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Level3 2016-01-31
The first time i saw this restaurant infront of harrods, my expression was '' must be expensive, i should not go in here'' . But i think my friend was able to read my mind in the opposite way and bring me inside straight away that day (because her salary just in and she wanted to treat me as what i did for her previously).The time when i sit there inside the cafe, i was quite impressed with the interior. Very high end malaysian restaurant with some traditional touch. Well as we were already inside and the waitress was being very polite to us, i could not just walk away. So we ordered some light dishes as i was craving for western instead of Malaysian food that time. So we ordered this red bean pie and nachos ( what we were thinking by orderering those haha). Well when i say high end, i can tell you it is very high end as if you want to try their roti jala, it will cost you RM15 (near my house area will cost RM3.50 only! ). Now you know why we ordered just that.The red bean pie cost RM22 if i'm not mistaken. Do you wanna know how does it taste? . I can describe that we were not able to finished it at all. Like seriously, it didn't taste sweet or even taste like the red bean at all. So i can say 1/10 for this. As for nachos, it was ok. We were able to finished it all. Other than that, we enjoyed the environment and the music here.Overall: quite environment, high end restaurant, Malaysian food continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-28
Melur and thyme serves fusion and is already nicely portrait with the fusion name of both melur and thyme. A local and western fusion. So is their dishes with a great array of choices to pick from. The seating and the interior of this place is very comfortable and suitable for casual short break of tea or coffee with very lovely views and sights, depending on where you are seated. You can always pick your seat when there is not much crowd but chances would be low during peak lunch hours. The restaurant caters to the office crowd around this area and the choices of menu is interesting for both communal and solo lunch. The sang har mee was really fantastic and I thought the portion is slightly huge because there were lots of ingredients in it. The generous ingredients are not really a bad thing but having a lot of ingredients alone is not enough affirm the taste of this noodle. The broth and the thick gravy to the noodle make this a very comforting dish to order. The aglio Olio also serves with very fresh ingredient, something I really like seeing in fusion restaurants. Most that I have been failed to have a good quality control over the ingredients used when they have to have so many ingredients to meet the demand of the varieties offered in the restaurant. Another dish they should be bragging is the Duck satay and it was lovely to fuse duck meat with the spices for satay. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-24
Crossing kopitiam charm with contemporary flourishes, Melur & Thyme blossomed this month at KLCC, offering one of this mall's most intriguing new options in a long time.Melur & Thyme's air-conditioned interior & alfresco roadside area both boast an understated elegance with inventive elements, a testament to an East-meets-West restaurant that strives to meld nostalgia with novelty.Last Friday's opening evening proved more peaceful than expected; Melur & Thyme is hidden on a seldom-traversed corridor somewhere on KLCC's Isetan wing.Melur & Thyme's prices are reasonable; the menu's costliest choice is the foie gras burger (RM39 before taxes), featuring a house-minced beef patty marinated with herbs & spices, grilled to respectable tenderness & topped with a little liver, not much. Sufficient foie, for what it costs.Tapas are a treat; folks can sample a multitude. We skipped the Western one (lamb meatballs, crumbed goat cheese, salmon croquettes) & focused on Eastern fare like this "Devil Red Curry," duck braised with chili & coconut milk (RM15, with bread or rice). Quail, prepared with lime leaves, lemongrass, onion, garlic, galangal & ginger (RM11), makes for a juicily addictive treat. Use your fingers, then lick 'em.Some misses should be noted though: the Penang char kuey teow (RM18) with shredded duck meat is commendable for its bouncy prawns, but its cockles tasted stale _ somewhat surprising, since this was Melur & Thyme's first night in business. This take on Peking Duck (RM29) employs 'roti jala' instead of the thin pancakes. Lots of crunchy veggies complement the fleshy, flavorsome meat, though to be sure, the combo tastes very little like Peking Duck. No harm in that. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-14
Another desserts which is good is Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake impress me the most. The lil cake is deliciously made and the very moist. It is being coated woth the peanut butter which makes it even perfect. I am totally falling in love with it and the cake is amazingly delicious with the scrumptious taste of it with the fragrance smell from the peanut as well. Delicious and it is recommended to try there.Price: RM10.00 continue reading
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Level3 2013-08-12
(left) Gunner RM15Ginger beer, ginger ale with a dash of fresh ginger extract and honey(right) Mint Limeade RM15Fresh mint leaves, fresh lime squeeze, topped with water or soda Agnes and I were more than happy to take up their Digi rewards offer of free drink worth RM15 upon ordering from selected mains. She had Gunner and I who'd always love the minty flavor, opted for mint limeade. I was expecting the mocktail version of mojito with visible mint sprigs followed by moderate lime and sugar, perhaps in the proportion of 3:2:1. But mint leaves were nowhere to be seen as in the menu description, more of like lime/lemonade soda. Carbonara with Smoked Duck RM28Traditional rich creamy carbonara sauce with duck eggs blanketing spinach tagliatelle and juicy slices of smoked duckWise combination of spinach Tagliatelle, a narrower flat ribbon pasta than Fettucini in matching its sauce of carbonara with duck eggs: Rich (in flavor), yet not cloying. Did I even mention that the pasta was cooked to al dente? Each bite is heavenly and we wiped clean till the last drop. Encountered with previous horrible experience of spring onion with carbonara, I overlooked on this because the taste was so insignificant. However, it's better to leave them out of sight next time. Grilled Herb Chicken RM29Boneless chicken breast marinated with thyme and spices, sous vide to perfection and served with vegetables, mash potato and cilantro garlic oilSous Vide, a French word of "under vacuum" is a method of cooking food sealed in airtight plastic bags in water bath for longer than normal cooking time, in order to maintain the level of "doneness" inside out. ~ Wikipedia This grilled herb chicken was mediocre in terms of flavor with stuffed spices but lacking when it comes to texture. I am unsure of its cooking method of sous vide and/or grill because it has failed to grasp the essence of either. Mash potato was good with its less milky flavor and potato chunk contributing to better texture. Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake RM10For one who can easily finish up one whole jar of peanut butter, this was too dry and too dense for me to take. Appreciate the fact that it came warm, but it was not a happy ending. continue reading
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