corner lot opposite to Murni Mamak, Meteora is very easy to spot with its distinctive dark signage & bright lighting from the inside.Americano RM7Meteora is a self-service cafe, where patrons are required to order & make their payment at the counter & the food ordered will be delivered to your seat promptly by their friendly waiters. Meteora menu is still quite limited for the time being as they are still fairly new. Basic things were found on the menu such as cakes, churros, drinks, & main course such as burgers and pastas.Ample seating were available inside Meteora, and patrons get to choose to sit at their comfy sofa, basic wooden table & chairs or the bar & stool (:The interior was really vintage, and quirky at the same time. Can't help it but to admire the cute little decorations & wall arts.Cafe Latte RM10The Latte was okay. Not outstanding, but definitely suffice to curb ones' caffeine cravings.The americano was fine. Served at the right temperature, along with a piece of caramelized sugar biscuit.Love the caramelized sugar biscuit that accompanies the coffee. It has a pleasant aromatic taste, & was crunchy in texture. The sweet biscuit and the bitter coffee complements each other perfectly, creating a bitter-sweet aftertaste.Americano RM7Churros with Chocolate Dip (3) RM5Deep fried dough fritters, coated with icing sugar & cinnamon powder, served with a choice of chocolate dip or salted caramel.The churros have a soft & chewy centre. However, I felt that Meteora has over-seasoned their churros with cinnamon, which tasted tad unpleasant.The chocolate dip on the other hand, was way too diluted, I could barely taste the chocolateOverall, Meteora Cafe has a nice, cosy & warm ambiance which was really welcoming. The staffs were warm & friendly. But food wise, I felt that it could be better. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)