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Level3 2016-02-02
My sister booked the whole cafe for my mom's 60th Birthday Dinner, and it went very well! The food was good and this cozy place is perfect for a gathering or celebration for 30-40 pax. I suppose they are one of the pioneers that sells black charcoal noodles as their main item of the restaurant, after myBurgerLab who highlights their black charcoal bun. What is more interesting, is the great varieties of wonton and charcoal noodles they serve! The odd combinations like vinegar, garlic and lychee sounded strange to me, but since it was being recommended by the chef, I trust that it won't be wrong!The vinegar garlic and lychee charcoal noodles are a great surprise! It's more to a sweet sauce with a slight acidic note that tempts your appetite and makes you eat more! It's rather refreshing in a way, and does not taste so heavy. Moreover, a big plus point for the huge portion of food, with a big bowl of noodles accompanied by a separate bowl of 6 wantons that roughly has a size of gyoza.I like value sets! It's happy to know that they do offer value sets, so I could come back for a delicious and satisfying meal for a reasonable price! Besides the noodles and wanton, there's add ons for the meal, snacks like curry fishballs and air fried chicken wings with additional charges, of course! For the curry fishballs, the flavour of the fishballs could be more intense as it tasted rather bland; on the contrary, the air fried chicken wings were quite good, as the marination of the chicken were being soaked into the flesh sufficiently, with a god crisp of outer skin after being air-fried. I ordered Cranberry Chicken for my wonton fillings but the wontons seemed to be a bit overstuffed, as the fillings bursted out a little and the wonton looks a bit messy as if its leftover. Nevertheless, the deep fried cranberry wonton has really good taste and flavour, but the minced chicken fillings were a little bit dry, so I find it quite hard to chew. I would comment that the portion if the food is really satisfying in my opinion. It was a good place for birthday celebration for up to 30-40 pax, with a cozy environment and decent food.  continue reading
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Level3 2015-08-24
Craving for some fried wantan? They serve various flavours of wantan here! A chinese restaurant cafe like that serve unique dishes that I have never seen such combination at other places (so far). Well at least I haven't seen it before. The green curry taste pretty nice as well as the crispy mushroom onion cheese fried wantan.I love their interior there, nice ambience there! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2015-06-07
I have stumbled upon a blog on Wonton and wanted to go one fine day and today happened to be it. The place looks more beautiful than the photos in the blogs. There were inspirational pictures along the staircase. At the top of the staircase, there was a small side table with some decorations, mainly Nyonya style decorations such as tiffin carrier, old fashioned maroon flask, tea pots and even dim sum baskets. Entering the restaurant brings back memories of yesteryears though I have never been through those times for real. It was like in old Shanghai. There were potted plants in tins hung on the wall at the right and left. There was a seat which allows leaning too or what you call a lazy chair. At the far end, there are sofa sets and lounge chairs for a cosy seating amongst friends and family. That is my favourite corner as there are pillows and cushions and also beautiful artistic old style portraits and posters hung on the wall. On the other lounge seats, there are pillows with inspirational words. The total ambience is completely warm, cosy and works of art. Considering the reasonable prices and big healthy air-fried wontons without oil and MSG which makes it guilt-free, I will definitely make a comeback. They claim the Charcoal noodles to not cause indigestion, reduce uric acid, cleanse blood and contain no sugar or egg. My friend ordered the Creamy Roasted Sesame, dry style, charcoal noodles (RM 7.90). It was quite tasty but I dislike creamy sesame sauce as it is too sticky for my liking. The side dishes are hreds of chicken meat, spring onions, half a hard-boiled egg and also fresh corns.I preferred my Vinegar Garlic Lychee (Dry) Charcoal Noodles (RM 7.90) which has a mix of sour and sweet taste. I am more towards a person who likes things with a combination and explosion of intense flavours such as this. Charcoal noodles are amazing, and not too soggy or oily. The taste of the lychee was completely infused into the noodles. There were other ingredients  such as shreds of chicken meat, spring onions and also half a hard-boiled egg. I was tempted to try the Spicy Peanutbutter Sauce Charcoal Noodles but perhaps I would keep that for another time. The Silk Tea (RM 5) was too milky for me. It contains a lot of froth inside and too much milk for my liking as I am not a milk person. So I did not finish it. Even my friend did not like the taste. We ordered the Mushroom Cheese Air-fried Wontons (RM 7.90) which is one of the star menu items. The wontons are not over-fried till burnt and hard in their attempt of the outside stalls and cafes to make it crispy. There was an explosion of cheese inside. The latest addition to the menu was the Cranberry Chicken Wonton (RM 7.90) which was quite tasty and unique. The fusion of the sweetness from cranberry and the chicken was amazing, like marriage made in heaven, and this time, this is guilt free since it does not use any oil at all. For this ambience and such awesome food, this place is definitely worth making few more trips with family and friends.  continue reading
