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Review (8)
Level3 2013-08-09
it is so hard to live without pork meat as a Chinese, i kid you not. when it comes to dimsum, i expect the good ones to come with pork too of course, but little did i know there was a hidden gem in KL that serves halal dimsum!i visited Maju Palace at KL with my family to celebrate my grandma's birthday and i was glad we visited there because their dimsum is actually quite good, and on par with the few best ones i know, despite it being halal.Maju Palace also serves lots of generically special side dishes, hand-prepared and cooked on the spot by the chefs. their dimsum served are fresh and largely filled with fillings, even their siew mai tasted not bad! i had a try at their char siew pau (BBQ meat bun) but without pork, and it tasted surprisingly good, just like a decent pork bun. their chewy texture and sweet filling is to die for.my favorite one has to be this, hands down. Aloe Vera Egg Tart! presentation wise, it definitely aced it because it looked very cute to me! and the jelly-like topping looks pretty bland, right? but the taste was so good and sweet! it was like eating aloe vera jelly, mixed with a good dose of egg pastry. continue reading
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Level4 2013-04-22
炖蛋吃的多,燕窝炖蛋应该没听说过吧。我点了个来试试,听说还是店里的招牌必点之一。蛋很滑,不会有蛋的惺味,一层燕窝就在蛋的面上,感觉很滋润,嫩嫩的蛋加上丝丝的燕窝,不错的尝试。 continue reading
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Level4 2012-10-22
Despite the absence of pork, the food at Maju Palace is pretty satisfying _ but that's no surprise, since it belongs to the Oriental group of restaurants. Lobster broth in pumpkin. Naturally sweet, decadently creamy. Soft-shell crab in 'moneybag' parcels. Warm and crisp; a fuss-free snack. Empress Chicken. Superbly executed; the paste was juicy and aromatic, while the coating of almonds gave everything a pleasant crunch. Braised bean curd with spinach & shimeiji mushrooms. Melts in your mouth, not on your spoon. Irresistible, really (and healthy too!). continue reading
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Level2 2012-01-16
The Chinese delicacy of bite-sized portions of food served in bamboo steamers, also known as dim sum, is usually related to the presence of pork. There is wide perception that dim sum without pork is not dim sum at all, but let’s not generalize too soon. Situated in the relatively quiet Maju Junction Mall is the Maju Palace Restaurant, one of the many restaurants belonging to Oriental Group, serving dim sum made from Halal certified meat. Without further ado, we ordered the item that is synonymous with dim sum itself – the Imperial “Har Kau” or Prawn Dumplings. There was nothing but praises for this dish, for the prawns were large and succulent, bursting with juices upon every bite. Another point to note was how perfectly thin the translucent skin was, just enough to wrap the prawns without tearing and not too thick that it was cloying. Loved it!The same praises went to the Siew Mai Yunan Style. Traditionally, siew mai is prepared with pork, but in this case chicken thigh meat and shrimp bits were used, giving it a nice and savoury bite. The pork was certainly not missed here.The Large Bao or Dai Bao was one item that we were looking forward to, served in a huge size enough for at least 2 persons. The dumpling was fluffy and warm but we found the filling to be too wet such that the bottom part of the bao became soggy. It was quite a challenge to eat this without making our fingers dirty, if you get what I mean. Otherwise, the portion of meat and ‘sar kot’ was quite generous.My favourite dim sum dish is the Pan Fried Radish Cake but we mistakenly ordered the Stir-Fried version, which I found to be a tad oily. I much prefer the Pan Fried version which we did eventually order – crispy skin and soft warm insides. I also found it to be less oily compared to the stir-fried version. My friend ordered the Braised Egg Noodle Village Style, saying that it’s his favourite dish and he had to have this every time he eats here. We were surprised to see that it came in a big portion, meant to be shared by 4! This was not unlike wan tan mee, except with thicker strands. The noodles were firm and bouncy, and the combination of soy sauce, mushroom and bean curd skin was excellent.For desserts, we had the Baked Egg Tarts and Thousand Layered Cake. No prizes for guessing which one was my choice. I loved the egg tarts which were served hot off the oven, with crumbly pastries and rich, smooth egg custard. If I was not so full, I would have eaten more of these. Promotion: 30% discount on dim sum lunch during Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. continue reading
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