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Level4 2015-10-23
Every time I passed by the traffic at Jalan Pahang, I will look at the opposite of the road located beside the Galleria. This restaurant / cafe is quite new operated since July 2015 and I saw a very big banner showing the hot pot steamboat and other food pictures that makes me curious on what kind of food they are serving here. Thanks to Sam for inviting me for a sumptuous lunch here last Thursday and introduced me their extensive wide range of menu that are serving healthy meals.Mama Kim Sauna Mee is located at Jalan Pahang, beside Chong Hwa Chinese Primary School and Galleria. You may want to notice the entrance parking and make a quick left turn after you pass by the school. The owner himself is studying in Chong Hwa school last time and it makes him feel good to have his own restaurant here to recap some of the sweet moments.We are greeted with welcome by the friendly staff and Sam showed us their place and explained the concept of this cafe. Mama Kim Sauna Mee served hearty and healthy meals using more fresh vegetables rather than meat. If you are vegetarian, this place is also worth visiting because they also have many choices of vegetarian food to choose from.Why they named this cafe as Mama Kim Sauna Mee? Sam explained that this restaurant expatriate colleagues call the founder couples papa mama. The restaurant is inspired by people Kim (not Korean).And besides that, Mama Kim name sounds more intimate and easy to remember. For me I will said that the word Mama also gives me a perception of homecooked food by mum with loved.Parking space is ample, just need to turn inside and look for the available space.They do have facial and massage treatment on the upper level by Herbaline. After a relaxing massage, you can dine in here or just for a cup of drinks.Outdoor seatsWhere Healthy is Yummy - Means no added white flour, No white sugar, No MSG, Less Salt, Less deep fried, Using fresh ingredients, Balance diets and use all Five Major ColoursThe dining environment is comfortable, clean and looks inviting with bright yellow rattan furniture .The moment I step into the entrance door, I can smell the strong aroma of the lemongrass which I love it so much. It does have the calm and warm environment where I can laid back and enjoy the atmosphere. As if we are going into the massage center where you can feel the relaxing moment. Even the restroom impressed me much on their decorative item and well managed.The lunch crowd starts as early as 11.30am and this is a family friendly dining place. They have cutlery for the kids and the staff are attentive to assist us.Many patrons order the famous Sauna Mee which is their signature hereSelection of healthy drinks - Natural fruit tea, Lemongrass, and Fresh Juices such as Vegetables juice, Cabbage+Apple Juice and Watermelon Juice.You can also opt for Chilled beverages (Lemon Slice drinks, Passion fruit, Milo, Ice Lemon Tea, Grape Her Up, and Herbal drinks . Hot drinks (Hot Italiano Black Coffee, Little Princess, Cappuccino and Latte) are available too.This is the signature dish serving of Simmered sauna mee set. It comes in a complete set combination of a hot pot full of ingredients It has fish and vegetarian set. The fish set comes with Butter fish, mushroom, carrots, corns, tomatoes, vegetables and etc.You can choose with rice noodles or brown rice or pumpkin noodles. Comes along with a hot cup of lemongrass.Steamed rice choices - Balanced up with rice, vegetables, meat and soup. Ideal set to choose for lunch or dinner. There are baked, boiled, noodles, western and kids menu choices Top up with some side dishesPre-order family set that needs 25 minutes of preparation. So if you plan to come here and wanted to order this family set, give them a call first and they will start preparing for it.Enjoyng my lunch with my family. Cozy place to dine in. The menu have five components - Boiled, Baked, Steamed, Fried and Simmered.Hot Lemongrass drink is the signature hereChilled passion fruits drinks that is good for digestionRefreshing Grape Her Up Cabbage and Apple juiceHot Italiano Black CoffeeDefinitely must try the natural fruit & flower tea. Combination of Fresh mix fruits that is keep warm and served in small glass. Appetizing and sweet treat to enjoy with our meal later on.I will recommend you to order this. The sauna mee is something new to me. This concept is derived from Yunnan China where they call it as Crossing-the-bridge noodles .It is a rice noodle soup from Yunnan province, China and one of the most well-known dishes in Yunnan cuisine."One story that has gained traction begins with a scholar who was studying hard for his imperial exams on a small island. His wife, who would bring him food, found that by the time she had crossed the bridge to the island the soup would be cold and the noodles were soggy. She then decided to load a large earthen pot with boiling broth with a layer of oil on top that would act as insulation and keep the broth warm. The noodles and other ingredients were kept in separate container, and when she arrived, she mixed the two containers together for a warm soup". (Info from Google Website)Mama Kim Sauna Mee was served in simmering hot soup in a hot stone bowl that has been heated up to 250C. Firstly, they will put the stone bowl to oven to baked for one hour. Thus, it can hold the heatness and when you pour in the hot soup, it will remain simmering and your ingredients are readily cooked within a minutes. The soup will keep on boiling and you can have it while still hot.The sauna mee is packed with good nutrients and flavours from its five hour slow cooked soup accompanied with the fried garlic and homemade chili sauce to your liking. The chili taste superb!. You must put some chili on top of the noodles. Taste so good.Fresh butter fish along with other colourful vegetables. Here they are using chicken soup and the hot stone bowl will keep the broth warm. The rice noodles is silky smooth and the portion is really satisying.Perfect set meal that comes with healthy brown rice vegetables, preserved vegetables with minced chicken, and a hearty double boiled herbal soup. Charitable rice portion given and the soup is so delicious (sweet and nutritious)Next, we try on the Cantonese Noodles. It has choices of Seafood Noodles and Vegetarian Noodles. Beautiful dish served with the fresh seafood - prawns, squids, and mussels. Tasty, lightly crisped noodles, and perfectly cooked seafood. My girl love the noodles and she finished almost half of it. Lots of vegetables that gives you a good amount of fiber.Condiments of blended ginger to go along with the noodlesMama Kim Sauna Mee also emphasized on Kids Menu. Being a child friendly restaurant, it does gives me a good impression that they will cater for kids menu and carefully select the food that are healthy and suitable for the kids. This is tomato baked fish rice. Comfort food that kids love it too with servings of tomato. Cheesy rice with fined cooked fleshed fish that will stand up to the robust flavors in the tomato.Another option for the kids menu are - Herbal Chicken Chop The brown rice are baked to keep the originally of its taste. Strong aroma from the cheese that makes this dish taste good with moist cheese rice. The chicken meat is tender and succulent.Deliciously light dish with this stunning platter of mix fruits salad. Hidden treasures inside with varieties of mix fresh fruits and healthy vegetables too.Healthy creations of menu here that you should come and try it yourself. I love the food, service and the environment. Will drop by with my family again next round.*Pork Free*Mama Kim Sauna Mee 276 Jalan Pahang53000 Kuala LumpurBusiness Hours : 11am to 10.30pmTel : 014-641 8624Another outlet in Kota Kemuning:28 Jalan Anggerik Mokara 31/47 Kemuning40460 Shah Alam Selangor(Herbaline Beauty Square)Tel : 03-5121 7151Facebook Link : https://www.facebook.com/messages/1617490005168081Pandan Indah outlet will be coming soon. So check out the updates in their FB page continue reading
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