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With the help of the navigation app and some pointers from our fellow foodies from the blogosphere, we finally landed ourselves at the doorstep of Little Wonton, which has been creating hype around the internet world because of their supposedly irresistible fried dumplings with plenty of flavours and interesting fillings to pick from.The simple decoration of Little Wonton has been tastefully done. There is a certain welcoming warmth that comforts the patrons and makes you all feel all homey, comfortable and cosy the instant you enter the shop, which by the way is located on the first floor. So if you discover yourself walking around the shop lots and you are pretty sure you have got the address correct, remember to look up! You should be able to notice the signboard then!Whether you like them sweet or salty, there are plenty of Air Fried Wontons to choose from. It comes in 6 pieces for the price of RM7.90. There are other items to pick from too like the Curry Fishball which we were pretty tempted to order and Air Fried Chicken Wings too! So take your pick! Remember to watch the chalkboard near the counter because they do offer set meals or other promotions.CHARCOAL NOODLES – VINEGAR GARLIC LYCHEE RM6.90My initial response – WEIRD. You can’t deny it that this is a pretty odd combination, it’s lychee man and also did I mention that this noodle is served cold? I am not really a fan of cold dishes but at that moment, I decided to give it the benefits of doubt, and boy, I definitely don’t regret this. The noodle is surprisingly appetizing and tasty thanks to the vinegar zest, the mild garlicky taste and the sweetness of lychee makes the otherwise dull charcoal noodle an enjoyable dish. Though I must warn you though, the noodle comes in a pretty small portion especially for guys might find it unsatisfying. Will I return for this? Definitely.CHARCOAL NOODLES – CREAMY ROASTED SESAME RM6.90Sesame dressing makes everything alright. You know those roasted sesame dressing that you can get from Japanese restaurants when you order salad? Those good kinds. So yeah that kinda pretty sums up my feel on this noodle dish. I like it, but that’s also because I love the sesame dressing. Simple as that. AIR FRIED WONTONS – MUSHROOM ONION CHEESE RM7.90Now we have arrived to our main protagonists! Their famous wontons!We chose this flavour as it was highly recommended by the staff. We suspect that it’s one of the most popular choice there since I have been noticing this items popping up in the blogosphere pretty often. True enough, the wonton actually lives up to its popularity. The thin wonton skin is fried to a perfect crisp and best of all, it doesn’t feel oily, leaving behind a very pleasant texture in your mouth. The Mushroom Onion Cheese is a great combination, bursting with flavours and with the right amount of cheese to keep the wontons juicy. For a person who doesn’t enjoy cheese much, the wonton feels and tastes just right to me, definitely something I would return for when I am craving some delicious wontons. Pricing at around RM1.30 for each wonton, I would say that it’s pretty worth they are pretty generous with the size and filling.AIR FRIED WONTONS – BANANA CHOCOLATE RM7.90For the second serving, we tried out something sweet. I don’t usually have my wontons sweet, it’s just not a common thing so I am pretty reluctant about this. After I have tried this though, I must say that I never regret my decision. The chocolate tastes just right with banana as always, and it’s mildly sweet just enough to tease your taste buds and leave you craving for more. Ya, it’s good, I have definitely enjoyed them.Overall, the concept behind this business is really interesting, I mean, how they are just selling wontons and look how far they have come! The quality and concept are definitely there and I am sure with the right marketing, this business could go a long way. I am definitely returning here for my wontons craving in the future and since they have so many other flavours, I can’t wait to try them all! Hopefully the next time I come back, the quality will be maintained because to me, if you can’t keep the consistency in your food quality, you will lose customers. So all the best Little Wontons! You can definitely go far!For more information, visit: http://goo.gl/sAly1d continue reading
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