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Level4 2016-03-09
Not much of the restaurants are available here at The Scott Garden, I just want to have a quick lunch hence just pick the one is the nearest to the car park entrance. Master Toast is considered the nearest café just next to the escalator apart from Wong Kok.I am pretty hungry today so rice is the best choice now to appease my hunger. Set lunch is available too on weekday during lunch hour till 3.00PM. However, only 4 choices of main course available for selection and each main course comes with one drink- Barley or Herbal Tea only at RM10.90nett.Curry Chicken Rice sounds good though. The Curry Chicken Rice set looks decent, served hot and very good curry aroma. It’s looks indeed appetizing, perhaps I am too hungry. When I have my first taste of the curry chicken, yes it is tasty. Chicken meat was tender, the curry gravy had rich taste of the spices. You will find few pieces of potato chunk and half hard boiled egg as well.Cantonese Yee Mee, there are using normal soup Yee Mee, just cook the gravy and pour over to the noodle. To me, I would prefer those Yee Mee that restaurant usually use, those thicker version and being fried before hand. Anyway, the gravy is good, thick and light.If you looking for café that cozy and quite environment, this is my recommendation to you.  continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-24
it is restaurant in the scott garden mall. We went there to have tea break. The design of the restaurant is cosy and comfortable. We have ordered MT club sandwich and foot long sausage. The MT club sandwich is quite nice. The ingredient includes chesse, ham, vegetables and tomatoes slides. The foot long sausage is really very long. It is decorated with eggs, fries and vegetables. It is nice looking and the tastes also not bad. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level2 2012-11-09
Tucked in the suburban of Kuala Lumpur, lies an under rated dining joint, Master Toast which serves a wide variety of food that suits your taste buds. Toast Master is suited on the ground floor in Scott Garden, a 3-level retail plaza along Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur.With light music playing in the background and a tastefully decorated interior, Master Toast provides the “feels at home” experience to diners. The waiters and waitresses are mostly foreigners but they are polite and tactful. One can find local, western and fusion food in Master Toast. Food is served in a short period of time without sacrificing on the quality.The 3-layer tea is a unique Malaysianize way of making tea which has the brown sugar (gula Melaka) at base of the drink, followed by a layer of milk and top off with the last layer which is the tea. One can choose to have it served in chilled or hot. The drink needs to be given a good stir before being consumed to ensure an even blend of all the ingredients. The taste and aroma of the tea and brown sugar is strong and it is not too sweet, making it a perfect a blend. As Malaysia is a hot and humid country, a cup of Barley is a healthy way to quench the thirst. Master Toast serves freshly boiled barley. Barley Water on its own doesn’t really taste of anything; Master Toast flavoured it with a soft hint of pandan. It is a nice combination and a refreshing drink.The foot long sausage is served with bread, mash potato with mushroom sauce and salad. The potato used to make the mash potato is fresh. Though the mash potato was a tad too wet, the taste of the sauce is too strong and a bit overpowering. The sausage is tasty and succulent with a slight pinch of salt. As for the bread, it is slightly toasted with butter. Unfortunately the bread is not freshly toasted from the oven as it is a little cold. Nevertheless, the food is good and worth the try.Spaghetti Chicken Bolognese is a common dish that is widely available at eateries. Master Toast’s version is served with nicely diced minced chicken, simmered in tomato-based sauce and served with parmesan cheese. The serving portion is generous and it taste good as it is neither too wet nor dry. The French Fries is an ideal side combo to complete one’s meal. The fries are served hot with some salt added for a better taste. Even though the fries are deep fried, it is not too greasy as Master Toast took the effort to properly drain the oil which is one will not feel too guilty to indulge in deep fried food. Master Toast is a recommended place for individuals, couples or family who wants to have simple and affordable food with a cosy environment with plenty of parking spaces at Scott Garden. continue reading
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