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Level4 2016-01-04
Rather than stay at home during the holiday, mother decided to bring us out to spend some quality time together. She's never been to Nu Sentral before so we decided to go there only she detoured and went to Sooka Sentral instead because we were craving for some good pub food. Oddly enough it was only the early afternoon so it was kind of crazy to be having heavy pub food but we dined there anyway. To share, we ordered the Caeser salad that came with two pieces of toasted french bread. This was alright but nothing too crazy to should about even if I did like the anchovy slices that added a nice flavour to the salad. However I wasn't too pleasedwith the hard boiled egg that was beyond cooked. Then because I am a sandwich person, I ordered the club sandwich that came with a side of fries. The side was normal however nothing as good as the fries you can get a any McDonald's. Howeverthe main sandwich was pretty good because it was filled with a lot of different fillings layered nicely with a heavy slather of mayonnaise. This was share between three people and it was more than enough for just two actually.Being the carnivores that we are, we also got the meat platter that consists of roasted pork belly, ribs and also pork sausages. While I was quite excited about this because really, who doesn't enjoy a plate of nothing but meat. However the pork belly was mediocre and the ribs were slightly on the dry side. Then the sausage was like any you can purchase yourself at the supermarket so that too was lack lustre.Will we return, probably but most definitely will not be the first choice should we decide to venture out for something to eat.  continue reading
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Irish restaurant had been a stranger to me for years as we rarely had a real chance of indulging in Irish cuisine, and now we no longer need to take hours of long flight just to grab a taste of Irish cuisine, it is now made available in Malones Irish restaurant and bar. Not known to me before being invited by my friend to have Friday night hangout, i was told by friends that it is a place you rather call bar than a restaurant as most patron here drink beer, so i guess having a few pint of beer is inescapable. Decorated using open bar and vintage concept, it is quite a comfortable restaurant bar you like to visit especially during your Friday night session with your love one or colleague. Staff here are quite busy with their work, as we enter we almost ignored by the staff and we have to personally ask for help from the staff to be seated, i guess the part of coordination was not done perfectly. Served in a stylish beer glass, the Guinness served with this glass make looking at the beer itself is so enjoyable and tempting to drink it. Couple with the good environment given by the restaurant atmosphere and the patron who chat and have fun as they enjoying their beer, it is no wonder such a place is full with office worker during Friday night. Drinking beer without any snack is kinda boring, so the four of us decided to order some hot dog and mini burger to feed ourselves while chit chatting and slowly sipping on the beer. Thus hot dog, which i forgotten the name , is served with chili and hot dog slices, fit in with our beer as it add some spices to our taste bud on the ice cold beer. Texture of the hot dog meat was good and juicy, definitely a good side dish to couple with beer Well, this one isn't that great, a stack of mini meat with some vegetables and very small bun. It is quite hard to eat these burger without getting your hand dirty as its small size make the handling process fairly hard. As you chew the burger, you find that it is actually very hard to bite and the texture of the bun is not great either. I will not recommend this dish, it sound nice but it does not taste nice at all. On this special Friday occasion, we are lucky to witness an Irish band to perform with a Japanese drummer, though it can be quite noisy but i see most of the customer here enjoying the loud music and even dance together, this scenery you won't normally find it in restaurant, but in Malones it is still possible. Enjoy the music yourself here: In a nutshell, pricing wise is quite expensive and not really value for money especially for food. However it is disputably a place to hang out for your Friday beer, prices for beer seems more reasonable than the price for food. Credit card and cash are both accepted, service crew is quite attentive and sometimes come over to ask you if you want to buy more beer, can be quite annoying for some customer. continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-28
今天跟一班同事来到这家Malones享用午餐,这家爱尔兰餐厅的装潢很舒服,是个可以坐下来慢慢享受午餐的好地方。而且他们还有做午餐套餐,价钱还蛮公道的,我点了他们的bbq ribs,就是烧烤牛排,味道不错,尤其喜欢他们的酱汁,配上那烤得很香的牛排,真好吃。 continue reading
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Level4 2012-11-21
First time trying out Malones Irish Restaurant & Bar it looks like a great place to hang out! Order there buttered fish & chips it clain that buttered but it turn out like a normal fried fish & chips . But the portion is big generous enought it comes with 3 slices of pickles which they gave more and also french fries & tartar sauce. The chips taste like typical i mean normal french fries. I'm not satisfied for the french fries wish they offer a better one. The fish they use is cod fish they have lots of filling and is quite fresh i would say. thumbs up for that! continue reading
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Level4 2012-08-14
Malones is an Irish Restaurant serving an array of pork free authentic Irish specialties. The bar has a variety of creamy thirst quenching drafts. Going pork free in an Irish bar is a bold move but the selections available look sound and currently serving 4 different locations - the Suria KLCC, Sooka Sentral, Pavilion KL and The Curve. Beef Burger Beef burger Tender and juicy 200g beef patty topped with beef bacon strips, cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, pickle slices and served with fries. It looked good and tastes great too. The fries are crispy outside and soft inside too. A bit of salt are sprinkled on the fries.Credits to: EVERYDAY FOOD I LOVE continue reading
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