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Level3 2016-03-22
I always wanted to go to this magnum cafe since the first time my friend posted a photo of it. But the queue was super duper long! I have no idea how they are able to wait until 1 hour to just get a seat. Midvalley branch got the longest queue ever! i did try a couple times to queue but i failed to wait more than 15 mins.The new branch in IoI mall is bigger and they have more spaces for people to sit and the waiting time is not that long. We were lucky that time because we just need to wait for 10 minutes (happy me!) .So once we get our place nice and cozy near the window, we wanted to try something that looks weird but the prices are crazy. Its not as cheap as what i think. End up we just ordered one that cost around RM35 (i think) which is the magnum trifle.It was nice. They put some nuts and strawberry and some blueberry (if im not mistaken) so that it doesn't taste as sweet as i thought it would be. I was eating most of it as my friend is not a big fan of some sweet stuff (pfftt).Overall: fullhouse, great environment, very long queue if you are unlucky continue reading
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Level3 2016-03-18
I’m pretty sure that Magnum ice cream is no stranger to most of the people (especially if you’re an ice cream lover). You can practically find Magnum ice cream in almost every the convenient shops or kiosk. Only recently I finally got the chance to try out the Magnum ice cream from their very own Magnum café at IOI City Mall!! The café can be spotted very easily, you just have to look out for a huge Magnum ice cream which was placed in front of the café.You can customize your very own Magnum ice cream in that café for RM 9.90. You can choose to coat your ice cream stick with either dark, milk or white chocolate. I chose milk chocolate because I just love milk chocolate!! After that, you get to choose your own toppings for your ice cream. There were quite a variety of toppings to choose from and so I chose the rose petals and gold nuggets. They even have chili flakes as one of their toppings!! Can’t imagine myself having chili flakes on top of my ice cream!!There is actually nothing special with this customized Magnum ice cream, to be honest. I’m paying RM 5 more just to get some rose petals and gold nuggets as garnish. I personally don’t think it was worth the money but it was definitely an experience. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2016-01-06
Hi everyone!It's been weeks since I write up review.This time I have to share my personal experience with Magnum Cafe in IOI City Mall in Putrajaya.I would say the ice cream is good as I am a goji berries loverI could customize the ice cream and put as much as I want. * okay not really as I wish but at least i can choose to have more*As usual, I would only go to these so-called "high class place" with my family when they come down to KL as I would usually be the Otaku that stays home.I think the intro is too long.This time visiting Magnum Cafe, instead of sitting outside the mall holding the ice cream, we chose to dine in the cafe in which my family members and my little niece can have a comfortable and cozy place to rest.And yes, my decision is right for choosing to have some hot coffee instead of just laying around the mall.I told the person in charge that I would like to sit inside as I would like to order hot coffee, is that alright?Politely, the waiter ushered us in to a corner with big sofas and so.We put all our baggages and shopping bags down* It was quite some effort as the trolley isn't allowed to get in the cafe, so we have to unload everything in the trolley, including the diapers and the baby things of my niece, phew*I was so happy that we managed to get a comfortable seat and the waiters gave us the menu.I ordered my favourite affogato and my sister got themselves the hot chocolate and english breakfast teaAffogato is RM15, so do hot chocolate i think?English breakfast tea is RM9, or 7 i can't really remember, but i was expecting it to be TWG or Twinnings but it turned up to be Lipton which i could get like few dozen in the marketALRIGHT! here comes the little issue that pissed me off, when the waiter (name him Z) came to take our order,Z told us :" Oh you all not ordering the desserts with fruits or the three-tier bites ah?"Me: No we're not. But we're ordering hot coffee and tea.Zh if it's so, you have to sit outside, this place is only for those people who order these desserts * flipping the menu which showing those food that pricing at 60 and above each"Me:But I asked the person if I could sit here if i'm ordering coffee and it was him who guided me to this placeZ: No, you have to sit outside.Me:After unloading all my bags and sitting here, you're now telling me I have to move? Then why do you bring me in at the first place?Z: You have to go if you're not ordering these.* pointing at the menu*Me: Can I speak to your manager?I know I may sound bossy and fussy for being so impolite to the waiter. But I was seriously not happy with their attitude and the way the waiter talked. I wouldn't be angry or mad if I were there alone, but I was with my family and the little ones, of course I wish they could have a comfortable place to sit after a long day walk. The mothers would understand how tired it is to carry a baby walking around in the shopping mall.Then, the manager came to us and apologized.Not to create more drama, I just said:" Alright, it's okay. Can I order my food now?"We ordered 4 ice cream, as we can't customize the ice cream when we sit in, we have to order those that stated in menu otherwise we have to queue outside.After getting our food, I found out those who came much more later than us got their drinks and serviette served.And us maybe we're at the corner which may seems like we activited some kind of invisibility rune did not get anything till we asked the waiter-.-And it took like few minutes for the "Very free seems like nothing to do Z" to serve us with the unwilling mood written in his face. * okay maybe i shouldn't judge a book by its cover"Overall, I like the food, I like the environment, I like the drinks, I like the coffee BUT DEFINITELY NOT THEIR SERVICE!HOPING FOR AN IMPROVEMENT!  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)