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After my mind blowing food experience at Manmaru Robatayaki (Atria Shopping Gallery) I decided to try Manmaru Homemade Udon at Midvalley for dinner. Moreover I also got a Voucher "BUY 1 FREE 1 UDON" from Worthybook. Manmaru Homemade Udon is located at S, Midvalley Megamall (Next to a Thai Restaurant). We were welcomed by the staff at the entrance and he seated us at the 4pax table. A couple of people occupied the restaurant when we arrived around 5.30pm. Too early for dinner I guess. The ambiance of the restaurant gives a very warm feeling to us. We ordered Hot Green Tea, Kamo Nanban Udon, Fukahire An Kake Udon and Sashimi Udon. Green Tea (Unlimited) @ RM 4 Kamo Nanban Udon was tasty and not too salty. Duck Meat was soft and juicy. Good!! Kami Nanban Udon @ RM 17.90 Fukahire An Kake Udon was served with delicious Shark Fin Broth. Nice and very big portion until my sister cannot finish it and she decided to take away. Fukahire An Kake Udon @ RM 25.90Free Maitake was good. Crispy on the outside while juicy & tender on the inside. We enjoyed eating them with the dipping sauce. Sashimi Udon was yummy and I have just fallen in love with it in the first bite. It is a cold udon served with a creamy sauce and had a good hint of Wasabi taste. Just yummy and I loved it.The Sashimi was fresh and it just melts in my mouth. Perfect!! Sashimi Udon @ RM 32.90It was a good dinner for us. Everything was delicious and presentation was gorgeous as well like Manmaru Robatayaki. Friendly service and sure drop by again for their Udon. Service Charge: Nil GST : 6%Manmaru Homemade Udon S-045A, Midvalley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur Tel: 03- 2201 1663 continue reading
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Level2 2015-12-10
Although Manmaru Homemade Udon has existed in Mid Vallley Megamall long time ago but this was my first time visited this restaurant. There are always many people during the lunch time especially during weekend so normally I don't eat there. By the time I visited already past lunch time so not many people.It was my first time so didn't really have idea what to order After flipped  back and front over the menu, I ordered a dry spicy udon and ishiyaki chicken rice.Firstly, Ishiyaki chicken rice was served with stone bowl. I didn't expect a relatively large portion. The dish's bottom was with bowl of aromatic Japanese rice and topped with about 8 chicken pieces, beans and shiitake mushrooms. Honestly, I love this very much!!!The chicken was tender and juicy and ishiyaki sauce's slightly sweet but not thick texture gave bonus point to the entire dish. I personally not really a fan of beans and mushrooms but in this case.... I FINISHED ALL!!On the other hand, dry spicy udon was a not bad choice too. In my opinion, I think the udon was the shop's self-made udon because it looked different from what are the markets selling. The udon was more thicker and bouncy. On top of the udon was a semi-cooked sunny sided egg and some minced chicken whuch seasoned chili powder. It may looks simple but really tastes nice. It's not too spicy. And it's a quite large portion so small appetite people you can share hehe! continue reading
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Level4 2015-08-03
I was shopping at Mid Valley and ran out of places to eat. Suddenly, I spotted this new place. I am more of a sashmi person but the sashimi is very expensive here ranging from RM 48 to over RM 100. My friend said they seem to be famous for udon since it is in the name. Contrary to this name, it did not live up to its name as I have discovered after eating the udon which was not cooked enough and too hard. Is Japanese udon texture supposed to be hard? I am not sure then. I ordered the Unagi Onsen Tamago Udon (RM 33.90) which was so tasty other than the uncooked udon. I love the half-boiled egg which is done just the way I like half-boiled eggs to be, very fluffy and soft and not a trace of the hardened yellow yolk. This dish is a combination of my two favourite items : half-boiled eggs (provided it is fluffy and not rubbery) and also unagi eel. The Custom-made pizza (RM 19.90) was the best item here and thank god we ordered it. I ordered the sauce to be BBQ sauce, with fresh salmon slices and shimeji mushrooms. The pizza is also crispy and thin. I could order Matcha Latte for RM 4.90 to go with this set. The green tea latte was too milky and horrible even though the kind waiter patiently changed the latte for me and put in less milk. I am just not a person who loves milk. The kind waiter, Paul was so concerned whether I am ok with the changed latte but I could not drink it. I drank the iced green tea instead. Probably I had too much light snacks during the food tasting/sampling session in  the convention centre during the taste convention today.  continue reading
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Hubbybought this new deal from Living Social offering RM10 for RM20 Cash Voucher for Food at Manmaru @ Midvalley. Webought 3 vouchers and after the payment is done, we only realize that theredemption time for this voucher is only valid from Monday to Friday at 6-10pm. Weekend is not allowed. We should have read the terms and conditionscarefully next time. No reservation is needed for this voucher and we went to Midvalley to dine in after work. Weare greeted with welcome by the staff and they are very friendly. Showing us ontheir menu and I ask them to introduce the signature food here. Helpful andprompt for our request and refill the green tea to us without calling orreminding the staff.They also gave the kids utensils for my girl. Foodpreparation is fast and the whole restaurant environment is clean, comfortableand with nice bright yellow interior.Fromthe website. Manmaru is aspecialty store which produces the finest Udon using state of the art machineryimported from Japan and the master culinary skills of their Japanese chefs. Manmaru preparing the freshest udon daily using the finestpremium flour and with over 30 variety of delicious freshly made udon anddelicious broths. Low Fat, No Saturated Fat, High Fiber Aids Digestion ,NoPreservatives, No MSG and Coloring inthe entire udon making process.Just remember to bring along your Watson card when dine in Open concept kitchen with sufficient staff to serve you The restaurant interior is brightly setup creating a nice ambiance to dine in. Nabeyaki Udon (RM 18.90) - This was being the outstanding soup and both of us enjoy slurping each strand of the chewy udon . Tummy warming claypot soup and simply refreshing meal. Served with fried termpura, mushroom, fish cake, chicken meat, egg, vegetables and etc.Ishiyaki Chicken Rice RM 17.90. Roasted boneless chicken meat with Shimeji mushroom in hot stone bowl. Tender and flavourful chicken meat with firm texture of the mushroom.Kani Tamago Yaki RM 8.90. Grilled Omelette with crabmeat. Palatable sweet egg dish that is ideal for quick snack / as appetizer. I also take away two pieces for my girl.Thick creamy double chocolate Gelatomio to satisfy my sweet tooth after the meal. (RM 8) There's a joy in every spoonful of the milk based ice cream that is up to 95% fat free. Total bill just nice to knock off from my vouchers. Very satisfied with this deal. Great food with excellent service!! Will surely coming back for second visit.Manmaru Homemade Udon S-045A, Center Court,Second Floor,Midvalley City Mall,Lingkaran Syed Putra,59200 Kuala Lumpur*Next to Apple Store*Tel: +603 2282 0287 Deal Link : https://m.livingsocial.com/my/cities/1964-klang-valley-kuala-lumpur/deals/1174308-rm20-cash-voucher-for-foodFacebook : https://www.facebook.com/manmaru.com.my Website : http://www.manmaru.com.my/ continue reading
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Level2 2014-07-20
Had to say the best Udon in KL so far for me is this Manmaru  Udon. For me, their Udon was served at the right bite texture that i am carving for.  Its like al dente for Udon noodles  and with the affordable price range and trully great flavour. Its definately worth going again and again.Excellent texture and very soft chicken with great taste.Cool and refreshing salad Udon continue reading
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