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McDonald’s is the world’s leading fast foods restaurant chain. Their values are to be their customer’s favorite place and to provide simple easy enjoyment to every customer.McDonald’s is a 24-hour open store which serve variety of fast foods from breakfast to dinner and even supper. They provide affordable set meals during lunch hour 12-3pm and dinner hour 6-9pm. McDonald’s is a perfect place to have quick meals. It is very convenient for workers and a perfect dining place for families and friends.What brings me here today is their new featured promotions, Nuggets with honey Mustard and French Cheese dips. The chicken nuggets are crispy and goes well with the sauce. I like their French Cheese dips. It is cheesy and have a bit spice taste. Yum~I always order their Spicy Chicken McDeluxe. The chicken is tender and juicy. And I like the spicy taste.Besides I change their carbonated drink to this Passion Fruit Black Tea. Which is not too sweet and can taste the black tea flavor.Overall, their nuggets are nice and their burger is delicious. Affordable prices. Ambiance: 7/10Price: 7.5/10Food: 6.5/10Verdict: Affordable and delicious Burgers~ continue reading
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