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Level4 2013-07-19
Ma'Cik Biryani serves Malaysian Fusion Cuisine, specializing in Briyani dishes like Chicken Briyani, Mutton Briyani, Beef Briyani and Vege biryani. Biryani is an Indian dish made with highly seasoned rice and meat or fish or vegetables and are served individually in a hot pot, brings you the delicate and complex taste. They use less oil (than normal) without sacrificing the quality and flavour traditionally demanded of this historical dish. It is located at Level One of The Curve and as awarded First prize for cleanliness in 2010. It also serves Spice Rice with choices of side dishes, Fried Noodles, Roti Jala, Rojak, Ikan Assam Pedas, Tandori Chicken, Tau Hoo Sumbat, Soup Tulang and more. Desserts such as ABC, Cendol, Sago Pudding are hot seller. The pot of Vegetable Biryani is infused with all the essential herbs and spices that makes a biryani good. Upon mixing the rice in the pot, you already can smell the tastiness of the rice. It was absolutely delicious and we enjoyed it very much. The Ikan Asam Pedas (fish stew flavoured with tamarind, chili, tomatoes, okra and daun kesum) is not so spicy and sour and the fish is very fresh. The Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet and Onion Omelette are delicious too. The cendol is really cooling and refreshing, especially after the hot and spicy food. Overall, the food are good, service was prompt and friendly. continue reading
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Level4 2012-10-01
Surrounded with so many eateries at The Curve, one is really having a headache which to choose. Since I was going for a massage, yes, to relax my body muscles and such, I went to Ma'cik Biryani. Actually it was my 2nd time there. The food was very memorable but my partner wasn't a fan of biryani so we always opted for something else. Nearly full house during lunch hour, I was lucky to be directed to an empty table. I wanted to order their famous biryani but thought it was gonna be a bit too much. So I went with the spice rice with beef combo. It took them a while to serve. But it was alright. The food was still warm when served. I really love the aromatic rice and the not-so-oily rendang! The acar was a great appetizer as it was just a little sour. The papadom wasn't so crunchy but it was ok. They were very generous with the amount of beef. And I love it because it wasn't tough and not too lemak which also goes very well with the rice. Contrary to the name suggested, it wasn't spicy at all but fragrant a bit sweet in fact because there were raisins in there. Plus a glass of ice lemon tea, the bill summed up to RM18.80.I'll have to drag my partner here to try this place and next time, it will be their biryani dishes. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)